Re: How does it feel to talk?
[08 Jan 1998]

I wish this newsgroup had existed 15 years ago. No... make that 25 years ago. If it had existed
in 1973, it is very unlikely I would have ever joined Scientology, let alone the Sea Organization.

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Subject: Re: How does it feel to talk?
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In article <692oq9$>, Modemac says...
>This is a question that's been bugging me for a while, especially for
>former members of Scientology and other organizations of that sort.
>You're out of the organization now, and you know what it was like to be
>sitting there at home with your feelings bottled up inside you. For a
>long time, you'd felt that you couldn't talk about your experiences with
>anyone except a few close friends (not even them, in some cases) about
>your feelings. The experience you went through was so unbelievable that
>people might think you're crazy, and you may have a few doubts yourself.
>You spent a great deal of time being scared because you'd never know if
>what you said would attract their attentions again, something that you'd
>rather avoid. And the news media -- magazines, newspapers, TV, radio --
>didn't seem to care. They didn't want to touch your story, because they
>were afraid of retaliation and they would have trouble believing what you
>say, because it's so outrageous as to be unbelievable.
>But now we have the Internet, and newsgroups like this one. Suddenly,
>you discover that you are not alone, and people are talking about their
>experiences and feelings -- feelings that you have shared and continue to
>share. You can talk to people who understand, and people who will even
>believe you. You watch as people come to this newsgroup with a look of
>utter disbelief, wondering how on earth something as ridiculous as this
>could possibly be true. You watch, and talk, as they realize that not
>only is it true, it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. You don't
>have to remain silent anymore. Even if you are posting anonymously, you
>are still bringing something out that you've kept bottled up inside you
>for far too long.
>You can express your feelings in a public forum, and you can talk about
>things you never dared talk about before. You can even make friends (and
>You are not alone on the Net.
>How does that make you feel?
> Reverend Modemac (
> First Online Church of "Bob"
> Introduction to Scientology for Beginners:

Hello Reverend,

Thanks for asking these questions. I appreciate it, and I wish to comment
that your observations are most astute.

The availability of the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology makes me feel
GREAT! And I know I am not alone in regards to this sentiment.

For too long, Scientology has bullied people who have spoken out about
the abuses (lies, betrayals, harassment, lawsuits, etc.) perpetuated by
the cult. Thanks in no small part to the internet, many people have gained
an awareness of the evil and sinister nature of the Scientology cult. One
aspect of this, for which I am EXTREMELY grateful, is the number of
individuals attracted to ARS who have never been involved with the
cult. I am very appreciative of the netizens on ARS who have had no
prior involvement with Scientology, yet have assisted in the cause of
helping to expose Scientology's true nature and intent.

Prior to the ex-parte writ of seizure on Arnaldo Lerma, I didn't know
a newsgroup existed for discussing Scientology. As I have stated before,
while watching CNN Headline News late one night, I heard the news of the
raid on Arnie. I was OUTRAGED. It was my personal wake-up call to action.
Immediately I called the Washington Post. I couldn't sleep that night,
because I was too angry.

Later, as time went on, I learned of similar raids on Dennis Erlich
and FACTNet, and the campaign against Keith Henson and Grady Ward, thanks
to publications such as WIRED Magazine. I became more focused on DOING
something to help victims of Scientology's litigiousness and harassive
tactics directed towards those so bold as to exercise their freedom of
speech and speak out. I am VERY appreciative for souls like Arnie Lerma,
Dennis Erlich, Gerry Armstrong, Bob Penny, Lawrence Wollersheim, Robert
Vaughn Young, Stacy Young, Graham Berry, Jeff Jacobsen, Dick Cleek, Andre
Tabayoyon, Keith Henson, Zenon Panoussis, Karin Spaink, Andreas Heldal-Lund,
Marina Chong, Rod Keller, Grady Ward, Mark Dallara, Birgitta Dagnel, Joe
Harrington, Tilman Hausherr, Otto Roos, David Mayo, Jon Zegel, Cornelius
Krasel, Martin Ottmann, Paulette Cooper, Martin Hunt, Jerry Whitfield,
Hana Whitfield, Tony Bosnakoudis, Dave Touretzky, Bob Minton, Ron Newman,
Deana Holmes, Jana Moreillion, Chris Owen, Tony McClelland, and many others.
While my views differ from all of the above on some things, I admire their
efforts, spirit and courage. To those of whom it applies, I appreciate their
company here on ARS, for they are kindred spirits.

So, here I am on ARS. It has been, and continues to be a wonderfully
invigorating almost daily experience for me. I have made many new friends
through my involvement on ARS. It has given me a way to reunite with some
long lost friends I made during my involvement with Scientology. ARS has
given me a link where I may reach out to contact other victims of cults.
And it has provided me with a forum to tell my story.

It is my intent to help prevent others from being betrayed or otherwise
victimized by Scientology. One of my main purposes for being here on ARS
is to help others understand the dangers of involvement with Scientology.
I wish this newsgroup had existed 15 years ago. No... make that 25 years
ago. If it had existed in 1973, it is very unlikely I would have ever
joined Scientology, let alone the Sea Organization.

Yes, it feels GREAT to have a newsgroup. It is wonderful to be able to
freely share my experiences, answer questions, document Scientology's
lies, assist victims and prevent future victims. Perhaps I am still
recovering from the betrayal I experienced from Scientology. Those
who have never been in Scientology, particularly in the Sea Org, the
Guardian Office or OSA, will never completely understand the betrayal
suffered by so many.

Nor will they have to experience first-hand the depth of deception
practiced by Scientology on its members. And this is a very good thing,
for I wouldn't wish it on anyone...

Thanks to my many wonderful friends and acquaintances here on this
newsgroup. And thanks again, Reverend Modemac, for asking.