My experience on the Purification R/D pilot pgm - was Re: clam sleuth on the web
[20 Oct 1997]

I was one of the group of execs "chosen" (actually we were *ordered*) to do the pilot Purification Rundown.

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Subject: My experience on the Purification R/D pilot pgm - was Re: clam sleuth on the web
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In article <>, says...
>In <62dlm6$>, Warrior <> wrote:
>> need blood transfusions) and was shocked to learn I had liver
>> damage and would not be allowed to give blood.
>It would be interesting to find out how many ex-clams have liver damage.
>I assume this is done by making a blood test. Is there a name for this
>test (what to search for), and a name for a test result / damage
>(enlargement?) that can be alleged to result from niacin overdosis?

I don't know if there is a test that can determine whether liver
damage was caused specifically by niacin overdose. There is a liver
function test which is used to evaluate functions of the liver, such
as metabolism, storage, filtration and excretion. I am not an alcoholic
and have never had a drinking problem, nor have I ever drank to excess.
I don't even like alcohol. My liver damage is not cirrhosis of the liver;
nor have I ever had hepatitis, and my skin has never been jaundiced. So
the only unusual or unhealthy thing I have done that I am aware of is
to take extremely large doses of niacin for several weeks. Scientology
should have the information of my niacin (and other vitamin) intake
while on the Purif, in my "pc" folder(s), since I always followed the
instructions given to me by the Purif I/C. Part of those instructions
were to take the ordered dosages of vitamins and minerals, and to report
in writing each day exactly which vitamins were taken with their dosages
and what food was eaten while on the Purif R/D.

I believe I have posted before that I was one of the group of execs
"chosen" (actually we were *ordered*) to do the pilot Purification Rundown.
The Purif R/D was piloted in PAC on execs from AOLA, ASHO D and ASHO F.
The Senior C/S during that time was David Mayo, and he was in PAC overseeing
the pilot through the daily reports written (as required) by those on the
Purif R/D. These daily reports made by those on the Purification R/D pilot
program were sent to the Senior C/S via the Purif I/Cs in the Orgs of the
respective Sea Org staff. In my Org, the Purif I/C was also posted as the
Medical Liaison Officer.

On the pilot Purif R/D there were extremely large doses of niacin
(as well as other vitamins) that were ordered to be ingested. We were
the human guinea pigs chosen to do the pilot program. And it wasn't
as if we really had a choice; we (Div heads and above) were *ordered*
to do the Purif every night starting after 6:45 PM muster was over, for
five hours each and every night until the "EP" (end phenomenon) was

The routine, as per the "pilot issues", was to jog or do other
physical activity for thirty minutes to get our heart rate increased,
then sit in the sauna for thirty minutes sweating out the "impurities"
and "toxins". We were to do this "cycle" alternately - 30 minutes of
exercise, 30 minutes of sauna sweating, 30 minutes of exercise, 30
minutes of sauna sweating, etc. for five hours every night. I used to
jog around the Cedars Complex. Occasionally I would jog up to Griffith
Park and around the Griffith Observatory and back to the Complex.

The sauna was in the basement below LA Org. It was a dry sauna with
eucalyptus chips, which gave a distinct aroma to the sauna air. The
temperatures in the sauna were known to hit 180 degrees. I don't think
I could have tolerated any hotter a temperature. I used to sweat *profusely*
at this high temperature. About thirty minutes at a time was all I could
take. Naturally, we all drank incredibly large volumes of fluids. In fact,
due to the initial Purif issues which stated that there were no dietary
restrictions, one night while I was jogging on Sunset Blvd, I stopped in
a liquor store at the southeast corner of Serrano Ave and Sunset Blvd
(which was across the street from the Zody's department store - now a
Ralph's Giant Grocery store) and I bought a 12-ounce bottle of beer and
gulped it down to cool off. I reported this to the Purif C/S who didn't
seem to mind too much, since there was no "ethics action" taken on me
for having a beer while on the Purif, but I was told that I really
shouldn't do this again.

