Re: Saint Hill sea org schedule for today
[26 Dec 1997]

Various forms of coercion are used to obtain "production".

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: Saint Hill sea org schedule for today
Date: 26 Dec 1997 09:47:04 -0800
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In article <>, Eric says...
>Warrior <> wrote:
>: >09:30 - 10:00 PRODUCT CONFERENCE
>: More meetings to *talk* about production when you have so damned little
>: time to do everything expected of you, in the fine Sea Org tradition!
>: All Div heads are to have PT copies of this weeks Battle Plan, targets
>: and quotas, any debug necessary, a copy of the current week's stats to
>: date with projected stats by week ending next Thursday. Also Div heads
>: must have conditions write-ups for all their departments. No exceptions!
>Would I be correct in guessing that in an Org or other organization run
>according to LRH Admin Tech, the response to a falloff in on-time
>production would be to call more status meetings and require staff to
>spend more time documenting their work? If so, the phrase "positive
>feedback loop" comes to mind.

Generally, when stats are down, the attitude is taken that "it is
because somebody didn't get them up". More meetings usually result,
but at a point where repeated orders have failed to be complied to,
it "becomes an Ethics matter".

One of the qualifications for an RPF assignment is "being a low OCA
non-producer". Another is "being a repeated stat crasher".

During my time in the Sea Org, I have seen stat quotas being set by
the hour. One of my friends was ordered to get a new person to join
staff (new recruit) within the hour, or else be RPF'd.

If a person fails to get stats up, he/she is viewed as "out ethics",
"being reasonable", "exhibiting case on post", "Q&A ing", etc. No
"HE&R" is allowed! In other words, a person is not allowed to have
human emotions and reaction (upset, disagreement, objections or
manifestations of "suppressive reasonableness").

In the Sea Org, one is expected to get the stats up. Period.

More meetings would be called on a staff member who is not complying
with "Command Intention". Various forms of coercion are used to
obtain "production".

It may be "why finding" for an area. It may be doing a "debug" using
Hubbard's "debug tech". It may be an Ethics "investigation" on an
area (Division, Dept., Section or Unit) or person. There are TONS of
tools which may be employed to effect compliance. "Crashing MU"
may be the "cause" of non-production. It may be due to "unhattedness".

The usual handling in a Scientology org is to "hat" the person. Then
demand production. If a person can't or won't get stats up, he/she
is removed, and a person is found who will produce.

The non-producing, or low-producing staff member has "ethics handlings"
done on him/her "on a gradient". First reports are written on the person.
Then a lower condition is assigned. The person is sent to "Cramming",
ordered to get "hatted", "retrained" or to "retread" their "hat pack".
Then maybe a "Court of Ethics" would be called. Then perhaps a "Committee
of Evidence".

"Gradients" are used (increasingly steeper ones) until the staff member
"shapes up" and gets "cracking" (producing).

In the SO, a person is expected to produce, no "ifs, ands or buts".
The assignment os lower conditions is intended as a punishment, since
amends projects may NOT be done in one's own area (post area). At the
same time, the person is still expected to produce on his own post.
This amends project is almost always done during one's *sleep time*.
In Scientology, the "ethics formulas" state that the amends must be
done on one's own time, and the only personal time a Sea Org member
has is from approximately midnight 'til 7AM.