Make No Mistake About It!
What You Are About To Read Is "Entheta"

by Mark Plummer, aka "Warrior"


This essay is my attempt to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the deceptive nature of the Scientology organization. In my opinion, the best way to educate government officials and the public at large is by continuing to disseminate well documented information on the actual practices employed by, and the abuses perpetrated within the Scientology cult. First hand testimony of former members is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. An effective method (frequently employed by me) is providing information in the form of documents and verifiable references, especially the use of Hubbard's "source" material (writings and lectures) and the current cult management's directives, orders, etc. I have also found the sharing of personal accounts of other ex-members to be extremely beneficial in helping speed victims of Scientology towards their recovery from the prolonged abuse experienced at the hands of the organization.

I will analyze how control, freedom and responsibility are used within the cult, as well as how these relate to society in general, and family members, friends and associates of cult members specifically. I will explain the exact methods used to induce a new person to join. Finally, and most importantly, I will give my views on the control methods and punishment techniques used to thoroughly indoctrinate the members' minds and to attempt to keep the member from leaving Scientology.

Let me say right now that it is my belief that the new member's mind set is not one of evil. I believe in, and look for the goodness in everyone. The potential member thinks (or at least considers it possible) that he or she has found a method for increasing personal freedom and abilities -- a method which others have not yet found. In fact, the advertising button of "Become freer and more able!" was regularly used in Scientology's promotional pieces aimed at "raw meat" (Hubbard's term for potential customers) during the years I was involved in the cult. After years of study and reflection upon Hubbard's cult I have come to the conclusion that one of the best ways to get someone to stop looking for freedom is to promise them they have found "the road to total freedom". This is exactly what the cult does.

But rather than become more free and able, I can say with certainty that I have seen many, many individuals change for the worse after having been members of Scientology for a few years. This is particularly true, in my observation, of Scientologists who work for the so-called "elite inner core" of the cult -- the Sea Organization -- whose members are entrusted with the task of "keeping the show on the road", "getting ethics in on the planet" and "keeping Scientology working"; they must personally exemplify the belief that Scientology is the only workable "technology on the planet". To do otherwise would be to exhibit "counter-intention", or at best "other intentionedness". The Sea Org member has been extensively told and drilled to believe that the job he or she does within Scientology is of the most urgent and vital importance to the continued survival of the human race, and they must sign a billion year contract to demonstrate their complete dedication to the stated goals Ron's cult. (Scans of my Sea Org contracts signed may be viewed at:
http://warrior.xenu.ca/19751011seaorgcontract.jpg and at:

After only a short while, the Sea Org member has heard countless times "make it go right!" -- that the tasks he or she does are "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics". This is how some members (especially those of long duration in the cult) come to adopt the attitude of "the ends justify the means". In the mind of a truly dedicated ("on-purpose") Sea Org member, if something helps to expand Scientology, it is a worthwhile action to engage in. After all, their years of slaving away (frequently a hundred hours or more per week) for next to nothing in the way of personal financial compensation, often existing on a bland diet of rice and beans, with very little or no time off for personal relaxation, the Sea Org member must believe that what he or she does is of the "highest purpose in the universe" in order to continue to make such a costly personal sacrifice.

Does anyone have a responsibility to convince them otherwise?

Personally, I do not feel it is my place to attempt to convince a Scientologist to leave the cult. Nor do I attempt to convert members to another belief system, religion or faith. As strongly as I feel the members are being deceived, manipulated and used, only to be discarded by the cult's leaders when they are found to be "unfit" for Scientology, it is not my place to "get in their face" and argue with, to convert, or to "deprogram" them. In the first place, the dedicated Scientologist generally has been too thoroughly indoctrinated to even listen to me, let alone accept what I would tell them is the truth. Their critical thinking skills have been short-circuited by their necessary adoption of the belief that I am a "suppressive person" who spreads "entheta". At the first sign of criticism, Scientologists become defensive and stop listening to what I have to say. I have observed this to be the case almost unfailingly, every time I have sought to engage a Scientologist in a critical discussion of their organization. So why do I protest Scientology, if it is not to "deprogram" them?

The answer for me is simple: I do not feel that Scientology management should be allowed to continue to deceive, manipulate or abuse people and the law. I am disgusted by many of the practices of the Scientology enterprise. And although the cult undoubtedly will continue to attract members for as long as there are uninformed, naive or gullible individuals in the world, I feel that I can at very least help spare many from having to experience the painful mistakes I made in order to discover the true nature -- the hidden face -- of Scientology.


Let there be no mistake about this - what you are about to read is "entheta"...

Scientology's management would prefer that you not read what I have to say. For my "horrible crime of being there and communicating", I have been labeled a "Suppressive Person", a "criminal", a "bigot", a "hate monger", a "sick dude", an "apostate", "someone with an ax to grind", and more. Despite the fact that I have studied Scientology extensively -- certainly much more extensively than 99% of the world's population -- the Scientology cult doesn't like what I have to say. I have even been targeted by Scientology's Office of Special Affairs and their private investigators as one who should be investigated to determine whether I have any crimes, or whether any embarrassing information could be found out. The cult would like to see me silenced. Scientology has distributed its own "net nanny" censorship software to its members which blocks them from being able to read my articles, my web site and my postings on Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. You see, the cult despises criticism. The cult thinks that only they are to judge what Scientology is or isn't.