All of the initial group on the Purif were assigned "twins" to do
the program with. This, we were told, was in the event we had a medical
problem (like a heart attack while jogging) or in the event we experienced
"flashbacks", hallucinations, psychotic episodes, etc. from prior drug
use (like LSD). A "twin" could help his partner in the event of a problem.
Indeed, some SO members did experience psychotic episodes while sitting
in the sauna. The "standard" explanation was that these staff had had
"flashbacks" due to LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs being "turned on"
and "restimulated" by the Purif R/D. We were told that this was to be
expected by some (depending upon which drugs we had taken), and that
"the way out is the way through", and "what turns it on will turn it off".
So the "handling" was just to continue with the program and to report
it to the C/S in our daily report if it occurred.

This initial group did the program 5 hours every night. We usually
got done around midnight, depending upon what time we started. The time
we started the Purif was dependent upon what time muster was over. I
always dreaded long musters, especially Thursday nights, since these were
*always* long due to the fact that we were required to bring our weekly
"stat" graphs to muster where we would all take turns, one by one,
getting up in front of the other staff, and going over our "stats"
for the week. Musters were mandatory. One did not dare to miss them,
especially if one was an executive. "Ethics chits" (reports) would be
written if we were absent from muster. Also, a staff member would be
sent to locate the absent staff member and "8C" him to muster. Repeated
lateness or non-attendance would result in a "lower condition" assignment
from "Ethics" or from one's senior.

It was especially demanding on the Div heads and other execs to have
to do the pilot program even on Thursday nights. I recall that the Senior
C/S at AOLA used to sit in the sauna with his feet in a bucket of water
while he C/Sed folders. And the Div heads (of which I was one) used to
do financial planning ("FP") while we were in the sauna. If one looks
at the "POs" (purchase orders) and "FP executive directive", you would
see many papers which are sweat-stained and warped from the now-dry sweat
of Sea Org members who did the Purif R/D pilot program during that time

At any rate, the first time I took niacin I was not prepared for the
intense burning sensation that occurred. Nor did I know that my heart would
begin to race. I was seriously scared. My body was red all over from what
I was later *told* was a "niacin flush" which was "turning on accumulated
radiation" so it could be "run out" of my body's system. I reported this
reaction to the "Purif I/C" (Mike Spearman), who *increased* my niacin
dosage on a "gradient". I felt like I was cooking inside my body - not
a pleasant feeling, I assure you.

We all took extremely large doses of niacin and other vitamins
required, which were referred to as "mega-doses". I do not recall
the doses of all of the vitamins I took, but I do recall taking vitamin
A, B complex, C, D, and E. I also took multi-minerals, particularly calcium,
magnesium and salt tablets. And I was required to drink four ounces of all
blend vegetable oil. I found this part (the vegetable oil) to be particularly
hard to "stomach". I used to just gulp mine down "straight" and follow it
with an 8-ounce cup of yoghurt to help get rid of the oil-coated mouth
taste. It used to make me very nauseous, and my stomach felt like a sea of
oil sloshing around inside. We were told that the reason for the requirement
that we ingest vegetable oil was that "toxins are stored in the fat cells
in our bodies" and that by taking oil, the "new oil allows for the old
oil to move out of our bodies through a 'fat exchange' cycle". In other
words, the new oil "replaced" the fat in our bodies. I do recall that the
doses of vitamins and minerals we took were referred to as "mega-doses",
and that they were ten times the RDA (recommended daily allowance). The
only one we were warned about taking an overdose of was vitamin A.

