Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY)
[24 Sep 1997]

I have seen RPF members work 30 hours straight with only 3 hours allowed for sleep,
until another 30-hour stretch was ordered, for days on end.

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Robert Vaughn Young <> wrote:
>Martin Hunt asked and called into question if there is an RPF's RPF in
>Scientology and if children are assigned to the RPF. Yes on both counts. I
>was on the RPF for 16 months and while there were no children while I was
>there (the youngest was, I believe, about 16), I had spoken with others
>who had served with children and I even met one youngster (about 12) who
>had been on the children's RPF on the ship.

I recently did a post in which I mentioned that I knew one child,
named David Weissberg, who was on the RPF's RPF in the PAC SO unit.

>As to the RPF's RPF, there is one and I was assigned to it. It is where
>one goes when one first goes to the RPF. Let me tell you about it, using
>their definitions.
>Scientology officials like to say that the RPF (Rehabilitation Project
>Force - Hubbard's double-speak for gulag) is where staff can go to be
>"redeemed" and it is all "voluntary." That is a lie and it is proven in
>their own literature.

Indeed. A Sea Org issue, Executive Directive 965 Flag, dated 1 July 1976,
and entitled "RPF Reinstated" refers to the RPF as the Redemption Project
Force. And the _Admin Dictionary_, first printing of 1976, on page 439 says:

>First, the RPF and its rules were Hubbard's creation. There is an "RPF
>Series" that lays down those rules. He created it on the ship Apollo.
>Those assigned to the RPF are from the Sea Organization and despite the
>"spin" that is put on it, people were and are sent there for the most
>ridiculous reasons.

Sea Org staff are assigned to the PRF for various reasons. They are,
according to Flag Order 3434, for being:
1) an "R/Ser". This is Hubbardspeak for a person who is an evil
being. Of course, Hubbard defines "evil" in this context to be one who
has "evil intentions" towards Scientology, Scientologists, Hubbard,
Orgs, Mary Sue Hubbard, auditing, etc. A complete list of persons and
subjects (all Scientology-related) may be found in the booklet _E-Meter
Essentials_, as well as in HCOB 24 November 1962 "Routine 2-12 List One
Issue One The Scientology List".
2) a "low OCA non-producer". This is Hubbardspeak for a person who has
a low Oxford Capacity Analysis test score (reference ESTO tape 3,
7203C02 SO I entitled "Evaluation and Handling of Personnel) and who
does not "produce" enough. Such persons are referred to as "DBs",
which means "degraded beings". Sometimes the term "downstat" is used.
3) a "repeated stat crasher", which is a label for a person who
"causes 'stats' to go down severely, or 'crash' continually.
4) an "overt product maker". This is Hubbardspeak for a person who
doesn't produce work of "exchangeable" quality, or one whose work
continually needs correction/repair.

Sea Org staff are also assigned to the RPF for "out-2D". This
includes violations of Flag Order 3739 "2-D Rules" of 21 December 1979.
Out 2-D includes: "heavy petting" among un-wed Sea Org members; living
or sleeping with anyone other than one's spouse; men entering women's
quarters, or vice versa; engaging in "2-D activities" with a public
student or pc; committing adultery, bigamy, or any "irregular" sex act.

>Many times, they were sent by whim or in moments of
>rage from Hubbard or a senior.

I've seen this happen to staff MANY MANY times. I have also seen
threats of an RPF assignment used to make staff comply to orders or to
get "stats" up.

>It was a way to punish and to reprogram
>("rehabilitate") the person by putting them in terrible conditions, with
>long work hours (6 am to 6 pm),

I have seen RPF members work 30 hours straight with only 3 hours
allowed for sleep, until another 30-hour stretch was ordered, for days
on end. It was during the List One Era in PAC, which was co-incident
with the renovations on the Cedars Complex.

>short meal breaks (30 minutes with
>Hubbard's instructions that they are to be leftovers from the crew meals),
>little sleep, no family or social connections and the rest of one's time
>(5 hrs per night) being spent studying Hubbard or undergoing
>interrogations where one confesses one's real or imagined crimes. These
>"crimes" are written down and to be used against one, as needed. This can
>go on for years.

