My Letters From "L Ron Hubbard" and Others

This page contains some of the letters I received from "Ron". Actually, it is more correct to say that these are letters I once believed to have been signed by L. Ron Hubbard. I also include two letters from Mary Sue Hubbard, the Controller (aka Commodore's Staff Guardian, or 'CSG'), and one from Jane Kember, the Guardian World Wide.

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  1. Jane Kember, Guardian World Wide Letter of October 14, 1976
    After being recruited into the Sea Org in October of 1975 by the Recruiter, Steve Grant, I had driven from Austin, Texas with my wife and child to Los Angeles to report for duty at ASHO Day. But the Commanding Officer ASHO Day, Irene Howey, the HCO Area Secretary, Jack Dirmann (who later married Irene), and the Assistant Guardian, Richard Deere, had all informed us that she was 'not qualified' for the Sea Org. As a result of this, my wife and child were not allowed to live with me in the Sea Org berthing building (the Hollywood Inn) at 6724 Hollywood Blvd. (You can read more about this in a posting I made to alt.religion.scientology which is webbed here.) I had to live in a crowded room with 8 or 9 other men, while my wife and child lived miles away on North Robinson Street in a house they shared with an ASHO Day staff member named Ruthie Weissberg, her young son David, and an ASHO Foundation staff member named Ray Peck. After several months of this abusive treatment (forced separation from my family) by the local Scientology executives, I wrote to the Guardian World Wide thinking I would get some 'justice'. Boy was I ever wrong! The Guardian informed us that Kathy was an 'institutional case' (which is totally untrue) and gave her a long 'Sea Org eligibility program' to complete before she could 'qualify' for Sea Org duty.

    Note that the letterhead states that the Guardian Office World Wide was incorporated as part of the 'Church' of Scientology of California, and that it was registered in England as a 'non-profit corporation in [the] USA with limited liability'. The corporate officers were: R.D. Hopkins, President; E.D. ['Denny'] Gogerly, Vice President; H.G. ['Herbie'] Parkhouse; and P. Hurwitz, Registered Agent (England). Of course, Herbie Parkhouse was at that time 2nd Deputy Guardian Finance World Wide. Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember and Herbie Parkhouse were international sole signatories on every Scientology bank account in the world, according to Board Policy Letter of 6 July 1975R, Revised 9 April 1976 Issue III 'URGENT - Financial Management Standardization Series 4R - STANDARDIZATION OF THE CHURCHES' BANK ACCOUNTS'. This issue was based upon Guardian Order 76R MSH 'Finance'.

  2. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of February 22, 1977 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This letter is a response to a question on which I was hoping to get an answer from the 'old man'. He never did answer my question. In fact, no one ever did answer my very simple question which was: 'Is it your (LRH's) intention that parents should only be able to see their children on the weekend?' This is explained further, in my August 15, 2000 posting to alt.religion.scientology: here.

  3. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of November 14, 1977 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    More than two years after joining the Sea Org, and having undergone extensive 'security checks' for about 40 hours, and having been assigned a 'condition of treason' with no pay for four months -- all for wanting to leave the Sea Org because the organization had not allowed us to live together as a family -- my wife Kathy was allowed to join staff at ASHO. This is the reason 'Ron' says 'Excellent news!' in this letter.

  4. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of November 16, 1977 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    The cult still hadn't made good on its promise that my son would be properly taken care of by a nanny at the Cadet Organization. I was learning more and more that Scientology was full of liars. I expressed my anger in a letter, and this is the response I got from 'Ron'.

  5. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of December 14, 1977 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This letter is in response to my growing disgust over the way my wife was being treated by the executives at ASHO Day.

  6. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of January 7, 1978 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    Instead of answering my questions about why unqualified Sea Org members were being posted as nannies at the Cadet Org, this is the letter I received. (In my posting to alt.religion.scientology I talk about the conditions at the Cadet Org; it is webbed here). The letter tells me to do something I had already done. This was typical of the 'answers' I usually received from 'Ron'. I was beginning to realize that every time I would apply policy exactly and do the correct thing according to the rules, things didn't work out. Sometimes I would write to 'Ron' and ask a very direct question. The responses I would get were sometimes just plain stupid. This one certainly was.

  7. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of February 18, 1978 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    By early 1978 I had decided that I wanted to become the Assistant Guardian for Finance at the Cadet Organization in Los Angeles. I felt at that time that I would be better able to change conditions for the children if I held the senior finance post there, and I definitely wanted to see the children being taken care of better. In this letter, 'Ron' once again fails to answer one of my direct questions; instead I am told that he is 'sure the word clearing will help [me] become certain of the intentions for the Cadet [Organization].' I had become very upset when Wayne Marple and Jack Dirmann, had announced that the new Cadet Organization would be so far away that parents would not be able to spend time with their children each day. Instead, we were told, we would only be able to see our children once per week (on the weekends) if our stats were up!

