Re: Scientology's corporate sham (repost)
[16 Nov 1997]

I am so sick of hearing Miscavige's lie that the "criminal element in Scientology
was removed", blah, blah, blah. It simply isn't true. All that really happened is
that the cult cleaned house of anyone who wasn't loyal to the new leaders.

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Subject: Re: Scientology's corporate sham (repost)
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In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.971116182019.129F-100000@darkstar.zippy>,
Xenu <> wrote:
>On 16 Nov 1997, William Barwell wrote:
>> I am most interested in that decison's mention of the Sea Org.
>> The Sea org is where the power is. This the central nervous center
>> of the beast. All the rest is legal decoration, a shield, a target
>> for the law which the real Scientology, the SO operates like puppets.
>> And of course, the Sea Org reserves are where the money is.
>> I wonder if the IRS made any effort to find out what the role of the SO
>> was in relation to the exempt organs and how money flows from CoS
>> to SO reserves. An unincorporated organization run by a few persons,
>> with no clear indication as to how they came to be the commanding
>> officers of this organization.
>> Of course not.
>> But they should.
>Especially in light of the new court finding on "alter-egos". I think all
>this should have been uncovered back when Hubbard's wife went to prison.
>Instead the Sea Org and Scientology had a chance to retreat and re-group.
>DM said he was weeding out the criminal element in the organization, but I
>think what he was really trying to do was to bullet-proof his operation.
>Joe Cisar <>

Of course Miscavige wanted to clean house. Anyone who wasn't loyal
to him and the new guard was removed, RPFed or declared SP. Why else
do you think staff like Al Crivello were sent to the RPF and later
declared SP? Al had been in Scientology for *years*. He had held various
finance posts in the GLA and PAC Guardian Office, like AGF AOLA. Al is
no more an "SP" than Tweety Bird is an "SP". It's just that Al *knew*
too much about the cult's finances, overseas reserve accounts,
investments in blue chip stocks (like Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.)
and futures (like gold and silver), signatories on various accounts,
income flows and pools, and assets.

I am so sick of hearing Miscavige's lie that the "criminal element
in Scientology was removed", blah, blah, blah. It simply isn't true.
All that really happened is that the cult cleaned house of anyone who
wasn't loyal to the new leaders. If all of the *real* criminals had
been removed, then *why* is Dick Weigand still involved? And *why* is
Heber Jentzsch still involved? And *why* is Kendrick Moxon still
involved? All three of these guys were Guardian Office staff.

And what about Gerald "Jerry" Wayne McNeely? He was Assistant
Guardian Finance GLA (Greater Los Angeles).Now he is at Flag and is
one of Scientology's "patrons" of the IAS. I saw him in Clearwater
on May 8th this year on Cleveland Avenue right by the Clearwater Bank
building (Scientology's building).

What about Peter Blecha, CPA? He was Finance Audits Director GLA.
He was transferred to Author Services (under Miscavige and Vicky Aznaran)
from the Guardian Office.

What about Bradford Bernstein, CPA? He was on the IRS Defensible
Records Project run by the Guardian Office. Now he works at Greenberg
& Jackson, an accountancy firm started by Marty Greenberg (long-time crony
of Hubbard) and James ("Jim") J. Jackson, another loyal Scieno.

Hey, how about Mike Smith, one-time FBO US? Anybody wonder what he's
up to these days?!?

And Jonno Epstein, Sea Org Reserves Chief -- do you suppose the IRS
ever bothered to ask him any questions about Sea Org reserves and other

As you can probably tell, I get pretty disgusted when I start
thinking about Scientology having been granted its non-profit status.

Personally, it is my opinion that the information that Scientology
was able to get (and continues to get) by means of its Snow White Ops
was successfully used to finally cause the IRS to cave in and grant
501(c)(3) status. I believe that it is most likely that the IRS finally
granted Scientology tax-exempt status for two main reasons: #1) I
believe that Scientology very likely caused the IRS to cave in by
reason of "dirt" obtained by Scientology's investigatons of officials
at the IRS. And #2) I believe Scientology lied on its application to
the IRS.

Ultimately, I believe, the Tax Analysts will prevail in their suit
against the IRS. Once the file is opened, we will learn some revealing
things indeed. I can't think of any reason that Scientology and the IRS
wanted the files sealed except that they have a lot to hide.

I wish the US Dept of Justice would hold hearings on possible tax
fraud by Scientology and subpoena the following individuals:

