Re: "Saint Hill Size" question
[05 Sep 1997]

"Saint Hill size" refers to a "booming org" with 250 staff. It was Hubbard's
wish that all orgs attain this targetted goal.

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Subject: Re: "Saint Hill Size" question
Date: 5 Sep 1997 08:55:53 -0700
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In article <5uoiai$>, nobody@REPLAY.COM says...
> (Future808) wrote:
>> Ivan [Oblinsky] was the one (with others) who got AOLA to St. Hill Size.
>> He later "blew" and went "out 2d". This was from a man who had years of
>> SO experience [etc...]
>I have driven past the Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles, and if I
>recall correctly, I've seen banners saying "AOLA is going to Saint Hill
>size" or words to that effect. Does this mean that the "Advanced
>Organization" has shrunk?
>What exactly is "Saint Hill size"? Who gets included in the count?

"Saint Hill size" refers to the size that the Saint Hill at East
Grinstead, Sussex was in its "heyday" of the mid-60s. It was Hubbard's
wish to get all orgs "booming" with "5.4X stats across the boards".
He wanted orgs to expand in numbers of staffs, "GI" (gross income),
number of "WDAH" (well done auditing hours), "VSD" (value of services
delivered), "Pd Comps" (paid service completions), "SPts" (student
points), "NNCF" (new names to central files), "GBS" (gross book sales).

"Saint Hill size" refers to a "booming org" with 250 staff. It was
Hubbard's wish that all orgs attain this targetted goal. His yearly
"LRH Birthday game wish" was always to see Scientology continue to
"flourish and prosper". (This wish fulfilled would of course have
put more MONEY in his bamk accounts.)

Perhaps AOLA has shrunk in size. It never was as large as the "AOSHUK"
(Advanced Organization Saint Hill United Kingdom) as far as I know.
Mr Ex-CMO would perhaps know some recent stats for AOLA. If he (or
anyone) were to provide some stats, like "GI", "GBS", number of staff
members, "PdComps", "VSD", etc (key stats), I could tell you whether
they have expanded or not.

The whole time I was in the SO, LRH wanted Scientology to expand. The
only time I saw any significant increase in the "GI" was after he issued
LRH ED 284 "The Solution to Inflation". It mandated monthly fixed-percentage
price increases. This issue did *temporarily* get the "GI" up. But within
about a year, prices for Scientology "services" were already *far* out
of reach from the average person. Naturally the stats "crashed" and PAC
was the target of an endless series of "missions" to "handle the hell out
of the scene". What a joke.

I have yet to tell my best information I have on this whole scene.

Stay tuned...

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