Re: A.R.S. Bigots not representative of ex-members
[07 Jan 1998]

I was specifically told by various Scientology course supervisors, "ethics" officers
and executives in Scientology's Sea Org that I could NOT practice my Christian faith
AND remain a practicing Scientologist simultaneously.

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Subject: Re: A.R.S. Bigots not representative of ex-members
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In article <690a4p$23l$>, says...
>Bigots on A.R.S. are NOT representative of ex-members.
>Says Professor Introvigne:
>"Disgruntled apostates, no matter who sponsors their claims, are but a
>minority of the larger population of ex-members of any given religious
>minority, and should not, without further investigation, be considered
>as representative of ex-members in general."

1) I am not a bigot. The last I knew, a bigot is one who is prejudiced
in matters of religion, race, politics, etc. Certainly I am not a
bigot; even Scientology recognized me as an "upstat" individual. See
[my certificates page at] for proof!
The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, thanked me personally for
my contributions to Scientology and Dianetics; I have also received
awards from a Scientology "front group", the Committee for a Safe
Environment, for my dedicated fund-raising efforts; in addition, I have
studied Scientology extensively for over 25 years, completed numerous
Scientology courses, and I have been awarded a certificate for having
attained the state of "Clear" through Scientology. To my knowledge, I
have never been declared to be a "suppressive person" (excommunicated)
by the cult of Scientology, and in fact, the cult of Scientology still
issues propaganda statements counting me as one of its "eight million"

2) I am not a "disgruntled apostate". I never abandoned my Christian
beliefs. After being told by Scientology that it was compatible with
my Christian beliefs and faith, I found out that this is not true!
In fact, I was specifically told by various Scientology course super-
visors, "ethics" officers and executives in Scientology's Sea Org
that I could NOT practice my Christian faith AND remain a practicing
Scientologist simultaneously. During my involvement in Scientology,
and specifically during my 8 years in service to the Sea Organization,
I was LIED TO many, many times by senior executives in Scientology.
Some executives, like the Chief Officer even ORDERED me to commit
CRIMES. I steadfastly REFUSED to do so. I have written about my
experiences with regards to Scientologists LYING TO ME in an article
entitled "Scientology lied to me over and over for years". It may be
found on the web at:
If it were not for the fact that many Scientologists were found to
be guilty of felonious crimes against the United States government
it is likely I would have remained a member of the Sea Organization
longer than I did. However, I chose NOT to associate myself with
an organization whose members were CONVICTED of CRIMES against the
United States government and individuals of good will.

3) No one is sponsoring my claims. I speak freely of my own will about
my experiences in and with Scientology, and I am not sponsored by
anyone. I have never received any financial compensation for posting
to ARS. I have never even been offered renumeration in any form
(including gifts, help, rewards, "exchange", material objects, favors,
etc.) for telling my experiences in Scientology or posting to ARS or
exchanging information off the internet. I do all of this entirely of
my own free will. If any entity _is_ sponsoring my claims, it can only
be my Creator, since God is the only one I feel answerable to.

4) Perhaps I am in a minority of ex-members of the cult of Scientology.
Many, many ex-members of the Scientology have been intimidated for
speaking out against Scientology. Many have signed settlement agreements
with the cult. Many others are in fear of speaking out because of
the treatment they have observed towards others. Still even more ex-
Scientologists, particularly numerous former executives do not speak
_at all_ about Scientology. Perhaps that is due to their duplicity
and having been involved in illegal activities for Scientology. In
my opinion, plenty of evidence supports my observation on this.
Anyone who cares to investigate this is encouraged by me to read
stories by numerous executives formerly members of Scientology, AND
the abundant record of court cases arond the world, AND opinions
of judges involved in Scientology litigation. For starters, I
recommend reading Joseph Yanny, Vicky Aznaran, Jon Zegel, Gerald
Armstrong, Lawrence Wollersheim, Andre Tabayoyon, Dennis Erlich,
Arnaldo Lerma, Laurel Watson Sullivan, David Mayo, Bob Penny,
Birgitta Dagnel, David Alexander, Mary Tabayoyon, Robert Vaughn
Young, Raymond Kemp, Kima Douglas, Otto Roos, Cyril Vosper, Bent
Corydon, L Ron Hubbard Jr., Pam Kemp and Paulette Cooper. These
are just a few of the names that come to my mind. I could name
many, many more individuals who have chosen to speak out about
their past involvement in Scientology.

Anyone who wishes to receive help finding information written by
the above named individuals may email me at <>
I will provide a URL for your investigation.

5) Scientology is not a religious institution, in my opinion. Even
L Ron Hubbard wrote "We are a financial institution". Enough said!

6) I welcome further investigation of my claims and stand behind them
100%. If you feel i have made an error, feel free to email me at
<>. Alternately, post specifics to the ARS
newsgroup. I will respond to _specific_ requests, questions, etc.

7) With regard to being "considered as representative of ex-members [of
Scientology] in general", perhaps if more former Scientologists did
not fear harassment from the cult of Scientology, they would speak
out. This is changing. More former members are "coming out", and I
am certain this will continue. I personally GUARANTEE IT!

>Read the Rogues Gallery of A.R.S. Bigots for more detailed information
>about bigots in this ng:

Yes, please read wgert's site too!