Joseph Alesi - GO Operative who gained access to IRS with forged ID card
Don Alverzo - former Deputy Director Information Br I USGO
Brian Anderson - current "spokesperson" in Clearwater
Michael Baum - GO "FSM" who worked with Alesi to gain access to IRS using forged ID card
Bradford N. Bernstein, CPA - worked on IRS Defensible Records Project
Peter Blecha - former Finance Audits Officer GLA
Annie Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer
Pat Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer
Helen Budlong - former USGO
Morris "Mo" Budlong - former Snow White conspirator
David Cusworth - former Audits Officer Finance WW
Richard Deere - former Director of Personnel Int USGO
Ken Delderfield - former LRH Comm WW
James "Jim" Douglass - former USGO staff
Nancy Douglass - aka Pitts - Guardian Office Covert Ops
Jae Duckhorn - former Assistant Guardian Finance Bridge Publications
Irene Dunleavy/Howey/Dirmann - former LRH Comm Saint Hill, CO ASHO D, Office of Eval & Execution Flag, etc. (many posts)
Tony Dunleavy - former Exec Council WW
Robert Ealy - former GO Finance WW
Louise Ealy - former AGF ASHO and AGF Greater Los Angeled
Jonathan "Jonno" Epstein - FBO Network Sea Org Reserves Chief
Jerry Feffer - of Washington DC law firm Williams & Connolly - husband of Monique Yingling
Derek Field - former Chartered Accountant WW
Bill Franks - former Executive Director International
Fran Freedman - former CS-3
Molly Gilliam - former Hubbard Finance Aide
Martin "Marty" Greenberg - former CPA USGO
Fred Hare - former Exec Council WW
Hugh Harrison - former Sea Org Finance Aide (Deputy CS-3 Production)
Henning Heldt - former Snow White conspirator
Mary Heldt - former Deputy Guardian Finance USGO
Peter Hemery - former HCO Secretary WW
Mitchell Herman - With Meisner interviewed Scienos for Infiltration Op and bugged IRS Chief Counsel's Conference room in Nov 1974 - aka Mike Cooper
Diana Hubbard - former CS-6, etc.
Mary Sue Hubbard - former Controller
Alan Hubbert - former Guardian Office staff
April Huff - former USGO Finance
Steve Huff - former Assistant Guardian Greater Los Angeles
Midge Hunt - former DGF US
James J. "Jim" Jackson - CPA
Betty James - former Chairman of the Advisory Council WW
Heber Jentzsch - "President" of CSI - former GO Public Relations monkey
Jane Kember - former Guardian WW
Richard Kimmel - former Assistant Guardian Intelligence Wash DC
Brian Livingston - former Treasury Secretary SH
Vicki Polimeni Livingston - former CS-3
Ian Logan - former Finance Audits Unit I/C WW
Arthur "Artie" Maren - former USGO PR
Gerald Wayne McNeely - former AGF GLA, AGF ASHO, Fin. Audits Dir PAC, etc.
Joan McNocher - former Deputy Guardian WW, Exec Council Saint Hill
Warren McShane - President of RTC
Michael Meisner - GO Operative who got caught in IRS bldg, kidnapped and held by Scientology, escaped and turned witness for US Dept of Justice - aka John Foster
David Miscavige - Chairman of the Board RTC
Ray Mithoff - another loyal Sea Org officer - Senior C/S Int, etc.
Cat Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff
Jim Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff
Carla Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Communicator Wash DC
Kendrick Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Legal Wash DC
Becky Ohl - former Flag Banking Officer ASHO
Charles B. Parselle - former Deputy Guardian Legal WW
Herbie Parkhouse - former Deputy Guardian Finance WW
David Pearson - former FBO Bridge Publications US
Mickey Layne Pearson - former FBO Admin ASHO
Linda Polimeni - former Guardian Office FSM
Nick Polimeni - one of the first SO members when it was known as the Sea Project - was on "Mission Into Time" cruise
Philip Quirino - former LRH Comm WW
Marty Rathbun - another crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Yaeger, Spurlock, Greg Wilhere, Jonno Epstein, et al
Bruce Raymond - Ops Officer Intelligence USGO - aka Randy Windment
Cindy Raymond - former Collections Officer USGO Information Bureau
Mike Rees - former AGF ASHO
Wendell Reynolds - former International Finance Dictator
Mike Rigby - former Dir Accounts WW
Mike Rinder - OSA Int.
Mary Rezzonico - former Deputy Guardian Legal USGO (also Moxon's senior)
Otto Roos - old timer SO member (many posts) - now declared SP
Robin Roos - former CS-3 and CS-2
Marilyn Routsong - former Treasurer WW
Homer Schomer - Flag Finance and other finance posts
Louise Shekter - former CS-3
Mike Smith - former FBO US
Duke Snider - former President CoSoC and Snow White conspirator
Karen Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Larry Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Tom Spring - Tax Exempt Organization specialist
Lyman Spurlock - crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Spurlock, Wilhere
Norman Starkey - long-time loyal Sea Org officer
Leon Steinberg - former Exec Council WW
Bess Sullivan - former LRH Comm International
Laurel Watson Sullivan - former LRH Personal Public Relations Officer
Lucy Thiel - former FBO ASHO Fdn
Sharon Thomas - Snow White covert operative who obtained employment with the US Dept of Justice - aka Judy
Mike Totman - former Audits Branch Director WW
Charlie Updegrove - former FBO ASHO
Ken Urkuhart - former CS-7, LRH Pers Comm
Richard "Dick" Weigand - former Snow White conspirator
Greg Willardson - GO Covert Operative who worked with Cindy Raymond
Greg Wilhere - another crony of Miscavige
Larry Willson - former AGF ASHO
Gerald Bennett Wolfe - aka Thomas Blake; Snow White Operative who infiltrated the IRS and stole documents from IRS Chief Counsel, Lewis Hubbard in June 1975 - chosen by Raymond
Monique Yingling - of Wash DC tax firm Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger - is Feffer's wife
Shirley Young - former PAC/GLA GO - now in Freedom Mag office
Warren Young - former San Diego, Calif Police Officer and member of Scientology with access to the National Crime Information Center Computer (NCIC)

I realize that most individuals named above held more than one
position in Scientology. I have tried my best to list individuals
according to their positions at the time I was in the SO and/or
had contact with them. Some are given with their current posts.
As all of this is from memory, I have tried my best to be accurate.

Corrections and additions are welcome.