Some "success" stories - was Re: Scientology Benefits
[26 Dec 1997]

I am not impressed with the "OTs" I have known, as many of them were criminals.

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Subject: Some "success" stories - was Re: Scientology Benefits
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In article <>, says...
>In defence of My Religion
>A wide, wide range of benefits have been reported by Scientologists from
>their participation in Scientology. The conditions that can be improved
>by whole hearted application of the technology have been thoroughly

Here are some of my observations about Scientologists:

One "OTV" I knew had a business and declared bankruptcy. He gave
LOTS of money to the cult of Scientology for his "Bridge". This same
"OTV" routinely LIED to his own salespeople as a standard operating
procedure. He LIED repeatedly, month after month, telling them their
commission checks were "in the mail" when in fact they had not even
been sent. This same "OTV" even asked me to tell his LIES for him!
I refused to lie for him.
This same "OTV" committed insurance fraud by overstating the value
of a package of merchandise which was stolen at LA International
Airport. And he actually collected an insurance payment on this
fraudulent claim!
This same "OTV" filed a FRAUDULENT return with the County of Los
Angeles. I know this to be true since I had prepared a correct and
accurate return for his property taxes on his business corporation.
He didn't like my return because it told the truth, and he didn't
want to pay what he really owed. So he ordered me to change figures
on the return. I refused. He filed a FRAUDULENT property tax return
with figures made up from thin air (which were a mere fraction of the
correct figures) because it would "save" him money!
This same "OTV" asked me to prepare and file FALSE federal and
state income tax returns for his corporation. This was because he
ACTUALLY owed over $90,000 in combined federal and state income taxes,
and he didn't want to have to pay the true amounts owed!
When I refused to participate in his FRAUDULENT acts, he began to
realize I could not be manipulated. I gave my notice of intent to
work for him until a replacement could be found for my position. He
"fired" me the next day, saying that he would "find someone who will
file" a FRAUDULENT claim for him!
This same "OTV" is still active in Scientology.

Another "OTVII" I knew on staff in the Sea Org repetedly committed
unauthorized expenditures. Eventually I was ordered to withhold money
from his pay (according to the policies - FOs and HCO PLs - on the
subject) to repay the organization for his violation of financial
policy resulting in an unauthorized expenditure. I complied to the
order reluctantly. Upon this staff member's realization that his pay
had been docked $5 towards repaying the unauthorized expenditure,
this same staff member stormed in my office and physically assaulted
me, shoving me backwards over my desk, injuring my back.
This same "OTVII" is still active in Scientology.

Another "OTIIIX" I knew was the Public MAA in the Sea Org. As
such, his position was responsible for "handling" the "ethics" of
persons on "courses" and on "auditing lines". One Saturday afternoon,
while on "libs", this same "OTIIIX" got extremely intoxicated at a
"public" person's house. This "public" person's name is Maggie, and
she was actively on "course" at ASHO. After awhile, the Public MAA
passed out on the sofa in Maggie's living room. While he was sleeping,
he urinated in his pants, soaking through and onto Maggie's sofa, causing a
gross scene in front of a "public" member -- the same "public" member
(Maggie) he had previously done an "ethics handling" on at ASHO!
This "public" person is still active in Scientology, as is another
person (and Sea Org member) named John McGurk, who witnessed this
embarrassing incident.

Another Sea Org member, and Scientology "Clear" I knew was the
Bookstore Officer. As such, he earned hundreds of dollars in commissions
on the sales of books, meters, packs, insignias, etc.
As you may be aware, when an individual earns enough money, he/she
is required to have income taxes withheld, according to the current
IRS rules dependent upon the level of the earnings and the information
claimed on the individual's form W-4. Indeed, from my position on staff
in the Sea Org, I was responsible for complying with all legal require-
ments pertaining to tax laws and their administration. As such, I had
the job of withholding taxes from staff members' pay when they earned
enough to warrant such.
This particular Sea Org member who held the position of Bookstore
Officer didn't want to comply with the law. When he arrived in my office
on a particular Friday evening to collect his pay, he was very upset
that I had withheld taxes from his pay. His solution was to GRAB a few
hundred dollars from my payroll cash box and TAKE MORE than had actually
been withheld from his pay in taxes.
By the way, this same Bookstore Officer, Jim Williams, had been
awarded the status of Kha Khan for his "repeated upstats" in book sales.
When I discovered he had been falsifying book sales by writing phony
invoices with false names and non-existent addresses, he was removed from
Even though this same person had committed a suppressive act and was
in a lower condition, the Commanding Officer, Midshipman Alan Prager
actually approved of and ordered Jim Williams being *re-posted* on income
"lines" as an expeditor for Framk Benjamin, Kenny Shapiro, Ruthie Silverman,
Leslie Howard, Dan Locke and the other registrars! I will point out that
this is a violation of the HCO PL "PTS Personnel and Finance", not to mention
that it is an insane act!
Jimmy Williams blew staff later, owing Scientology THOUSANDS of dollars
from his commissions collected on BOGUS sales of Hubbard's worthless books.

When I was in the Sea Org I knew another executive and "OT" named
Richard. Through falsifying refund/repayment claims, Richard embezzled
thousands of dollars from Scientology. Scientology management, upon
discovering Richard's crimes, lied to the staff about the true reason
for his SP declare.

I am not impressed with the "OTs" I have known, as many of them
were criminals. I can post more info on other criminals in Scientology
and criminal acts by Scientologists.

Just say the word...

Warrior - who is not and never was "OT"