In an attempt to shield its members from my criticism, the software prevents users from viewing my pseudonym, "Warrior". In fact there are hundreds of terms, names, web sites and even whole Internet domains that are blocked by Scientology's "net nanny" software. If you would like to read more information about this, a good place to start is:

My essay draws upon my fifteen years of experience (1973-1988) as a member of the Scientology cult, including the almost eight years I worked for Scientology's paramilitary management group, the Sea Organization (October 1975 to September 1983). Since leaving the Scientology cult in late 1988, I have continued my study of the control methods used by this unique group. Through writing and speaking about my knowledge of the subject gained from my first hand experiences, as well as through sharing information from others (particularly other ex-members) it is my hope to educate those who seek a better understanding of Scientology -- both as an organization and a practice -- so that they may avoid learning the hard way. For the past several years I have been writing and speaking about what I found out during my involvement inside -- my years of being lied to, deceived, betrayed and abused by the cult.

I don't profess to know everything about the subject of Scientology and its organization (no one does know everything about it), but I do know enough that I feel I would be remiss if I didn't share my experiences with others. In fact, I feel a strong moral obligation to speak out about what I perceive are very real evils and abuses occurring in the cult at the hands of its members, attorneys, private investigators and other agents. There are so many horror stories I could tell; indeed I have told quite a few of mine in the past. See my web site at http://warrior.xenu.ca/ for some of my tales of abuse experienced, and see http://www.entheta.net/entheta/entheta/1stpersn/ for the stories written by several other former Scientologists.

The reader may wish to consult the on-line dictionaries of Scientologese webbed at Cornelius Krasel's site - http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~krasel/CoS/acronym.html and Martin Hunt's site - http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~av282/terms.htm . You might also find it an enjoyable exercise comparing the definitions found at the above web site to the definitions found in Scientology's on-line dictionary of official cult-speak webbed at: http://www.scientology.org/gloss.htm

The laying of the foundation to the trap - Hubbard's background and claims

In an attempt to establish credibility and acceptance for his works in the minds of his would-be followers, Hubbard asserted himself as an authority and an educated man in many fields. In reality, Hubbard was a science fiction writer. But he claimed to be a graduate engineer (a falsehood - he never completed college), a doctor of philosophy (from the unaccredited Sequoia "university", a "degree mill" in California), and a Doctor of Scientology (D.Sc.) -- a degree he invented and awarded himself only after first establishing Scientology. He was registered in engineering at George Washington University in 1930, but he never received a degree of any kind. "Sequoia University" of Los Angeles, from which Hubbard claimed to have received his "degree", is not recognized by any accredited college or university.

Hubbard shamelessly boasted that his "science of the mind", Dianetics, was "a milestone for man comparable to his discovery of fire and superior to his invention of the wheel and arch". According to promotional advertising material distributed by his Scientology "church", Hubbard claimed that "the hidden source of all psychosomatic ills and human aberration has been discovered, and skills have been developed for their invariable cure".

As if this was not a grandiose and completely absurd claim, Hubbard also stated that the "technical skills" his cult sells will produce a Dianetic Release, which is defined as "an individual who has been freed from his major anxieties or illnesses". By the mid- 1950s, Hubbard was claiming that his Dianetics offered "a therapeutic technique with which [his Dianeticists] can treat any and all inorganic mental and organic psychosomatic ills, with assurance of complete cure in unselected cases".

Other grandiose and self-serving claims made by Hubbard include:

Dianetics sets forth the non-germ theory of disease, embracing, it has been estimated by competent physicians, the cure of some seventy per cent of man's pathology. (Scientology: Evolution of a Science, Hubbard College of Scientology, 1960, p. 98)

Eye glasses, nervous twitches, tensions, all of these things stem from an unwillingness to confront. When that unwillingness is repaired, these disabilities tend to disappear. (Scientology: A New Slant on Life, 1965, p. 90)

Scientology does things for people where nothing has been done before. It makes people well from illnesses which were once considered hopeless. It increases their intelligence [....] One outstanding thing which it does: it alleviates burns received from Atomic Bombs. Scientology is the only, specific (cure) for radiation (atomic bomb) burns. Scientology processing given to persons burned by radiation can alleviate the majority of the difficulty. This is true even when the person who is treating (auditor) is not completely trained. (Fundamentals of Thought, 1956, p. 11)

Never one known to be modest in his claims regarding the "effectiveness" of his Dianetics "therapy", Hubbard boasted:

Anybody who has read this book once through and procured a patient with sonic recall for a trial effort will know more about the mind, in those actions, than he has ever known before, and he will be more skilled and able to treat the mind than anyone attempting to do so, regardless of reputation, a very short time ago. (Dianetics '55, 1961, p. 96)

Tens of thousands of case histories (reports on patients, individual records) all sworn to (attested before public officials) are in the possession of the organization". (Ibid., p. 10)

But do you suppose that Hubbard would limit his claims to healing and improvement of intelligence? No! His methods promise a practicing Scientologist "total freedom - the complete and knowing cause over matter, energy, space and time, both subjective and objective". This state is called "OT", meaning "Operating Thetan".

According to Hubbard, the "gains" and abilities promised to an "OT" far exceed the limitations of those possible within an earthly existence. There is a striking similarity in Hubbard's words and concepts to those found in Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Health.

If you were cleared and, with your body at home you were in a library, you could read in the library just as well, with the limitation that you might not have as good a grasp on pages. You would certainly know you were in the library [....] You would not be concerned with telepathy, with the reading of other people's minds, and other such bric-a-brac. You would simply know what you wanted to know. (Dianetics '55, p. 33)

In 1953, Harvey Jay Fischer published Dianetic Therapy: An Experimental Evaluation. It remains the only formal study of Dianetic therapy known. The complete text of Fischer's study is available online at: http://www.xenu.net/archive/fischer/. This study provides a statistical analysis of the effect of Dianetic auditing techniques. Fischer measured Hubbard's claimed benefits via the utilization of group tests which measured intelligence, mathematics and personality before and after auditing using Dianetic methods. This study was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Fischer's Doctor of Philosophy Degree in the School of Education of New York University.

