The Murder of Diane Colletto (repost)
[11 Nov 1997]

When I was still in the Sea Org, a Scientologist by the name of John Colletto murdered his wife Diane.

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Subject: The Murder of Diane Colletto (repost)
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When I was still in the Sea Org, a Scientologist by the name
of John Colletto murdered his wife Diane. John was an "OT III" and
highly-classed auditor. Prior to murdering his wife, he had been
declared a Suppressive Person by his org, the "Church" of Scientology
of California - Publications Organization US. As a result of John
having been declared an "SP", his wife, Diane, was forbidden any
communication with him.

Diane Colletto was Editor of the "Auditor Magazine" for Scientology
in the United States during the mid-70s. I personally knew her, as
well as some of the others who worked in her office, like Lynn
Baldwin and Leticia Smith.

Diane was shot to death by her husband at the northwest corner of
Fountain Avenue and Catalina St. To those who have been "on lines"
at the Complex in Hollywood, you may recognize this corner as being
across the street from New York George's Restaurant (4854 Fountain Ave)
and in front of Peter Gillham's Nutritional Center (4851 Fountain Ave).
It is due west of the Cedars Complex building.

After murdering his wife, John fled down to the beach south of
Hollywood and took his own life (in a motel room, I am told). When
this whole tragic incident occurred, there was talk by Scientology
execs about how this crime was to be "covered up".

Today I was trying to place a date to this incident. This seems to
have occurred 19 years ago. In fact, I found an old issue of the "Auditor
Magazine" from March 1979. This issue lists Leticia Smith as the Editor.
This validates my memory as being fairly accurate. Since Leticia was
the Editor in March, it means that Diane was murdered prior to then,
since Leticia only became Editor *after* Diane's death. My recollection is
that her death occurred in 1978.

I would like to know whether this murder was reported to the LAPD.
Is there anyone in the LA area who would look into this for me?
(I have my reasons, which I will discuss in private email).