Re: PR Failure - repost w/ correction
[16 Oct 1997]

When things are going wrong (especially if the "GI" is down, or if there is lots of
"entheta" press), the Hubbard-mandated "solution" is to "put a head on a pike".

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In article <>,
> I have heard that the result of the door to door campaign to distribute
> copies of Hubbard's booklet "The Way to Happiness" turned out to be a big
> flop. Some 45,000 distributed in the Tampa Bay area and no tangible result.
> Not a surprize from my veiwpoint but according to my sources the clams really
> thought that it would boost their sagging reputation and get people streaming
> back into the Org at Flag. Now they are looking in every corner for the PTS.
> One scapegoat has already been found (not a done deal but close) to blame it
> on.
> Since Saint Hubbard can never be wrong somebody else must be. People in this
> cult spend a lot of time looking for who to blame when something goes wrong.
> This leads to paranoia, anger, fear and other such joyful feelings that make
> the Sea Org such a fun place to be.
> Anyone for a billion year slave contract?
>The Exile

You spoke sooth! "When stats are down", Hubbard said, "it's because
somebody didn't get them up." The handling in Scientology is to find
the "who". When things are going wrong (especially if the "GI" is down,
or if there is lots of "entheta" press), the Hubbard-mandated "solution"
is to "put a head on a pike". By making an example of someone, the rest
will shut up and get busy getting the "stats" up. Driving production by
fear is a very workable *short term* solution. I have seen threats used
too many times to enumerate them all here, but here is one shining

Bill Franks, one-time ED International, did this at ASHO Day. He was
able to get the "GI" up in "highest ever" ranges by threatening that if
SO staff didn't meet their statistical quotas they would be sent to the

This "stat-push" by blunt threats of punishment which were unmistakable
was not without horrible consequences. One such result of this coercive
method can be illustrated by the following true story.

The CMO sent a mission to ASHO with Bill Franks as the Mission I/C.
The "GI" had been in a very low "non-viable" range of approximately
$40,000 per week during 1979. By December 1979, with Bill Franks
running the show, the "GI" acheived "highest ever" range. Even over
Christmas week, the "GI" was $120,000. Hubbard even sent a telex to
the other orgs saying "Look at what ASHO D did. What wrong with you
other orgs that your GI is down? ASHO Day has proved that there are
no valid reasons why stats can't be gotten up. Get cracking!"

The significance of this was that during Christmas, stats almost
always go down. People are busy getting last-minute Xmas shopping
done, making plans and getting ready to go away for the holiday
season, etc. Scientology is the last thing most people have on their
minds. And spending their cash on Scientology "services" is even more
of a remote thought.

But, with Hubbard's ruthless "stat management", "targeting of div-
isional quotas", "management by stats", use of "ethics tech", etc.,
"stats" can be gotten up! Bill Franks' mission "proved" this! He set
an example for the rest of the Scienoworld to follow.

But here's the tragedy:

The HCO Area Secretary was ordered by Bill Franks to "get a fucking
recruit within one hour, *or else* you are going to the fucking RPF!".
I heard this threat by Bill Franks; it is NOT hearsay.

Well, the HCO Area Sec. was trembling in his shoes and visibly scared
and shaking. He went out and got a "recruit", all right. The trouble
was that the new recruit was unqualified for staff. But at least the
"stat" report sent "uplines" to management *looked* good that week.

This new recruit however, actually assaulted an AOLA staff member
named Sally D. while she was sleeping in her berthing in the Cedars
complex Lebanon Hall building. I was awakened by her screams in the
middle of the night while I was in my berthing. Sally's room was on
the sixth floor, on the opposite side and down the hall from my room.
I jumped up and threw on my pants to see what was going on.

The new recruit had entered Sally's room while she was sleeping
and had jumped on her and threatened her to remain quiet. When Sally
began screaming, he punched her in the face several times. Then he
attempted to silence her by putting Sally's pillow over her mouth
to muffle her screams. I arrived just as the rapist was fleeing down
the hall outside her room.

I consoled Sally. She was very shaken up by this ordeal, and her
face was bruised and bloody, and her pillow had blood stains on it
from her attacker's attempt to asphixiate Sally. After helping Sally
to calm down, I reported the incident to Cedars security (Steve
Boykin, as I recall).

Scientology did NOT report this assault and attempted rape/murder
to the police.


In my previous posting I had stated that Sally D. is now declared SP.
This statement was an error. The confusion was due to the fact that
Sally's ex-husband, Chuck, and Chuck's wife, Athena, are both declared
SP. The rest of my post stands as stated above.