My experience regarding the "tech"

After spending years of my life seeking to attain the abilities promised by Hubbard, I can say without reservation that I did not personally attain any of Hubbard's promised abilities. Nor did I ever once observe others attain Hubbard's promised states of awareness or increased abilities. So, you may be thinking, "Why did you stay in the organization for so long?"

That's a valid question and one I've been asked many times. Let me answer that question.

One of the reasons I became involved was my desire to better my nearsightedness. This condition is one of the things Hubbard claims in his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, to be able to improve through the application of Dianetic techniques.

Try as I did over many years, to attempt to get my auditors to tell me when I would be able to receive auditing specifically for what I wanted to get "handled", every time I was given the same answer: "I've noted your question for the Case Supervisor." And every time, the same answer would be given to me at the beginning of my next auditing session, which was always something such as: "The Case Supervisor has asked me to tell you that your concern has been noted, and it will be taken up in the future at the appropriate place on your auditing program."

And then I would be told that I was going to be audited on something else! So all I could do was to continue to believe my concern would be addressed at the correct future part of my auditing program. I remember thinking to myself, "They [the Case Supervisor and my auditor] are the experts after all, so they should know the correct sequence for applying the programmed grade chart actions on my case." Indeed, Hubbard claims that Dianetics is a very "precise scientific technique when done properly." Due to the fact that I had no "auditor training" I erroneously concluded that I could not judge their promises, claims or actions being taken with regard to my "case state" and "auditing program".

As I know now, this is one of the many facets of the elaborate con game known as Scientology and Dianetics. Specifically, one is told that in order to achieve the promised results from Dianetics and Scientology, one must receive auditing in the correct sequence as laid out in Hubbard's "Grade Chart".

This brings me to another important facet of the elaborate con game. The student of Scientology and Dianetics is repeatedly told he must apply the "technology standardly", that is, in the way Hubbard intended it to be applied. In his Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin of 26 February 1970 "Standard Tech and Invalidation", Hubbard wrote: "Standard tech is not a process or a series of processes. It is following the rules of processing." In another bulletin he wrote that standard tech is "that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries." (HCOB 23 August 1968 "Arbitraries"). Elsewhere he wrote, "that terribly narrow path which we now call standard tech is composed of those things which are out inhibit and prohibit all case gain." (taped lecture "Welcome to the Class VIII Course - An Introduction to Standard Tech").

The trouble is, Scientology and Dianetics "tech" is changed all the time! I know of bulletins that have been revised more than fifteen times. The cult (and Hubbard, when he was still living) could not seem to make up their minds exactly what constitutes standard tech. Bulletins authored by Hubbard are later somehow "discovered" to have been "written by someone else". So they are canceled, or revised and reissued, and revised again and again and again...

So exactly what is "standard tech"?

"Standard tech" is whatever the people in charge of the Scientology therapy cult enterprise are calling it today!

Tomorrow, yesterday's "standard tech" will be called "squirrel tech" or "non-standard tech" or "quickie tech"...

Either it will be "found to have been squirreled" (altered by unauthorized persons) or it will be said to have "not been issued by Ron") or some other such propaganda. The fact is, over the course of 50 years since the release of his monstrosity Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the therapy cult never has been able to make up its mind regarding what constitutes "standard tech".

So let me say it again, in case you didn't grasp the simplicity of my statement before.

"Standard tech" is whatever the people in charge of the Scientology therapy cult enterprise are calling it today!

The "tech" as a control mechanism

Now I will more specifically explain facets of the "tech" which are all used as control methods by the cult on its members.

Perhaps your first contact with the organization came from a friend, a business associate or a family member. Or maybe you saw an infomercial (as I recently caught late one night on CBS TV). Possibly you passed by one of the cult's Dianetics centers where you were drawn in by their salesman asking you if you'd like to see a free film, take their free personality test or observe a demonstration of the E-Meter.

Very likely, during the time of your first encounter with a Scientologist, you were unknowingly subjected to the "dissem drill". This is cult speak for a sales procedure intended to get you to sign up and pay for their courses or auditing, or perhaps to at least persuade you to buy a book. The dissem[ination] drill is defined as follows: the "dissem drill has four exact steps that must be done ["standard tech" again!] with a person you are disseminating to. They are (1) contact, (2) handle, (3) salvage, (4) bring to understanding." (reference: HCO PL 23 October 1965 "Dissemination Drill")

Hubbard's corporate enterprises teach their salespeople (called "regges", or "registrars" in Scienospeak) that in order to successfully apply this drill, he must find out what is "ruining" the person. Of this, Hubbard wrote, "Before you can save someone from ruin, you must find out what their own personal ruin is. This is basically - what is ruining them? What is messing them up? It must be a condition that is real to the individual as an unwanted condition, or one that can be made real to him."

Note that last phrase, "one that can be made real to him". Chances are, unless you are a person with no problems or neuroses (the sort of person I've never met), the cult person doing the "dissem drill" on you will find some sort of problem in your life, how-ever small it may be. Perhaps you might admit that you would like to improve your ability to speak comfortably in front of an audience. Or maybe you wish you could do better in your business. Marital difficulties might trouble you from time to time.

No matter what the cult "reg" (salesperson) determines to be your "ruin", the "standard tech" response will be to tell you, "Scientology (or Dianetics) can handle that; all you need to do is take the (fill in the blank) course." Alternately, he might say, "With only 25 hours of Dianetics, your problem will vanish. Come with me; we'll get you signed up and enrolled right away." Oh... and uhhh... "Will that be cash or credit card?" There's a good chance you have been previously asked whether you'd like to take their "OCA test". Be forewarned that no matter how you "score" on this so-called "test", you will be told that you have an "area" (perhaps two or more) which need(s) some improvement.

