Re: Scientology/IRS: The McDonald Papers
[28 Dec 1997]

According to a policy letter by Hubbard entitled HCO PL "Issues, Types Of",
only LRH was authorized to issue policy letters with green ink on white paper.

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>> There is much I will write on the subject of finance and the
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>Please do Warrior.
>This sort of stuff is a thousand times more interesting than Justin's
>One thing I didn't understand was the significance of the green ink.
>Was it policy that only LRH could write with green ink?

According to a policy letter by Hubbard entitled HCO PL "Issues,
Types Of", only LRH was authorized to issue policy letters with green
ink on white paper. They were called HCO PLs (Hubbard Communications
Office Policy Letters.).

Green ink on cream (buff) coloured paper was reserved for others.
These issues were called BPLs, or Board Policy Letters. A BPL could
NOT cancel an HCO PL. Hubbard's policies were senior in authority. If
a Board Policy Letter contradicted with an HCO PL, the HCO PL was to
be followed. According to Hubbard's mandate, only Hubbard could cancel
or revise an HCO PL.

Other types of issues, of the "technical" type were called bulletins.
In the early days Hubbard had Professional Auditor's Bulletins (PABs).
As things changed in Hubbard's Scienoland kingdom, he issued HCO Bulletins,
or HCOBs. Then there came into existence BTBs, or Board Technical Bulletins.
BTBs are red ink on cream coloured paper. HCOBs are red ink on white paper.
Again, the WHITE paper was reserved for Hubbard; cream colour for others.
An HCOB was senior to a BTB. A BTB could not cancel an HCOB. Only Hubbard
could cancel or revise Hubbard's issue. Remember -- Hubbard was "SOURCE".

Of course, many HCOBs were written by others, but were simply
signed by Hubbard. Still others were issued with the words "LRH, as
assisted by David Mayo" (or whoever), or "CS-4, as ordered and approved
by LRH".

Another Hubbard-only issue type was the LRH ED, or L Ron Hubbard
Executive Directive.. These were directives (orders) from Hubbard
and were blue ink on white paper.

In the Sea Organization, Flag Orders are the equivalent to policy letters.
They are black ink on white paper always, but one difference here is that
FOs were not reserved for Hubbard only. (In reality, many others issued
HCO PLs, HCOBs, LRH EDs, etc under Hubbard's name, but I am talking
*theory* here.)

There aare many, many different types of issues over the years; some are
(I am sure I have not named them all):

Admin Ltr - Administrative Letter
Adv Ltr - Advice Letter
AO - Aides Order
BO - Base Order
BFO - Base Flag Order
CBO - Central Bureau Order
CBO USB - Central Bureau Orders US Base
CED - Compliance Executive Directive
CLO ED - Continental Liaison Office Executive Directive
CMO ED - Commodore's Messenger Org Executive Directive; also CMO ED Int.
COLRHED - Central Office of LRH Executive Directive
CO - Continental Order; may also mean Conditions Order
CSO - Commodore Staff Order
DAB - Dianetic Auditor's Bulletins (in the very early days)
ED - Executive Directive; also ED Area Estates; ED Flag; etc.
ED FAO - Executive Directive Flag Admin Org; also Flag Advanced Org
ED FB - Executive Directive Flag Bureau
ED USB - Executive Directive US Base
ED WW - ED World Wide
EO - Ethics Order
FB CO - Flag Bureau Conditions Order
FBDL - Flag Bureau Data Letter
FCO - Flag Conditions Order
FCPL, or FCDC PL - Founding Church (Washington, DC) Policy Letter
FDD - Flag Divisional Directive
Flag ED - Flag Executive Directive
FPJO - Flag Project Order
FMO - Flag Mission Order
FO RS - Flag Order Royal Scotman
FOLO EUS ED - Flag Operations Liaison Office Eastern United States
Executive Directive
FOLO WUS ED (sometimes FL WUS ED - Flag Operations Liaison Office Western
United States Executive Directive
FPO - Flag Personnel Order
FPgmO - Flag Program Order
FSO - Flag Ship Order
GLA GO - Greater Los Angeles Area Guardian Order (earlier called PAC GO)
GO - Guardian Order
GFO - Guardian Finance Order
GPgmO - Guardian Program Order
GPO - Guardian Personnel Order
HASI PL - Hubbard Association of Scientologists International Policy Letter
HCO Admin Letters - Hubbard Communications Office Admin Letter
HCO Info Letter - Hubbard Communications Office Information Letter
HCOMOJ - Hubbard Communications Office Manual Of Justice
HCO Technical Bulletin - later HCOB
HCO Training Bulletin
Int Fin ED - International Finance (Police) Executive Directive
MOWW ED - Mission Office World Wide Executive Directive
OOD, or OODs - Orders Of the Day
OSA Network Order - Office of Special Affairs Network Order
PAC ED - Pacific Area Command Executive Directive
PAC GO - Pacific Area Command Guardian Order
Sec ED - Secretarial Executive Directive
SOED - Sea Org Executive Directive
SPD - Scientology Policy Directive (since 1982)
USB CO - US Base Conditions Order
US BO - United States Base Order (same as BO US really)
WDC ED - Watch Dog Committee Executive Directive

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