Re: Stephen A. Kent (Ph.D.) - address Leipzig, Germany
[14 Sep 1997]

I confirm that David Weissberg was indeed on the RPF's RPF in PAC
at the Cedars Complex while I was still in the Sea Org.

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: Stephen A. Kent (Ph.D.) - address Leipzig, Germany
Date: 14 Sep 1997 15:12:50 -0700
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In article <>, Steve says...
>Alan Barclay wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Martin Hunt <> wrote:
>> >> Hunt, Martin. 1997. "Child Cruelty in Scientology."
>> >><alt.religion.scientology>: (April 14); downloaded form Deja News.
>> >
>> >Does anyone have this post? Perhaps I was quoting someone else,
>> It's on Dejanews. Go into the old database and search for the message
>> ID:
>> You're quoting Steve Jebson <>, in article
>> - Dr. Kent has aparently misread that as
>> you saying it.
>The following appears in a post by me on this thread which IIRC was
>started by Martin:
>}I have seen children on both the RPF and the RPF's RPF. There
>}is specific policy stating that children as thetans are just as
>}old as adults and therefore not to be cut any slack in discipline.
>This was accurate although to be quite precise I can only state that
>I know of one child who was ever placed on the RPF's RPF from personal
>knowledge. This was David Weissberg. David and his mother Ruth have
>been mentioned in some earlier posts by Warrior, who apparently met them
>at around the time he entered the S.O. When I knew David, he was
>living with Mike Silverman, who I presume was his father - I never met
>Ruth or heard of her until I saw Warrior's posts.

I confirm that David Weissberg was indeed on the RPF's RPF in PAC
at the Cedars Complex while I was still in the Sea Org. I first met
Ruthie Weissberg and her son David in late 1975. My wife at that
time lived with Ruthie, David and an ASHO Fdn non-SO typist Ray Peck
on N. Robinson Street. This was back when ASHO was located at 2723
West Temple Street. Ruthie was divorced at that time. She was a
single mom living with her son "off base" (not in SO berthing).

Mike Silverman, the registrar at AOLA was at least Ruthie's third
husband. I never met Mr. Weissberg (David's dad), but I knew two
of Ruthie's other husbands. One was Bob Harvey, the GO guy who
has been mentioned in connection with Lavenda VanShaick's rape.
After Ruthie and Bob divorced, she married Mike Silverman who had
been divorced from his wife Pat. Pat had been AOLA staff too.

>Mike was one of AOLA's most successful registrars (salesmen). He often
>toured West Coast orgs to sell OT levels, and he was OT VII himself.
>His gnarly powerz were not, however, sufficient to prevent his being
>busted to the RPF in 1990 for unspecified financial crimes.

Ever see him do his magic tricks? The guy was an incredible magician!

>David was assigned to the RPF because of conflicts with his father. He
>wasn't himself a Sea Org member or on any post. He would have been 12
>or 13 at this time, so conflicts with his father should have surprised
>nobody, but this is just the sort of 'reasonableness' that is forbidden
>in the S.O. - conflicts with David were enturbulating (upsetting) his
>father, and his father was a major moneymaker, so David went to the RPF.
>I saw David the night he was assigned to the RPF, sitting outside the
>RPF offices going through the routing procedures, obviously depressed
>and speaking to nobody.

True except for the part about being David's father. Mike was David's
stepfather. David was a major source of enturbulation, but in all
fairness to David, it is no wonder since his mother almost never spent
family time with her son. She was one of those staff that seemed to
prefer to stay on post and get her stats up. David suffered a great
deal by reason of not having a stable family environment. In my mind
it is no wonder that David turned into what the SO refers to as a
"criminal". He was neglected with regards to his supervision and
education, and left on his own a great deal.

>I had no contact with David once he started the RPF, but he apparently
>did poorly on the program and was assigned after a period of time to the
>RPF's RPF. This group existed through the time I was at Cedars. It was
>much smaller than the RPF. The RPF ran about 70 - 100 people when I was
>there, much more than Martin recalls, but it was 5+ years earlier. The
>RPF's RPF spent their days mostly chipping paint in boiler rooms and
>other rooms where machinery made it very unpleasant to work due to noise,
>heat, or both. The work that I personally observed them on was total makework
>-there was hardly any pressing need to posh up paint jobs in rooms that nobody
>but RPF members and maintenance staff ever entered. The RPF's RPF was
>watched over by an MAA, himself on the RPF, who was the only person they
>were permitted to speak to. Postings to the RPF's RPF were generally
>short. I think it only averaged a week or two, but since I wasn't on
>the RPF myself I can't discuss this with certainty. You were normally
>assigned to RPF's RPF from the RPF, and graduated from it back to the RPF.
>The RPF itself usually took a long time to complete - generally 6 months
>or more.
>In fairness to Mike Silverman, I am aware that he protested David's
>assignment to the RPF's RPF, pointing that David wasn't really a Sea
>Org member and there was no policy for assigning somebody not in the
>Sea Org to the RPF's RPF. How long David remained, either on the
>RPF or the RPF's RPF, I do not know.

David was the son of a Sea Org member, so he could be assigned to
the RPF with his mother's "approval", since he was a minor.