Re: SPTimes: $cienos' changing story
[05 Sep 1997]

In other words, what I see being said is nothing anyone could show to be a *blatant* lie,
but the Scienos *certainly* are NOT telling the *whole truth*.

Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: SPTimes: $cienos' changing story
Date: 5 Sep 1997 10:12:49 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>In article <5unspd$>, Warrior <> wrote:
>> >>One thing I noticed was that it seems that the records now include
>> >>details of the couple of days just before Lisa died. I had thought that
>> >>the original release of the logs stopped about three days before she
>> >>died. Have the logs for the final three days been released?
>> >
>> >If I remember correctly, the HANDWRITTEN logs are still missing, but
>> >the clams turned over typewritten copies of the accounts.
>Have these typewritten copies been posted to a.r.s. or placed on
>a web site anywhere?
>> I was watching a video of the Lisa McPherson news coverage on
>> channel 28 (Tampa Bay area TV station). Elliot Abelson, a cult
>> attorney looked *extremely* nervous. The man was fidgeting with
>> his hands and fingers while speaking.
>Was this today, or weeks or months ago?

Sorry. I had been watching a video with 5 different segments of
television programs. The tape I have includes the Inside Edition
show of July 23, 1997; it is this segment that has Abelson looking
nervous (exhibiting "missed withhold phenomena"). The other items
on the tape are:

a Fox 13 news segment
a channel 28 Tampa Bay news (ABC) segment
a channel 8 (WFLE) news segment
a Fox 13 news segment re: Scn's PR blitz

Scientology comes across as looking like liars (in my opinion)
every time their spokespersons (Sandy Weinberg, Elliot Abelson,
Laura Vaughn and Brian Anderson) open their mouths. They speak
in very broad generalities, carefully avoiding the revelation
of *any* meaningful or specific information. In my opinion, all
the Scienos spout off is *their* version of "PRAC" and telling
of "acceptable truths", like how everyone was "trying to help",
how Lisa was being cared for in a manner "consistent with her
'religious' beliefs", how Lisa "ate some food", "did get some
fluids", etc.

In other words, what I see being said is nothing anyone could
show to be a *blatant* lie, but the Scienos *certainly* are
NOT telling the *whole truth*. (again, my opinion)

Another example of this is illustrated by Scientology's
statement (by Weinberg) that they have looked everywhere
in LA and Clearwater for the (missing) records of Lisa's
care, saying that what was provided to the court was "all
we have". Indeed. The rest were almost certainly *destroyed*,
thus making the "all we have" statement true, *now* (in present

In terms of credibility, Ken Dandar is *knocking them dead*.
And all he has to do is ask questions, state the known facts,
and watch Scientology's spokespersons wiggle, fidget and squirm!

>> Laura Vaughn looked the perfect exemplification of a person who
>> is in the "tone level" of 1.1. Her nice little porcelain smile
>> illustrated a woman so tense that her lips looked like they would
>> crack!
>Does anyone know if Laura Vaughn is a Scientologist, or just a
>local Tampa Bay hired gun attorney?

She is a Scientologist.

(the above are my opinions, and are sincerely held ones)