Those of us on the pilot program were told that "LRH is overseeing
the daily reports" from those on the Purif, to ensure that the "tech"
is "100 % standard". The really odd thing to me was that the daily
reports could have been written up after midnight (which is when we
were all done for the night), filed in our "Purif" folder (like a "pc"
folder), sent to "Ron uplines" for "C/Sing", and then Back to the Orgs'
Purif I/Cs *by the next morning*. But LRH was the "biggest OT" on the
planet, so many believed this lie that Hubbard was the one overseeing
the pilot program. Personally, I believed (and still do believe) that
David Mayo was the one overseeing the pilot program, and that if anything,
he was reporting to Hubbard on the results.

The "HCOBs" issued during this pilot program time period were
"pilot" issues. Almost all of the time, these issues were *not*
red ink on white paper, as is policy. They were typed-up issues
with the revisions from the day before, and they were photocopies -
not "original" HCOBs. When the pilot was all done, then HCOBs were
issued; by that time a few months later, the Purif R/D was a different
program than the pilot we had done. It was now supposedly "standard tech".

I was on the pilot Purification Rundown program for almost 6 weeks.
At the completion of this pilot program, I was told to do it over again
the "standard way". What was meant by this was that the pilot program
was over, and now that all the "bugs" had been worked out, and the "tech"
was now "standard". At that point the Purif was released publicly. The
final (at that time) Purif R/D program had by then undergone several
revisions and was different in its release to the public than the program
we (the human guinea pigs) had done.

This time period in PAC came on the heels of the "List One Era" in
which the orgs had been all but destroyed through the false labelling
of staff as "List One R/Sers" who were then assigned to the RPF. The Flag
mission that had been sent to PAC that was doing the E-Meter checks to
find staff who were "R/Sers" started at the top of the org board and worked
their way down. In my org, we had three Commanding Officers within a two
week time period as a result of two of them (Paul Koval and Dawn Prager)
being assigned to the RPF. Also RPFed were the FBO Larry Spencer, HCO Area
Sec Eddie Hansen, HCO Cope Off Bill Skrifvars, Dissem Sec Leslie Thompson,
Treas Sec Jim Chapman, Tech Sec Allen Grondin, Address Officer Don Saito and
Senior C/S Barbara Rubio (who refused to report).

As a result, there were almost no senior execs left, so staff had to be
"promoted" to fill the holes at the top of the org board. The RPF soon
became the largest org in PAC. Since the orgs' exec structures had been
destroyed, the staff who were not assigned to the RPF were put on an
auditing and training program designed to "handle" them. There was very
much a "witch hunt" atmosphere in PAC during this time. Staff were afraid
that they would be the next ones found to be "R/Sers" and ordered to the
RPF. Many felt that if their fellow staff member was an "SP" and "R/Ser"
that they very possibly could be too. Staff were called a few at a time
each night (during "enhancement time", so as not to "interfere with
production", lest the stats be caused to go down even more!). We were
escorted to the second floor of the Cedars Complex building over LA Org.
There, there was a hallway with a few chairs and an old sofa ouside the
room where the missionaires did the E-Meter checks. When a Sea Org
member came out of that room all "caved in" and not smiling, we all knew
where he was headed - to the RPF. Most who went in that room came out
looking down at the floor, totally "interiorized" and "BIs". I personally
was not found to be an "R/Ser".

The auditing and training program consisted of putting staff who were
not "RPFed", on the "Leadership Course" (to make execs out of them). Most
staff who were "promoted" had been department heads previously, so they had to
"become exec material". Many, myself included, simply took on an additional
"hat", meaning we now were Divisional heads *and* continued to hold our
previous post of Department head "from above" (called "HFA", which means
"held from above"). We also were audited on a special rundown called "the
Effects of R/Sers Checklist". It was designed to "handle" the "bad effects"
we had experienced from being connected to "SPs" (the "R/Sers"). Hubbard says
that those who have been connected to "SPs" have become "PTS" to them and can
therefore "take on the valence" of the "suppressor", with the result of making
the "PTSes" into "SPs" too (ref: HCOB _How an SP Becomes One_).

