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I was one of a few SO staff who worked on the computerization project which consisted
of entering to the mailing list the name and address of *every* person who had...

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> >In article <>,
> > wrote:
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> >>Regarding the church's membership: Where do you guys get
> >>your figures? Why are your figures more accurate than the CoS's?

>Warrior < answered:
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> > So please make a note of this. I am not just some unimformed critic.
> > The figures I have posted are not *my* figures. They are accurate
> > because I obtained my knowledge from first-hand experience and
> > observation. The source of my information is Scientology itself!

Anima asked:
> Actually, since you were the person who compiled those figures to begin
> with-- right?-- would it not be more accurate to say that Scientology got
> its figures from You?
> posted/emailed

I was one of a few SO staff who worked on the computerization
project which consisted of entering to the mailing list the name
and address of *every* person who had:

1) ever done a "course" service and/or received "auditing" in a
Scientology "org", "mission" or "field group"
2) bought and/or read a book (usually _DMSMH_)
3) asked for more information (either by written letter or by sending in
a tear-out card inside a book)
4) asked off the mailing list (called "ask off")
5) been labelled "PTS", declared "SP", tabbed "dead file" ("DF"),
"dropped the body" (tabbed "X"), "legal threat" (tabbed "L"), etc

The "identities" on the mailing list (or "counterfeit bodies", as
ElRon called them) were gathered by:

A) scouring "Central Files". Every org has in Div II (Dissemination Div),
a section called the Central Files Section. Everyone who has ever
written in to an org has a manilla folder with all correspondence
filed in it. This includes carbon copies of responses from staff to
the "public" person. The Central Files folders ("CF folders") are
filed in filing cabinets (hundreds of them) in the basements of the
orgs at the Cedars Complex. These folders were brought to the
Computer room in banana boxes, and the staff on the project imput the names
and pertinent info into the computer's address list.

The idea was to "marry" CF to the address list on the computer. Per
policy, every person who has a "CF" folder also has a corresponding
up-to-date entry on the address list. The address list is primarily
used for mailings of bulk mail promo, but of course, the list has
other uses (such as by OSA). This is where the tabbing system comes
into importance. In order to select the appropriate persons to mail
a particular promo piece to, there must be a way to select out from
the list those persons who are the correct public for the targetted
promotional mailing.

B) the SO doing "Base Order 2 Tours" to *all* orgs and missions. The
purpose of these tours is to "reg" individuals for their next step
on the "Bridge", to get "arrivals" to the org and started on their
"service", *and* to get a copy of the (lower) orgs' and missions'
address lists.

The Sea Org sent out "tours regges" every week (sometimes 2 or 3
different tours from each org). A key "target" on their "MOs"
(mission orders) was to get the org's or mission's mailing list
and bring it back with them. The names on the lists were then imput
into the computer.

The idea of course is that *every* person who has ever been "on
lines" in a Scientology org or mission anywhere in the world
will eventually go to an "advanced org" (ASHO, AO, Flag). The
names of individuals who have done "services" at the lower end
of the "Bridge" (missions, field groups, Class IV or V orgs)
are expected by Scientology to eventually go to an "advanced org"
for "higher training and processing".

I have written about the tabbing system in other posts, but i will
explain again. Here are _some_ of the abbreviations used:

BAS - basic course grad
INT - has done an "introductory" course
T&P - trained and processed beyond a basic course
BB - book buyer
ASK - asked off of the mailing list
DF - dead filed ("entheta" - not to be written to)
X - "dropped the body" (deceased)
L - has made legal threat to the organization
PTS - potential trouble source (connected to "SPs", heh!)
SP - declared SUPPRESSIVE (oooohhh, watch out! an EEEEVIL 2 percenter!)
UNK - address unknown (called "addunk" in Scienoland)
OT_ - (followed by level, e.g., OT1, OT2, OT3, etc) has done OT "course"
CL_ - (followed by level, e.g., CL4) classed "auditor"
SUN - "Sunshine Rundown" completion
GR_ - (followed by level, e.g., GR0, GR1, etc) has received "grades processing"

Note: It is possible, and indeed common, that an individual's file
may have more than one tabbing in it. An example would be an individual
who is a Class 8, OT 7 *and* a declared "SP". For this reason, the
individual files have more than one "field", so an individual may be
tabbed as CL8, OT7, SP (like Jon Zegel, for example)

I mentioned that the mailing list was used for things other than
promotion. This is why the tabbing system is important. Scientology
doesn't want to mail to "SPs", dead people, those who have made legal
threats, etc. But at the same time, the cult wishes to *keep track*
of everyone's status.

So, if Scientology is getting too much "entheta" coming from a
particular area, OSA may request the Address Officer to compile a
list of all known "enemies" in a particular zip code area. If the
entheta is coming from the northeast US, the order would be to run
a list of all "SPs", "L", "DF", etc for zip code area 00000 - 29999.
This would get every known "enemy" from the DC area to Maine.

If the cult wants to know how many "Clears" there are so they
can have plan the number of promo pieces to print and mail, all the
Address Officer has to do is tell the computer to select all
"CLR" *but not* "UNK", "X", "DF", "PTS", "SP", "L". etc.

As I have said before, approximately 10% of the entries on the
mailing list are "UNK" (address unknown). Approximately 180,000
have ONLY read or bought a book, or have done a basic course.
About 40,000 or so have done a "major service" *and* are still
in good standing.

The entire mailing list for all of Canada, the US, Mexico and
Central and South America is only about 250,000 names. Only 15 - 18
percent of these 250,000 names can be considered members of the cult.

The above figures are for the entire western hemisphere.

So, "vorshell" (Mr. Charles Lakes), would you like me to have
my "Address Officer cert" scanned and posted to the internet?