Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions
[20 Oct 1997]

But in the Sea Org, no one is anything but a practicing Scientologist.
They are called "the elite" of Scientology. Other practices are forbidden.

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Subject: Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions
Date: 20 Oct 1997 12:21:09 -0700
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In article <>, Dave Bird wrote:
> Scientology presents itself in W.I.S. as "an applied religious
> philiosophy" compatible with other religious beliefs. I know
> this is a somewhat disputed statement but....
> In your estimate, what percentage of staff or public Scientologists
> (in the area/nation where you were a member) were in fact active
> believers in other religions during their membership?

In the Sea Org in PAC where I was, the percentage of active believers
in other religions was ZERO. The only "religious" belief that they actively
practiced was _Scientology_. Of my 8 years in the Sea Org I know of two
staff members (out of hundreds) who were "offloaded" and declared "PTS
Type H" for believing in Christianity. They were Jim Bird and John Richards,
if my memory serves me well.

> What religion and denomination were they??

Christian. But consistent with Scientology's IRS filing, once they
were discovered to be engaging in "other practices" they were told to
stop. Since they failed to comply, they were declared "PTS" and "SP"
(respectively) for being in non-compliance with "Source" (L. Ron Hubbard)
issues on types of "PTS".

If there were other staff who were trying to be actively practice
other religious beliefs, I am not aware of them. Perhaps there were
others who simply kept their mouths shut, but I very highly doubt this
since *no one* in the Sea Org can go anywhere (especially to a real
church service) without his or her absence being noted. This was
especially true on Sunday mornings because we all had to attend muster
and then go straight to staff study (or into an "auditing session").
The SSO (Staff Section Officer) and the STO (Staff Training Officer)
were in charge of keeping track of the whereabouts of all staff during
this designated "enhancement time" period. If one was unaccounted for
(meaning not "on study" or "in session"), an "Ethics report" was written.
"Enhancement time" (12 1/2 hours per week) was *mandatory* in the Sea Org,
and it was strictly enforced that staff adhered to the schedule and program.
It's called "holding the form of the org" in Scientologese.

Realize that I am speaking about the Sea Org regulations. It is a
different thing for public Scientologists, but a reading of Hubbard's
policies on types of "PTSes", and a look at Scientology's IRS filing
for their tax exempt status will disclose that Scientologists (even
non-staff, or "public", as they are called) will clearly show that all
Scientologists are expected (required) to *not* practice _any_ other
practice while on Scientology "services". It's policy by Hubbard.

So while it may be possible for one to be a practicing member of
another religion (I mean a bonafide religion) when one joins staff
or signs up for services, the truth is that Scientology quickly does
its best to convert people to dedicated "on purpose" Scienos with that
"fixed stare in their eyes" (ref: HCO PL _Keeping Scientology Working_).
Hubbard said, "Never permit a half-minded approach". The new member is
expected to convert to only being a practicing Scientologist.

The exception, as I have observed, is the treatment given to
celebrities. They are treated with "kid gloves" so as not to cause
them to get upset with the treatment they receive by Scientology.

Think about this: If Bill Broderick of the Sea Org got on TV and
said that Scientologists can practice other religions and be a
Scientologist at the same time, who would put much creedence to his
words? Even if people did, who would remember Bill Broderick's name
a day, a week or a month later?

But if John Travolta gets on TV and says one can be a Scientologist
and a Christian at the same time, I guarantee you people will surely
remember that! Hubbard knew this well. That's why he uses celebrities
as PR spokespersons to speak well of Scientology. And due the fact
that celebrities receive very different treatment, it may even be true
that they are allowed to practice other religions.

But in the Sea Org, no one is anything but a practicing Scientologist.
They are called "the elite" of Scientology. Other practices are forbidden.