So the E-Meter "checks" were to make sure all the "SPs" had been found
in PAC (the same was occurring at Flag during this time period). Once all
the "SPs" had been located and RPFed, there wasn't much of an org exec
staff left, so the other staff had to be put on the "Leadership Course".

Concurrent with the new exec staff doing the "Leadership Course", we were
audited on the "Effects of R/Sers Checklist" (kind of like a "Suppressed
Person Rundown"). And, once we were done with that "auditing cycle",
we were to do the "Confront of Evil Checksheet", so we would learn better
("with certainty") how to "spot or detect SPs" in the future, so this
whole problem would never again occur.

You see, we were told we all had become "PTS" and "reasonable" since
we had failed to "spot the SPs" to begin with, and that a Flag mission
had had to "bypass everyone to 'handle' the situation". I had already
done the "PTS/SP Detection, Routing and Handling Course" (as per BPL 31
May 1971RC), finishing in January 1977. This should have enabled me to
"spot" all the evil "SPs". So why didn't *I* "realize" that PAC was
~crawling~ with so many "SPs"? I'll tell you why.

I never thought that all those assigned to the RPF as "List One
R/Sers" were "SPs" to begin with. In fact, despite the fact that I
wasn't "auditor trained" (my only "tech" training was "PTS/SP Course"
mentioned above and the "Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist Course"), I
realized that something very wrong was being done by the cult when
all those staff had been RPFed. I even wrote it up to Flag and "LRH",
pointing out that a *very* large percentage of staff were being found
to be "R/Sers", and that with all due respect, since I wasn't "tech
trained", I felt that it was WRONG because the number of RPFers comprised
too high a percentage relative to the overall number of SO staff. And
"SPs" only constitute 2 1/2 % of the population. Eventually another
Flag mission was "fired" (sent) into PAC to set up a "board of review"
and "verify" whether the RPFers were in fact "List One R/Sers". Well,
this new Flag mission determined that Paulette Ausley was "the who"
behind all the "R/Ses" being found. Her "Ethics Order" said she had
"MUs" on the difference between an "R/S" and a "dirty needle". So,
all those "wrongly assigned" to the RPF were "reprieved" and let off
the RPF program. And almost *all* of those assigned to the RPF had been
wrongfully labelled as "R/Sers". In the meantime though, Scientology
managed to get the Cedars Complex renovated using the RPF as labor,
*and* the cult saved thousands of dollars in SO pay, since RPF members
got 1/3 normal pay while in the RPF.

I personally was put through the program of doing the "Leadership
Course" and being given the "Effects of R/Sers Checklist auditing". I
never got around to starting the "Confront of Evil Course", since the
"R/Sing" staff were "found NOT to be R/Sers" it was time for me to
start the course.

I always felt the whole witch hunt program in which so many staff
were found to be "SPs" was a cruel manipulation of Sea Org staff members
who were RPFed solely to get the renovations of the Cedars Complex done
and to get everyone else "snapping and popping, getting their 'stats' up"
and getting them "with the program" by instilling fear in everyone.

And I find it telling, that after all the RPF assignments were
"cancelled" and the staff who had been erroneously labelled as "R/Sers"
were that a "mistake" had been made, that those (like me) who had been
audited on the "Effects of R/Sers Checklist" were not put on an auditing
program to "repair" a "wrong action". After all, if all those Sea Org
members were not "SPs", then isn't the "Effects of an R/Ser auditing"
totally invalid?! Yet this was of course never acknowledged. Many of
the supposed "R/Sers" were "Clear" or "OT", so why had the "tech"
failed to "discover" all those evil "SPs" in the first place?

I will tell you why: It was all a bullshit lie. The way I see it,
the whole "List One Era" was by design, and was simply a way to get
the Cedars Complex renovated. And Paulette Ausley was the ceremonial
"head on a pike" scapegoat. It was all just lies on top of other lies.

Scientology sucks...