If at this point you (the potential new member) have expressed an interest, yet do not have the funds to pay for the services, the "registrar" will begin probing you with a multitude of questions designed to assess your financial resources. "Do you have credit cards? A home mortgage? Stocks or bonds? Perhaps you have a life insurance annuity? Or a college education fund? Or rich relative who will loan you the money?" This can (and often does) go on ad nauseam! I've seen cult salesmen many times relentlessly try for hours to "close" the person (called "handling", or breaking down the person's objections), until the person gives up and submits to the pressure exerted by the cult salesperson(s).

What you likely don't know is that Scientology's "regges" are amongst the most ruthless and unrelenting sales people on the face of Earth. They are trained and drilled for hours in the techniques of salesmanship and are not allowed to take "no" for an answer.

One thing many Scientologists are not even aware of is that Hubbard wrote a directive on the the use of "listen-in devices" (hidden microphones installed in the desks of their "regges") as an aid to getting the sale. The use of these devices enable the executives in charge of the income-producing staff members to monitor the progress of the session. It is standard practice to engage in "double-teaming" or "tagging" (enlisting the help of fellow "registrars") in order to ensure the sale occurs. I have previously written about this; my article on this subject is available at my web site: http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0809.html. Registrars who fail to get the sale (called "making the close") are ordered to the "qual division" for correction!

If you are completely unable to find a way to come up with the funds to pay for services you will almost certainly be told that there is another option... You can join staff, and "in exchange" for your working for them, you can get your "bridge" (Scientology training and auditing) that way.

If you are one of the people unfortunate to have been sucked into and gone alone with the scam this far, you will be told that it is a very high "purpose" in life to help others "go free". This is the "help button" being played on you. "Buttons" are defined by Hubbard as "items, words, phrases, subjects, or areas that cause response or reaction in an individual by the words or actions of other people, and which cause him discomfort, embarrassment, or upset, or make him laugh uncontrollably" (reference: Scientology Abridged Dictionary).

These are used heavily in recruiting staff members (and in "regging"), as well as to keep people on staff, and even to recover former staff. If you don't want to help the Scientology organization, you will be told you are "out-ethics" and "1st dynamic oriented". Basically this is their way of telling you that you are selfish or self-centered if you don't want to help. If you don't want to join staff (or to stay on staff) you will most probably be told you are neurotic or "low toned". On this subject of help, Hubbard wrote, "Help is the make-break point between sanity and insanity. That a person cannot accept help along some minor line does not mean that he is insane, but it certainly means he has some neurotic traits." (reference: HCOB 5 May 1960 "Help")

If you haven't yet run away with your wallet and sanity intact

Once you are enrolled in a Scientology course, you will quickly encounter a key Hubbard policy letter known as "Keeping Scientology Working". You will be repeatedly told during your involvement with the cult that you are playing a "deadly serious game", and that the whole "agonizing future" of every man, woman and child on this planet depends upon freeing enough people from the trap. You will read Hubbard's words which state, "we'd rather have you dead than incapable" and "we're not playing some minor game in Scientology".

Now the real indoctrination (some say brainwashing) into Scientology's cult think begins. In his book Modern Management Technology Defined, Hubbard defines brainwashing as "a specific technology" (taped lecture 6804), and "the subjection of a person to systematic indoctrination or mental pressure with a view to getting him to change his views" (reference: the confidential Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter of 20 December 1969, Issue VIII).

Elsewhere (in All About Radiation, page 84), Hubbard defined brainwashing as: "a very simple mechanism. One gets a person to agree that something might be a certain way and then drives him by introverting him and through self-criticism to the possibility that it is that way. Only then does a man believe that the erroneous fact was a truth."

This is Hubbard's not so cloaked admission to some of the exact means and mechanisms used to convert the once "wog" person into a "gung-ho" Scientologist. The Scientologist is forbidden from engaging in "other practices" while actively being indoctrinated into Hubbard's cosmology. The student is only permitted to study and apply Scientology materials. Outside sources of information, particularly textbooks written by the "evil psychs" are forbidden. The reason for this is obvious. The student and/or staff member might discover the sources of Hubbard's ideas. Besides this, the student has to learn a new language: Hubbardspeak! To aid in the indoctrination into the madness, the Hubbard cult has special dictionaries full of special lingo and abbreviations and the definitions of thousands of words which have been given new meanings by Hubbard. Through the use of his newly created terms, Hubbard attempts to mask the basis and origins from which much of his gibberish was stolen: psychiatry.

After years of extensively searching for the sources of influence on Hubbard's works, I have found quite a few. The Polish Count Alfred Korzybski is undoubtedly one of the major influences upon much of Hubbard's published works. At the beginning of Hubbard's Science of Survival, first published in 1951, there appears a list of "thinking men without whose speculations and observations the creation and construction of Dianetics would not have been possible." Hubbard then lists such luminary figures as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Francis Bacon, Will Durant, Herbert Spencer, Roger Bacon and Alfred Korzybski. (For an excellent discussion on the subject of general semantics, I urge you to read the following:

L. Ron Hubbard undoubtedly acquired many of his ideas from the Polish Count Alfred Korzybski's book Science and Sanity. I have no doubt that Korzybski was a tremendous influence on L. Ron Hubbard who was in his twenties at the time of publication of Korzybski's book.