And it has, for some SO members. One such person I knew personally
was Andre Tabayoyon. He spent something like 3 years on the RPF.

>The RPF gives a chilling, real example of what Hubbard wanted to do to
>"delete" people from society, to "remove" them "without sorrow," that has
>already been posted here to alt.religion.scientology. Unable to do so to
>society in general, he was able to establish these programs in
>Scientology, first on the ship and then ashore. (Parallels can be found in
>the "reeducation" camps run by the Chinese where one goes and works and
>confesses so he/she can reenter the society.)
>The RPF's RPF is literally an RPF within the RPF, a gulag within the
>gulag. What you are about to read as to the rules is basically the RPF's
>alredy brutal restrictions applied once AGAIN. Let me quote the definition
>of "RPF's RPF" from their Admin Dictionary. The definition itself is one
>long paragraph in the book. I will break it apart into the sections,
>merely for formatting purposes and ease on the eyes. I will insert my
>comments in [brackets].
>"RPF's RPF, the following restrictions are applied to members: (1)
>segregated from other RPF members with regard to work, messing, berthing,
>musters and any other command activity. [This is already done to RPF
>members. They are segregated from the rest of the staff. They cannot speak
>to staff or be with them, unless they are spoken to and are assigned to
>work in the area. If spoken to, they must address all as "sir." On the
>RPF's RPF, one is segregated again.]
>"(2) no pay. [RPF pay was standardly $5 per week, per Hubbard's orders.

In 1975, RPF pay was $2.50 per week. Normal SO member pay was
$10.00 at that time. RPFers were given 1/4 pay. Later on, during the
time RVY was on the RPF, SO base pay had risen to $20.00, so RPF pay
was $5.00. Those on the RPF's RPF received NO pay.

>And it was not unusual to be on the RPF for more than a year. I was on it
>for 16 months, which meant my income was $80 for 16 months of labor.

I believe you meant to say $5.00/wk X 16 mos (approx 69 weeks) =
$5.00 X 69 weeks = $345.00.

>were there for years. Richard Tinklenberg (sp?) - also from Author
>Services, Inc. - had been there for about a year and a half when I
>arrived. He was still there when I left.]
>"(3) no training. [The only training you get on the RPF is RPF training,
>to help you be "redeemed" or "rehabilitated." No training means that your
>"progress" is interrupted and you will not be able to "graduate."]

The only "training" allowed is a "co-audit", geared to "handle your
case", particularly one's "evil intentions" (the "cause" of "R/Ses").

>"(4) no auditing. [Same as 3. It merely means you cannot "progress."
>However, one does write up "crimes" for the MAA. See below.]

Of course. Nothing forbids the use of "sec checks". Hubbard loved 'em.

>"(5) may only work on mud boxes in the E/R. May not work with RPF members.
>[The mud boxes were the filthiest place on the ship, in the engine room.
>What it basically came down to - when applied to RPFs off the ship - is
>that those on the RPF's RPF are given the dirtiest, filthiest, most
>degrading tasks possible and only those. Being isolated from the rest of
>the RPF also has its impact for one is a complete outcast, a leper, after
>having striven to be a team member. The apparency being created is that
>one has not one friend.]

One must *run* everywhere, address all others as "sir", and may not
speak unless spoken to.

>(6) six hours sleep maximum. [Note: _maximum_. The rest of the day is
>spent at hard, degrading labor, with no friend, and then one gets six
>hours sleep MAXIMUM. Sleep deprivation is cited by experts as a key
>element to create what is often called "brainwashing" or "mind control"
>and here is where Hubbard really uses it to break a person.]

This is true. As I noted above, many were allowed only 3 hours of
sleep for every 30 hours of labor. This is extremely abusive, and is
very successful in breaking the will, or "self determinism" of SO members.
It's a very effective way to degrade people and ensure compliance, not
to mention to make them susceptible to being coercively programmed.

>(7) is under the RPF MAA [Master At Arms] for all matters, including
>production. The RPF MAA may designate another to supervise their
>production. [This is Hubbard's way of saying the person is to be kept
>under guard. They cannot even go to the bathroom alone. The MAA is the
>only person they can speak to. The MAA is the RPF's "ethics officer."
>He/she drives the group with punishments.]