  8. Mary Sue Hubbard Letter of April 22, 1978
    I had written a letter to Mary Sue Hubbard, asking her to clarify something for me. You can read page one of my April 14, 1978 letter to Mary Sue here and page two of my letter here. There is also a carbon copy of Mary Sue's letter here. It is interesting because it shows the individual people she sent carbon copies to -- the DGUS (Deputy Guardian United States Guardian Office), the DGSB US (Deputy Guardian Service Bureau USGO), the HCO Ext Aide Flag (Hubbard Communications Office External Aide Flag), the AG Cadet Org (Assistant Guardian for the Cadet Organization) [located on] Fountain [Avenue], and the HCO Ext Sec FLWUS (Hubbard Communications Office External Secretary Flag Operations Liaison Office Western United States). I hope some heads rolled, because I was sick of being jacked around.

  9. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of April 29, 1978 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This letter is an acknowledgement from 'Ron', thanking me for 'keeping [him] informed' and for having 'taken the on-policy steps in [the] matter' regarding the Cadet Organization.

  10. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of May 10, 1978 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    Two days before my 27th birthday 'Ron' wrote this letter to me.

  11. Mary Sue Hubbard Letter of May 11, 1978
    The situation regarding the children and the Cadet Organization still was not handled. I had written an 'Orders, Query Of' to Mary Sue Hubbard. Rather than getting an answer to my query of orders concerning the Cadet Org and children, she simply acknowledged receipt of my query. This was really getting me upset.

  12. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of January10, 1981 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This is one of the longest letters I ever received from 'Ron'. I had petitioned Ron regarding my living arrangements. And once again he didn't answer my questions. All I got was this stupid letter telling me he 'hope[s] by now it has been resolved' as he does want to see me and my 'family in comfortable berthing'.

  13. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of August 13, 1982 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    When I received this letter, I had been out of the Sea Organization for five months. I had left the Sea Org in March of 1982. This is the first letter from 'Ron' that was not signed by a person; the signature had been rubber stamped by someone.

  14. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of September 22, 1982 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    'Ron' says he's 'sorry to see that [I] routed out of the Sea Org, and he congratulates me on the birth of my second child.

  15. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of December 1, 1982 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    In this letter from 'Ron', he tells me that he is 'happy to see [I] have rejoined the team now that the scene has changed'. I was soon to realize that nothing much had changed in Scientology. In fact, things had gotten worse.

  16. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of December 10, 1982 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    I had written to Hubbard to ask about the authenticity of certain issues. The reply is a standard non answer for 'Ron'. Standard because once again my questions didn't get answered. Instead of telling me if he had written certain issues, I am instructed to go ask someone else in the Qualifications division whether the issues had been written by Ron! That's messed up, if you ask me...

  17. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of February 21, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    In this letter 'Ron' asks me if I was making my '5.4X [stat] quotas' and what I was doing with my 'enhancement time'.

  18. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of March 10, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    'Ron' thanks me for my birthday wish and tells me what an excellent idea it is to audit my son. I am also congratulated on my 'first decade in the Sea Org.' Someone goofed there! I had been in Scientology, not in the Sea Org for ten years.

  19. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of March 28, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    'Ron' thanks me for my message from the birthday party held on March 13th. He also gives me advice about a lady I knew named Pat Burger. Pat was a very good friend of mine who, although 'OT', was also 'PTS'. She was having lots of trouble in her life. I really cared for her a great deal.

  20. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of April 11, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    'Ron' thanks me for 'putting the comm[unication] straight on [my] anniversary as a Scientologist'. Concern for the bad situation regarding ASHO's Central Files ['CF'] is also expressed. The bad situation was that ASHO's central files had been a complete mess for years; mountains of backlogged, unfiled letters, tons of address unknown persons, and general sloppiness existed ever since I had been a staff member at ASHO Day.

  21. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of May 04, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This is a letter from 'Ron', thanking me for some 'good news' and telling me 'to keep [my] comm[unications] lines out for more recruits into [my] area.' I was the Address Officer and Computer I/C [In Charge] for the American Saint Hill Organization ['ASHO'] during this time period.

  22. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of May 14, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This is a letter from 'Ron', telling me that his 'best advice is found in RJ 37' and that 'the tech will protect' me. He also 'look[ing] forward to the news that [my] stat is on quota for the Birthday Game.' On the day that this letter was written I met the love of my life, Victoria Lin Johnson. She helped me escape the Sea Org and Scientology.

  23. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of July 13, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This is a letter from 'Ron', asking me 'How have you been doing?'

  24. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of July 19, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This is a letter from 'Ron', thanking me for my response to the new 'AO' ('advanced organization') in Australia. I had also told him that I felt there should be an 'advanced organization' in Texas, since it is roughly halfway between Flag and the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles ('AOLA'). Looking back at this now I feel I must have been brain dead for having suggested such a thing.

  25. Standing Order No. 1 Letter of July 30, 1983 from 'L. Ron Hubbard'
    This letter from 'Ron' is a response to my complaint that my children were not able to be cared for as I had been promised. The situation at the Cadet Org where children were supposed to be cared for was horrible! My youngest child was not quite a year old at that time, and I was having to care for him while I worked in the Computer room at the Advanced Organization ('AOLA') at 1306 N. Berendo Street.

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