While studying Hubbard's materials, the student must learn understand in such terms as: "terminal", instead of "person"; "bank", instead of "subconscious mind"; "wog", instead of "non-Scientologist"; "HE&R", rather than "upset". The list is seemingly endless... Rather than using ordinary English, Hubbard created his special lingo. Looking back at this now, the reason is obvious. Hubbard wished to disassociate himself from those he stole his ideas from, particularly psychiatrists and psychologists. In doing so, Hubbard was able to claim that his "therapy" was not a form of psychiatry. In his April 1968 taped lecture "Ron's Talk to Pubs Org WW", Hubbard admitted to his employing of word redefinition as a means of "changing the value of things" (as well as undoubtedly trying to mask the sources of the ideas he uhh... "borrowed").

On propaganda by redefinition of words, Hubbard wrote, "The trick is - words are redefined to mean something else to the advantage of the propagandist." (reference: HCO PL 5 October 1971 "PR Series 12"). For example - therapy becomes "auditing"; psychologist becomes "auditor"; criminal act is redefined as "suppression of Scientology and Scientologists"; ethics becomes "that which helps Scientology"; hypnosis/trance induction technique is called "TR-O Confront"; critical thinking becomes "open minded"; individuation becomes "a separation from knowingness" (reference: taped lecture of 1952 "History of Man Series 3A" and Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary).

Other methods of indoctrination used within the cult include:

"Bull-baiting" -- In HCOB 29 January 1970 "Null Lists in Dianetics", Hubbard defined buttons as "restimulators" which "when you push it (say it) you can get a meter reaction." Hubbard took his term "bull-baiting" from "a Spanish and English sport of 'baiting' which means 'to set dogs upon a chained bull', but mainly 'to attack or torment especially with persistent insult, criticism or ridicule.'" (reference LRH Definition Notes). Some say that this practice removes or changes a person's normal emotional responses.

"Chinese schooling" - drilling by robotically chanting in unison. Using this method of indoctrination, a "flash answer" is implanted into the member's mind. Hubbard defined it as a method used "to teach staffs by repetition and demonstration" (ref: LRH ED 53 Int of 10 December 1969, "Orders to Executive Councils").

"TR-0", or "Training Routine Zero Confront". This is in actuality a hypnotic trance induction/hypnosis technique, redefined and disguised as an exercise in learning to be able to "comfortably be in present time and to confront". Beware! It has been known to frequently cause hallucinations in the minds of the users. Personally, I have no doubt L. Ron wanted it that way. It seems to make a person's mind more susceptible to implantation of Hubbard's nonsense.

"Cramming": If the student doesn't "get it" or correctly apply the materials studied, he or she is ordered to the cult's "cramming officer" to ensure that the materials are re-studied and correctly "duplicated" (learned) and applied.

"Word clearing" and "crashing MU finding": These are more control methods designed for one simple purpose -- to ensure that you install Hubbard's program into your head. The finished product is a zombie-like person who talks and thinks just like a little Hubbard robot. "Word clearing" is a VERY VERY important part of Hubbard's "tech". This is due to his insistence that the member should completely "duplicate" Hubbardthink in his or her mind. The importance of NOT understanding and following what Hubbard says can be explained in relation to another unique cult concept/ piece of "tech" from him. And that is what Hubbard calls the "cycle of an overt". According to Hubbard, a person commits crimes (called "overts") because of a misunderstanding ("MU") stemming from failing to grasp the meaning of a word or a symbol. As a result, Hubbard explained, "this causes the being to feel different from or antagonized toward the user or whatever of the symbol and so makes it alright to commit an overt." L. Ron goes on to explain that "having committed the overt, the being now feels he has to have a motivator and so feels caved in. [...] This is why people get sick." (HCOB 8 September 1964 "overts, What Lies Behind Them").

"False data stripping": If you still can't quite seem to grasp Hubbardthink, you may have to endure "false data stripping". During this procedure your mind will be mined to determine which earlier "humanoid" or "woggy" concepts are in conflict with L. Ron's Hubbardology. The ideas in conflict must be discarded and replaced with Hubbardthink.

"Verbal data" verboten: Discussion and giving of opinions at odds with Hubbard is NOT allowed. In Scientology, there is only one "correct" answer to any question a student or member might ask. It is "What do your materials state?" No interpretation is allowed.

"Disagreement check": This is a "metered action" (meaning it is done using an E-Meter) which can only be done by a Scientology-trained auditor who has been certified as a Class III or above (reference "Disagreement Remedy" policy of March 22, 1972 Revised). The E-Meter is a sort of a crude (and way overpriced!) lie detector device used in this method of ensuring you will have your disagreements with Hubbard "remedied". Remember, their is only one valid flavor of "standard tech", which is whatever the cult is calling it today.

The "starrate checkout": This is used to verify the member's "full and minute knowledge ... of a portion of study materials". It "tests his full understanding of the data and ability to apply it." (reference: HCOB 21 Sept 1970 "Study Series Number One - Study Definitions"). When studied materials are "star-rated", the student is said to be "100 percent letter perfect in knowing and understanding, demonstrating and being able to repeat back the material with no comm lag" (reference HCO PL 8 March 1966 "High Crime"). Simply put, this means the member can respond and act just like Hubbard with no hesitation or doubt (no "comm lag"), one hundred percent of the time -- at least insofar as being able to run Hubbard's program on the materials he or she has applied thus far. It sort of assures that another portion of the Hubbardthink virus has been effectively installed.

The requirement of an "acceptable success story": Ahhh... Here is another real gem. Not! In Scienoville, the writing of an "acceptable success story" is required before the dupe is considered to have successfully become a mini clone of Hubbard. Additionally, the individual cannot even be counted for statistical purposes as a "course completion" or as a "Paid Completion" unless one of these little ditties gets written. This definitely makes sure the Executive Director of every Scientology business ensures you do not voice anything but complete happiness with the knowledge and/or abilities you have just "gained".

