Two years ago - 21 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes
[21 Nov 1997]

A report on Lisa McPherson from Flag Service Org staff member, Valerie Demange,
to the Flag Senior Case Supervisor, Alain Kartuzinski.

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Subject: Two years ago - 21 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes
Date: 21 Nov 1997 09:38:29 -0800
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21 Nov 95
12:00 PM
To: SNR C/S FSO <------
From: Valerie Demange
Re : Report on Lisa Mc Pherson

Dear Sir,

Lisa slept about 8 hours or
more - I arrived on the watch at
1:00 AM and she was sleeping -
She has been waking up for some
short period of time (like 15 seconds)
and then falling asleep again - She
was also talking a lot, mainly saying
"Thank you" while sleeping. This
morning at about 9:30 AM I got her
to take 200 mg of B1, 1000 mg of C vit,
200 mg of potassium and 100 mg of
B6 - I brought some call mag but
she refused to drink it - However she
drunk 2 glasses of water and had
a large protein drink - Around
11:00 AM she was given some eggs and
toast - She ate half a toast and 2
bites of Eggs - She was then pretty
agitated for about an hour during
which time she was talking a lot and
crying - What she was saying usually
was non sequiture, like saying that

[pg 2]

She was going to go somewhere
and then laying down on her
bed - She told me as well that she
has had bad manners and this
resulted in bad consequences -
She also at some point asked me
if someone was behind the door -
I made her understand there was
nobody and she was fine -

This is all for now -

ML Valerie
Staff Chaplain