Questionnaire for Scienos and ex-Scienos
[20 Dec 1997]

My answers to a questionnaire I found at: <>

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Subject: Questionnaire for Scienos and ex-Scienos
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My answers to a questionnaire I found at:


(posted to ARS and mailed)

> 1. How far along the Bridge are you?

I am a "Natural Clear" whose last "action" on "the Bridge"
was the "Sunshine Rundown". But since Hubbard said "So we
define a Sea Org member as we define 'OT' -- at cause over
matter, energy, space and time..." I am an "OT" as well.

> 2. Have you any opinion on OT III (supposing you've gotten
> that far)?

Well, I've read the materials, and I've discussed them with
many, many Scientologists who are "OT". Personally, I believe
Hubbard's entire "advanced technology" is pure science fiction.
I am glad to have not had my mind warped to such a degree that
I certainly would have had, had I done the "OT levels". I know
lots of individuals who did "OT III". Most of them consider it
crap. And I know of a few individuals who experienced psychotic
breaks while on the "advanced technology", particularly "OT III".

> 3. Is 'disconnection' still practiced by the church?


> 4. Have you ever known anyone who was later labeled a
> Suppressive Person?

Yes. I have known and continue to know many.

> 5. Is 'overboarding' still done by the church?

When I was in the SO, I was based on a land unit. In lieu
of overboarding, Sea Org staff who were "out ethics" were
doused with a large bucket of water. I have witnessed this
being done to my wife by a male staff member who forced his
way into our room while my wife was trying to hold the door
open just a crack to see who had knocked on our berthing room
door. My wife was completely nude when the male Sea Org member
forced his way into our room and poured a 3-gallon bucket of
cold water over my wife's head. The Sea Org staff member who
did this act was Mark Hanson. It had been ordered by the
Commanding Officer ASHO Day, Midshipman Alan Prager, because
my wife had overslept and missed muster.

> 6. Does the church still bar homosexuals, journalists and
> people with psychiatric conditions from joining?

I will speak about the Sea Org. I have known homosexuals
who were SO members. As long as they kept their "ethics in"
(didn't engage in any homosexual acts), they were allowed
to remain in good standing in the SO without assignment of
any lower conditions. Staff who did go "out-2D" were ordered
to the "RPF", assigned a "lower condition" or "offloaded"
and declared a "freeloader".

Those individuals who are journalists or "psych cases" or
those with an "institutional history" are a few of the
reasons for non-qualification for membership in the Sea Org
and a Class V Org.

Journalists are not even allowed to be "public" members
(non-staff) since Hubbard's policies on "Types of PTS"
say that a journalist or reporter is not eligible for
services since such a person would "attempt to sit in
judgement upon Scientology". Technically speaking, a
reporter or journalist would be allowed to be a member
(and Scientology would probably be more than happy to
take his or her money), but the person would not be allowed
to receive any services until the "PTS condition" was

Persons with a "psych history" are not qualified. At one
time Scientology did allow such persons to do a "qual
program" and to petition the Guardian WW for permmission
to join the Sea Org upon completion of the pre-entry program.

> 7. What qualifications must you have to join FLAG?

I can name several. A person must not have a "psych" or
"institutional history"; must not have huge debts; must
not have continuing financial obligations beyonf one's
ability to pay; must not be wanted by any law enforcement
official or agency; must not be "PTS Type A through J";
must not have an unhandled medical condition; must not have
used LSD or Angel Dust; must not have "PTPs" which would
"pull them out of the SO"; must not be connected to anyone
antagonistic towards Scientology; must not be associated
with nor be a member in any "squirrel" or "splinter" group
declared "SP"; must want to be there (in the SO) on their
"own determinism".

I am sure I have forgotten a few, but the above are most of
the key requirements for being Flag staff.

> 8. Since LRH's bulletin of 8/26/82 said sex is a bad
> thing, do Scientologists have a belief similar to
> Catholics--that is, that sex should only be for
> procreation?

For Sea Org staff, only sex with one's lawfully wedded spouse
is allowed. For Class V Org and SO staff, sex with students
and "pcs" is forbidden. For students, see HCO PL "Student's
Guide To Acceptable Behaviour".

> 9. What religion or faith were you ( if any) before
> joining the CoS, and what made you realize your
> spiritual needs were not being met?

I was (and am) a Christian. Ron's "Bridge to total freedom"
is a lie. The fact that the cult doesn't allow freedom of
worship or freedom of speech had a lot to do with my
decision to leave. The fact that Scienos are forbidden to
read critical books, and the fact that "open-mindedness" is
not allowed also played a key role in my decision to leave.
And having known many "OTs" who were "out-ethics" (criminal)
made me realize that Hubbard's "tech" was not for me. I
knew many "OTs" who broke the law because they felt Hubbard's
Scientology "ethics" and "justice" system was superior to
"wog" law. And I knew many Scienos who believed it was OK
to break the law if it was "for the good of Scientology".
If I had to summarize my reasons for leaving, in one word
it would be *BETRAYAL*.

> 10. L. Ron Hubbard allegedly made a statement before his
> death that he'd be back within 25 years of 'dropping
> the body'. Is the church prepared for someone to show
> up and claim they're LRH reincarnated?

Personally, I don't believe Hubbard is coming back. And I
don't care what Scienos think with regards to this. I am
certain many believe that Hubbard is returning, since the
"Old Man" said so. I suppose some sort of method for Hubbard
to "prove" his identity could have been devised, but I am
not aware of any such plan. After all, his "mission into
time" looking for the gold was a joke too!