The "Resign line": Now that you have completed your fully paid for step on Ron's road to total delusion, you must now go back to see the "reg" so he can get some more cold, hard cash from you. After all, that's his job. And what better time to sell more services to a person than while he is still delusionally and happily exhibiting "good indicators"... To help ensure that you arrive directly in the salesman's office there is a little bit of money in the form of a rebate check waiting for you in his office. Ol' L. Ron Hubbard insisted that they are not rebates! They are to be called "service completion awards", or "SCAs" instead, and the amount is seven percent of the total you paid for your just completed service. Do not confuse this rebate check with the ten to fifteen percent check your personal salesman -- called an "FSM" -- got at the time you started your service.

Ethics and policy as control mechanisms

Here are the key tools used as a means of ensuring the member stays in line:

Members are required to complete an extensive life history form. This form asks such personal information as: the names of every sexual partner you have ever had, the number and kinds of sexual activities you had together, including any perversions you engaged in; the name of every drug you have ever taken, the number of times each was taken, and the dates of all; the schools you have attended; your childhood friends; your parents' names, addresses and occupation; the names and addresses of all siblings; employment information; any psychiatric care you have received, with names and dates of any institutional history; any connections to persons in the media, government, banking, intelligence agencies, organized medicine, psychiatry, psychiatrists, psychologists (note the heavy emphasis on these) and public relations firms; the names and ages of your children. In short there is nothing of significance in your life that you will not be required to disclose. I have written about this previously, so I will not go into extensive detail since you can see the complete life history form at my web page: http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0820.html . Certainly if a member later leaves the cult there is a wealth of information about you on file and at the fingertips of Scientology's private investigators.

"Security checking": Members are asked to disclose complete details regarding any and all crimes, misdeeds, sins, transgressions and even unkind thoughts in sessions called "sec checks" or "confessionals". The intimate details concerning your entire shameful, sinful, criminal or embarrassing past (if any) are written down and stored for further use against you (in the form of a "DA packet") should you ever decide to leave and speak out against the cult. These sessions are often videotaped as well. (Some of mine were taped.)

"Conditions formulas" and "statistics": All staff and students in Scientology must keep statistics as required by voluminous policies on this subject. Your "stat" will be used as a measure of your "production" for the cult, and punishments are given if your statistics are not continually uptrending. This is an important aspect of keeping staff working harder each week than the week before. Additionally, some have correctly observed that by having to spend so much time thinking about whether your "stats" will be up every week, the member's attention is distracted away from pondering his own situation in regards to his personal life, goals, dreams and happiness, etc.

Scientology's system of "ethics" (reward and punishment): Each week, the member is assigned an "ethics condition" based upon his or her performance during the week just ended at 2 PM each Thursday. For the individual who is "downstat" (meaning someone who produced less than the week before) a lower condition is assigned. Accompanying the lower conditions are increasingly severe penalties designed to punish the member so as to send the clear signal that such "downstat" behavior must be avoided in the future. Amends projects are demanded of staff and students assigned an ethics condition of "liability" or lower. A staff member put in one of the lower ethics conditions of "doubt", "enemy", "treason" or "confusion" receives NO pay for the week. All personal time off (even for such tasks as doing his/her laundry) is canceled. And very likely, if the Scientologist is in the Sea Organization, he or she will be placed on a subsistence diet of rice and beans, skim milk and toast, and possibly some oatmeal.

Very Pavlovian, eh??? I've been there...

If you are suspected of being a troublemaker, you may find yourself being investigated as the possible source by the use of a "third party investigation" or an "ethics interrogatory". These are written investigatory questions circulated to all staff and are used to determine who the troublesome source is or from what department it originates. An anonymous poster to the newsgroup:alt.religion.scientology named "Safe" explains the liability of "third party investigations" at: http://www.skeptictank.org/savetpi.htm

If the source of the trouble cannot be determined, you may find yourself becoming the scapegoat, called the "head on a pike" in cult land. No matter if you didn't do anything wrong; Hubbard said this is an effective method in shutting people up or for squelching "disorder". Give me law 'n' order!

Often I have seen a favorite Hubbard technique applied. It is laid out in an issue he wrote called a "Flag Order", and it says, "The blunt threat of punishment, alone and unmistakable, can get stats up!" This was a favored method of getting staff to work harder during the seventies and eighties at the cult's "advanced org", ASHO, where I was on staff at the time. During the period of December 1979 through March 1980 (the last quarter during the annual "L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Game" which ended the week of Ron's birthday, March 13, 1980, the American Saint Hill Organization was under siege by a Commodore's Messenger Organization International (CMO Int) mission. The head mission- aire at the time used very blunt threats of punishment which made it unmistakably clear that unless we got our "stats" up on an hourly basis we would be taken away to the Rehabilitation Project Force. (See more on the RPF below.)

There is a system of reports which are required to be written by members, on other members' wrong doings. A few of the more frequently used types are: "things that shouldn't be reports", "knowledge reports", "crime reports", "technical alter-is reports", "high crime reports" and "no report reports". These assist the "ethics officer" in keeping an eye on fellow members much like a police state formerly found in Soviet Russia, or Orwell's 1984.

Parallels of Scientology and Orwell's 1984 have been published in cyber space in a series of postings done by Robert Vaughn Young. Use http://www.google.com to search for the terms "1984 and RVY" or simply click this link http://tinyurl.com/q372w.