Phone calls to outsiders are NOT allowed.

>(8) Standard ethics penalties that apply to them to be triple for each
>offense they are found guilty of, until they fully join the RPF of their
>own determinism. {Here is the truth about the "voluntary" nature of the
>RPF. The person is kept on the RPF's RPF, overworked and deprived of sleep
>with triple penalties of already brutal penalties until they "join the RPF
>of their own determinism." It is, in fact, where one starts, before one
>even joins the RPF.]]
>(9) may communicate only with the RPF MAA or his designated assistant.
>[This means exactly what it says and includes no communication with
>family. One cannot speak or write to or receive communication from
>relative, spouse or children. The "segregation" is complete. So if one
>wants to see/speak with family, one decides to "join the RPF of their own
>determinism." Are you reading this Chick Corea and John Travolta when you
>complain about how Scientologists are treated?]

Sea Org members on the RPF are not allowed to spend time with their
children. Children on the RPF are not allowed to see their parents.
A parent on the RPF isn't able to take their child on "liberty" since
"libs" are not allowed for RPFers. Children on the RPF are not allowed
"libs" either. One reference I have on this is Child Care Org ED #36,
"Children and Liberty Day", dated 14 March 1979. It states:

"Any parent who isn't able to take their child on liberty must fall into
one of the following categories: [caps in original issue]

>(10) may not join RPF fully until acceptable amends made to all RPF
>members. [This is called an "amends project" and must be done in one's own
>"free" time. The "amends' might be as simple as agreeing to do everyone's
>wash for a week. The catch is that there is no free time, except in one's
>sleep time, so what finally happens is the person gets no sleep at all or
>only a couple of hours a night, in order to do the "amends."]
>FCO 2990-2 [This is the directive from which the above is taken. It is a
>Flag Conditions Order titled "RPF Assignment" dated 24 Apr 74.]
>The definition then goes on with a bracketed remark, apparently inserted
>by the editor of the volume and to mean that it was not part of the FCO.
>It gives further insight.
>"The first RPF's RPF assignment was made because the person considered
>their RPF assignment amusing, an award and was therefore unable to
>recognize a need for redemption or any means to effect it. Until such time
>as the person recognized this need and of their own self-determinism
>requested to be include in RPF redemption actions, the restrictions
>In other words, punishment was increased until the person, "of their own
>self-determinism," gave in.
>Can you say, coercion?
>But this is Hubbard's idea of "self-determinism."
>Welcome to double-think.
>As a final note, and to show how "ethics" are applied in the RPF, the
>following is taken from the same Administrative Dictionary.
>"REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE MAA, responsible to the RPF Bosun [the RPF
>member in charge of the RPF] for the ethics of the section leaders to keep
>ethics in on their sections[the RPF is broken into sections, like military
>sections - there is no set number so an RPF of 50 people might have six or
>seven sections], and if he [the MAA] has to take ethics action on a
>section member, that member's leader suffers the same penalty also." This
>is what drives the RPF, that the section leaders are threatened with
>suffering the same penalty of each of their section members if the MAA
>must step in, so you can bet it can get brutal, on people already deprived
>of sleep. To complain or noncomply can send one to the RPF's RPF until one
>"changes one's mind" and agrees to the program.
>So the next time Chick Corea or John Travolta complain about the treatment
>of Scientologists, would someone let them show them either this post or
>the entry from the Administrative Dictionary and ask them to protest how
>Scientologists are treated INSIDE Scientology? (Don't be surprised if an
>Orwellian edit on this definition is done, if not done already.)
>And also pass it on to those who say there is no form of "cult mind
>control" that goes on in Scientology. Better yet, let THEM do the RPF's
>RPF and keep them there until they change THEIR minds "of their own
>self-determinism" and let's see what they say.
>Robert Vaughn Young

One other interesting fact that is very noteworthy, in my opinion.
On Jan 4, 1974, Hubbard wrote Flag Order 3434 "The Rehabilitation
Project Force". On 23 January of that year, Hubbard issued "The
Introspection Rundown" HCOB; this was only 1 1/2 weeks after the
FO 3434. His attention was definitely on handling "psychotics",
"evil beings", "R/Sers", "CI", etc.