Re: How Lisa might REALLY have died
[10 Jan 1998]

I have never seen any written evidence nor have I ever read any eyewitness account
that Lisa was injured in her auto accident. From what I have read, the hospital personnel
and paramedics saw no sign of any physical injury at that time. I have however read plenty
of reports which state Lisa was injured during her isolation in Ft. Harrison...

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Diane Richardson <> wrote:
> With all the thrashing around Lisa did while she was going through the
> "Introspection Rundown" confinement, I'd suggest the thromboembolism
> probably developed when she hit her leg against something while she
> was at the Ft. Harrison rather than occurring during her minor
> automobile accident.

I have never seen any written evidence nor have I ever read any
eyewitness account that Lisa was injured in her auto accident. From
what I have read, the hospital personnel and paramedics saw no sign
of any physical injury at that time.

I have however read _plenty_ of reports which state Lisa was injured
during her isolation in Ft. Harrison, specifically:

1) From FSO 136 (undated) written by Medical Office Manager to the Senior
Case Supervisor FSO:

"She was trying to get out of bed. I put her back every time right
after. Then she was rolling on the bed & fell out of the bed right
against the wall. I picked her up & put her back to bed. She was
rolling out again, she hurted [sic] herself a little bit."

2) From FSO 156, 18 Nov 95, written by Med. Off. Mgr. FSO:

"3:15 P.M. She is still talking non stop. She tried to go out the door."
[Implies she was prevented from leaving, most likely by physical

3) From FSO 159, 19 Nov 95, written by Med. Off. Mgr. FSO:

"She told me again that her mother made her to take a napp [sic] with
her every day after lunch and then she sneaked [sic] away. Out of
controll [sic]." [Out of control physically? Ask Susanne Reid.]

4) From FSO 160, 20 Nov 95, written by Med. Off. Mgr. FSO:

"Lisa did not realy [sic] sleep last night, but jumping [sic] out
of her bed. Susanne Reid had to get her [to] lay down again and

"She has difficulties even to swallow a bit of water. She got 2 sip
[sic] of protein drink down. Right now she is again jumping out of
the bed over and over."

5) From FSO 141, 22 Nov 95, written by Security [name illegible] at
11:20 AM:

"Bed was broken & room was messy."


"Around 1 AM punched out a person who was being assigned to do
the watch."

6) From FSO 746, 22 Nov 95, written by Alice Van Gondelle, Librarian FSO:

"I went into the room & she was totally Type III. Blabbering, incoherent
non stop. Shaking, no warm clothes on - a bra top & shorts & shoes -
no socks. She fell asleep for 4 hours & got up. I finally chased her
around the place 50 times & got on socks & tee shirt, jacket, socks
& shoes - She was like an ice cube. She talked incoherently hour after
hour. She refused to eat & spit out everything she took. Her breathe
[sic] was foul. She looked ill like measles or chicken pox on her face.
Had a fever to my touch. After 1 PM she went violent & hit me a few
times telling me in a rage she was to kill me #s of times. I called
in the 'guard' outside - the fellow is an HCO staff member - new one
a Mexican gentleman. He stayed with me during the rage - but she still
smacked me around. (I did cover and guard myself but she was out of
control). I finally got her to drink a protein shake but she wouldn't
eat or sleep any further. This lasted till 4 PM."

7) From FSO 143, 26 Nov 95, written by Staff Chaplain Valerie Demange:

"From 3H30AM to 10H00AM she was very nervous and violent. During
that time she did not sleep.

8) From FSO 147, 29 Nov 95, written by Valerie Demange at 11 AM:

"She was violent for about 2 hours yesterday night."

9) From FSO 216, 29 Nov 95, written by Emma Schammerhorn, Medical Liaison

"The 'watch' said she was quieter, but suspects its [sic] because
she's weak..."

10) From FSO 149, 30 Nov 95 and FSO 150 1 Dec 95, written by Rita Edwards

"9 PM - 1 AM Awake. On the floor scooting around, moving arms & legs
& speaking & groaning."

"1 AM Dr. Johnson just visited. Not possible for her to have any
more chloral hydrate."

"9:15 AM She is using her legs to kick again."

"9:45 This AM she is deliberate & nasty - even evil."

11) From FSO 151, written 1 Dec 95 by Rita Boykin:

"She is wide awake, on the floor, bouncing, humming & talking."

12) From FSO 152, 2 Dec 95, written by Rita Boykin:

"She has scratches and abrasions all over her body & on her elbows
& knees has pressure sores."

13) From FSO 153, 2 Dec 95, written by by Rita Boykin:

"3 PM ...she doen't know our names and we don't talk to her. The rest
of her comm[unication] is the usual confused stuff. ...
She has tried to stand a couple of times but is not strong enogh."

14) From FSO 154, 2 Dec 95, written by Rita Boykin:

"1 AM She feels the pain of the bruises on her body and comments on
it when she is moved [!] or bumps herself."

"1 - 1:30 Tried to feed her again but wouldn't take anything. She
thought we were psyches or other enemies who wanted to kill her."

"10 AM ...this AM she was very confused & combative & continues"

15) From FSO 738, 5 Dec 95 (written after Lisa was dead) by the
Commanding Officer OSA Flag:

"Minkhoff said that he looked at her and he could see that she was

16) From FSO 740, undated and unsigned:

"Per Heather [Hoff] she also had a lot of bruises on her legs, feet,
arms, etc from kicking things hitting the walls etc."

"Lisa was extremely agitated and active. She was combative with the
other girls staying with her and would ramble on about things,
occasionally threatening to attack them."

"She [Rita Boykin] reported that she [Lisa] was weak and not eating
much at all [on 30 Nov 95]. ...she has noticeably dropped wieght"

"Last 24 hours Lisa had a swollen jaw on the left side of the face
and when [Rita was] attempting to feed her complained about pain
in the throat."

17) From FSO 741, undated and unsigned:

"[Lesly Woodcraft] Was with Lisa for 1 night, two weeks ago on 24
November. She said that Lisa was extremely agitated and moved around
the room a lot.She got aggitated [sic] a couple of times while Lesly
was there and slapped Janis Johnson several times through out [sic]
the night."

"When she [Joan Stevens] got there, Lisa was awake and agitated, she
became more agitated and became violent towards Joan, poking her in
the eye and attempting to do it several times. She then attacked Joan
with a potted plant in the room, which they took away from her. She then
started to hit at things in the room and broke a lamp hanging from the
ceiling. There was then glass all over the floor. She then became more
and more violent and broke more glass in the bathroom. She then went
and got back on her bed and then jumped off landed on the wet floor
and then hit her head on the floor. She then attempted to hit her head
again on the floor which the watch prevented her from doing."

18) From FSO 741, undated and unsigned:

"Patricia [Stracener] started to clean the room, Lisa then woke up
and started to become aggitated [sic] came up and slapped Patty
several times. Patty would push her arms back down to her side.
She was very incoherent and rambling on. Lisa then got sick and
vomited. ... Per Patty Lisa was always moving around."

19) From FSO 743, undated and unsigned:

"Lisa acted like she hurt everywhere."

20) From FSO 744, undated and unsigned:

"He [Paul Greenwood, Staff Section Officer] and Laura [Arrunada]
tried to have Lisa walk between them, but she was too sick"


My question to Scientology, OSA, SO members, Minkhoff, Janis Johnson, etc.

Has a withhold been missed?