Disconnection from family: Scientology says that they no longer practice disconnection as a way of handling family members opposed or antagonistic (called a "PTS" or "potential trouble source") to a member's continued involvement in the cult. This is a bold-faced lie. I've seen "disconnection" orders issued by the cult, and I've seen "disconnection" letters written to the parents of members. For more information see: http://www.scientology-lies.com/humanface.html . Each time a Scientologist is declared a "suppressive person", all members in good standing must cease any contact or communication with the person so declared. The "SP" is told that his or her only person with which they are to have any contact is the "Justice Chief" or a "Sea Org Master at Arms". Anyone else found to be maintaining a connection to a known "SP" is subject to being declared an "SP" as well. This is irrevocable "church" policy. A list of those persons and organizations who have been declared enemies of Scientology and Scientologists has been published as Flag Executive Directive 2830RB and is on line at: http://mailgate.supereva.com/nl/nl.scientology/msg04275.html

The "mandatory staff briefing": These are given to staff when the cult's leaders want to quickly plant "acceptable truths" or "shore stories" in the minds of its members. Staff are ordered to attend these mandatory briefings conducted and led by its public relations specialists (during my days in the Sea Organization, Heber Jentzsch, Artie Maren and/or David Miscavige often did these. Their purpose is to exercise what Hubbard called "PRO area control". "PRO" means "public relations office". In the event of some press adverse to Scientology, e.g., the Wollersheim case, we would be summoned together in a large auditorium where the official propaganda line would be laid on us en mass. That way we were all assured of getting the "correct data". Very efficient, huh?? (snicker)

The "hidden data line": Members are told that all of the "tech" and policy is available in LRH tapes, books, HCOB and HCO Policy Volumes, and that anyone can access these -- that there is no "hidden data line". Another grandiose lie. Tell me, where can one find copies of confidential policies, Guardian Orders, Guardian Finance Orders, CMO EDs, OSA Network Orders, Aides Orders, and any one of numerous other secret or limited distribution types of issues? They're not to be found in any book available to the staff member in general, let alone the broad public, that's for sure!

Denial of outside information to members: There is a published list of books which have been banned by the Scientology cult. This list I have discussed on Usenet in the past. My two articles relating to this fact are on my web site at: http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0722a.html and http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0722b.html

Television is also forbidden for Sea Org members. This is documented on line at: http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0725.html

Permission is required for Sea Org members to enter into marriage with a non-Sea Org member. In fact, members on staff in lower orgs are not allowed to have relationships with non-Scientologists.

The "RPF": This is Scientology's work force/penal system for staff deemed to be "low OCA, non producers", "repeated stat crashers", "overt product makers" and "List One R/Sers". At the complete whim of an upset executive staff member a person can be ordered into the "RPF". In actuality the staff member sent there for "rehabilitation" often does not have to have done anything wrong. The RPF is perhaps the most abusive form of punishment within Scientology's Sea Organization. In the late 1970s in Los Angeles, I observed over 200 Sea Org staff slaving on the "RPF". The vast majority of them had been "found" to be "List One Rock Slammers", which is Hubbardspeak for an evil, suppressive person.

"List One Rock Slam" is defined as: a "Rock Slam" reaction on the E-Meter while a person is being audited "means a hidden evil intention on the subject or question" (reference: HCOB 3 September 1978 "Definition of a Rock Slam"). A "List One Rock Slam" is said to be indicative of a person's evil intentions towards any one or more of several terms which appear on the "List One". (HCOB 24 November 1962 "Routine 2-12 List One Issue One The Scientology List"). This list contains dozens of terms such as "Scientology, Ron, an E-Meter, an auditor, auditing, Dianetics, Scientologists, clearing, orgs, tech", etc.

In Scientology a person is said to be "psychotic" (reference: Hubbard's taped lecture from 1972 entitled "Evaluation and Handling of Personnel") or a "deranged being" (ref: Saint Hill Special Briefing Course taped lecture 6607C21 "Dianetic Auditing") if he or she is found to be a "List One Rock Slammer". The determination that a person is a "list One R/Ser" is grounds to order the Sea Org member onto the "Rehabilitation Project Force". A non-Sea Org member would almost certainly be required to complete a very extensive auditing program (at their own expense, of course) until he or she is "cleared" of their "evil purposes" and "evil intentions".

For a most excellent paper on the subject of brainwashing inside the RPF, please read Dr. Steven Kent's "Brainwashing inside Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force", Revised Version of a Presentation at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, San Diego, California (November 7, 1997). [University of Alberta, Canada] - December 3, 1997 (2nd Draft) at: http://www.skeptictank.org/hs/brainwas.htm. A Microsoft Word version of Dr. Kent's text is available for download at: http://www.skeptictank.org/hs/brainwas.doc

Isolation: My article entitled "How Scientology Justifies Locking People Up In Isolation" is available at http://warrior.xenu.ca/1997-0818.html . Isolation is not an infrequent occurrence within Scientology. I personally know of several cases, including that of my own ex-wife, as well as that of a friend and fellow Sea Org member in Los Angeles, and the list is growing longer as time passes. Search on line at http://www.google.com for the terms "isolation and Scientology". You will be both astounded and disgusted to discover the number of instances of such abuse of civil rights.

Kidnapping: One chilling tale of the kidnapping of a one-time cult member named Michael Meisner, who had been a covert Snow White Operative for Scientology's Guardian Office is available in a downloadable text file at:

Abuse of children in Scientology:

AO 203-71 Cadet Org/Cadet Estates Org Establishment Eval

Forced abortions in Scientology:

Mary Tabayoyon's affidavit of March 5, 1994 at: http://www.skeptictank.org/gs/sci178.htm


Andre Tabayoyon's affidavit of March 5, 1994 at: http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~krasel/CoS/aff/aff_at.html

Methods used outside the cult to discredit or destroy perceived enemies

Scientology officially claims to not engage in healing mental or physical disorders. Hubbard has openly stated one goal as being to "take over entirely the field of mental health". Antagonistic towards the medical profession and towards the psychiatric profession (or "psychs", as they are called by Scientologists) in particular, the cult actively seeks to discredit psychiatry through its Citizens Commission on Human Rights. This front group collects information on alleged cases of abuse committed by psychiatrists, for the expressed purpose of seeking to discredit psychiatry as a practice and profession.

