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I got involved with Scientology because I wanted to help make this world a better place for all.

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>On Sun, 11 Jan 1998 05:50:33 GMT, (Hud Nordin) engraved the
>following invitation:
>>Again, [newbies] you are welcome. For real.
>But first- just a word of caution:
>"Welcome Wagon Hud", skated past the one big proviso that
>could make your visit to ars seem less accommodating than
>an Iraqi prisoner of war camp.
>If the sight of squad of flame tanks hurling salvos of napalm in your
>direction makes you a bit queasy then don't oppose ARSCC's* COPS**.
>*Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee
>**Critical Operatives' Pernicious Slurs

Hello to all, particularly newbies reading this.

MikeSmith3 won't debate me because he knows what I have written is true.

He doesn't want you to read or hear or see any possible evil in
Scientology. He would rather you check out Scientology's officially
sanctioned web sites so you only read their version of "truth".

He wants you to get the sugar-coated version of what Scientology is
about, and he ESPECIALLY doesn't want you to read the ACTUAL PRACTICES
inside of Scientology as observed by MANY FORMER MEMBERS such as Hana
Eltringham Whitfield, Andre Tabayoyon, Dennis Erlich, Robert Vaughn
Young, Stacy Young, Gerry Armstrong, Larry Wollersheim, Arnie Lerma,
Neal Hamel, Joe Harrington, Mary Tabayoyon, DeoMorto, Jerry Whitfield,
Jana Moreillion, Birgitta Dagnell, Martin Ottmann, Bev, NUKEWASTER,
NoGoot, Martin Hunt, Alec (David Alexander) and many others who have
written about their experiences in and with Scientology firsthand.

MikeSmith3: If you see a factual error in a posting of mine, please
post your evidence to refute my information. If you feel that I have
posted "pernicious lies", how about meeting me here on this news group
head on in a debate instead of constantly dodging the issues and slinging
accusations of a general nature?

I have been certified as a Clear by Scientology. I am a former 8-year
veteran of the Sea Organization, and I was a member of Scientology for
15 years.

It is TRUE I am now a "disaffected former member", but if you feel my
observations are not factual, or that I have lied, please let me hear
your side of the story with specifics! I will correct any of my written
statements of fact if you can demonstrate them to be false.

You can start by going to:

and reading 86 of my previous postings to ARS. #87 also contains a link
to gifs of many of my Scientology certificates and awards.

I am interested in being factual, truthful and completely honest about
my experiences in Scientology.

I got involved with Scientology because I wanted to help make this
world a better place for all. After continually being lied to and
betrayed over and over for years, I realized that Scientology is
not what the organization claims to be.

I still want to help make this world a better place.

I have nothing but true love and caring for all of mankind.

It is for this reason I do not want others to suffer betrayal at the
hands of the cult of Scientology. I have seen too many individuals
betrayed by the Scientology cult.

I would not wish for anyone to be manipulated as I was by Scientology.

*another great website* is