Vicious, hidden campaigns (e.g., Operation Freakout) intended to accomplish the destruction of persons. See the case of Paulette Cooper, author of The Scandal of Scientology. (Scientology's Operation Freakout at: http://holysmoke.org/pc/pc.htm) Read about Scientology's operations against Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares, an outspoken critic of the cult. (http://www.gate.net/~shipbrk/Co$/docs/cazares.html) Another noted case is that of Bonnie Woods, a former member of Scientology. In fact, I knew her when we were on staff together at Scientology's American Saint Hill Organization in Los Angeles. Her successful libel case against the cult is discussed here: http://www.shellac.freeserve.co.uk/reports/all.html and here: http://www.demon.co.uk/castle/woods.html

Infiltration of government agencies. For the most notorious case, I suggest you read about Operation Snow White, which was a systematic attempt by the Church of Scientology to infiltrate and steal classified files on Scientology from governments all over the world. Its exposure by the FBI in 1977 led to the arrest and imprisonment of the senior leadership of the "church's" intelligence agency, the Guardian's Office, in the US and Canada. Scientology's "Snow White" program is on line at: http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~cowen/essays/irs-snow.html

Lawsuits. Hubbard stated that the purpose of the lawsuit is not to win, but rather to destroy utterly the opponent. Much information is available on the Internet on this subject. Try http://www.google.com where you can enter three key words: Scientology, lawsuit and destroy; in an instant you will find volumes of examples of Scientology's application of Hubbard's most sacred "scripture" regarding the use of lawsuits to harass and destroy. One that fortunately backfired on the cult is the landmark one in Canada's Casey Hill, who had been "Enemy Canada" by Scientology's upper management bureau the Guardian Office. See http://www.religio.de/atack/casey.html .

For a chilling recounting of a former attorney for Scientology who resigned in disgust over the illegal and unethical tactics of the cult, read the Declaration of Joseph A. Yanny at: http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~krasel/CoS/aff/aff_jy.html .

Use of private investigators for covert data gathering, harassment, threats and noisy investigations. Again, search the Internet using http://www.google.com, or go to these web pages: http://www.sptimes.com/News/32899/TampaBay/Hardball.html , http://www.lermanet.com/cos/minton1.html and http://holysmoke.org/minton/mintonah.htm and http://www.lisatrust.net/Media/lee.htm .

Scientology's attacks on free speech are by now legendary on the Internet. See http://commons.somewhere.com/cud/1998/Cu.Digest.10.34.Sun.21.J.html . For a history of Scientology vs. the net see: http://www.amazing.com/scientology/history-1.html . But it's not just in cyber space where their suppressive tactics are taking place. The cult's members also engage in the theft and destruction of critical textbooks.

Freedom to be found in the cult?

Freedom in the cult of Scientology is defined by Hubbard as: "the ability to create and position energy or matter in time and space" (Scn 8-8008); "the absence of barriers" (Dn 55!); "lots of space, and ability to use it" (PDC 35); a "freedom release" is defined as a person with "freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future" (Hubbard's Classification Gradation and Awareness Chart). Although Scientology promises increased freedom to its members, I have yet to meet a member who has attained greater freedom. Yet the promise of greater ability, of being "freer and more able" are often heard terms of a nebulous, subjective ability to be had for the right price.

The organization and many of its adherents claim that they have complete freedom. There is even an auditing level called "Grade Zero" in which the cult says people can attain the ability to communicate "with anyone on any subject." But rather than seeing increased ability to communicate with family members who are not Scientologists, we find "disconnection" and "PTS handling". While Scientologists certainly have the right to practice their beliefs, what should non-members do in response and for what purpose?

My solution to the Scientology problem

Continue to educate those unfamiliar with the cult. Get the word out to your family -- sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, and ask them help make others aware of the deceptive nature of Scientology. Knowledge is power. An informed person is less likely to be subjected to manipulation.

There is a vast amount of information available on the Internet. Tell others to get on line and become more knowledgeable on the subject. Ask questions, share information and discuss the subject on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

Write letters to your Congressmen, educators, media, law enforcement and church clergy. Ask for or demand investigation into known or suspected crimes and abuses of civil rights.

Support cult awareness and cult education groups, as well as groups who assist victims toward their recovery. Make donations to these groups.

Protest Scientology organizations in your city.

Distribute literature around your schools and universities. These are often used as recruiting grounds by cults.

Go on television and radio shows and write to your local newspapers.

Insofar as Scientology exists within a larger group, society will put Scientology's ethics in. I realize it is hard to reach Scientology's inner core. But it is very possible to dry up their pool of possible recruits and income by educating everyone you can before they can be sucked into the cult.

Interested persons may reach me by e-mailing me at warrior@austin.rr.com. Sunshine disinfects! See http://warrior.xenu.ca/


For those interested in further reading, there are many critical texts that expose the hidden world of the Scientology cult. Many are available on the Internet, and a few are still in print. Scientology has conducted a decades-long war against these publications by attempting to ban them, buy them up, destroy them, steal them, sue the authors, and remove or destroy library copies. Many of the larger libraries will have at least a few of these books on their shelves.

Many thanks to Martin Hunt martinh@islandnet.com for compiling this list, and to Andreas Heldal-Lund ahl@xenu.net for making it available on the Internet at his fabulous "Operation Clambake" web site http://www.xenu.net .

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