Re: GO Order To Infiltrate Gov't Offices
[02 Sep 1997]

The "Early Warning System" was a Guardian Office program that had as its main purpose
to alert Hubbard about any proposed danger to himself in terms of lawsuits, investigations,
etc. from government agencies.

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Subject: Re: GO Order To Infiltrate Gov't Offices
Date: 2 Sep 1997 08:24:20 -0700
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>On 1 Sep 1997 17:58:28 GMT, (RonIsXenu) wrote:

>>GPgmO 152

>I'd say that "SECRET" is quite an appropriate security classification
>for this amazing document!

>>B-I US
>> as OK'd by DG I US
>>Pgms Ch US
>> Ref: GO ORDER 261175 LRH "POWER"
>> Target #1
>>This Project contains only B-1 targets which will have no
>>distribution beyond B-1 and DDGUS as Programs Chief. An
>>addition to this GPgmO follows with PR and Legal targets.
>>Maintain an Alerting EARLY WARNING SYSTEM throughout the GO
>>Network so that any situation concerning governments or courts
>>by reason of suits is known in adequate time to take defensive actions
>>to suddenly raise the level on LRH Personal Security very
>>high. (Target #l GO 261175 LRH).

>The Guardian Order referred to above, GO 261175 LRH, was written by
>Hubbard, hence the "LRH" in the number. One can surmise that Hubbard
>demanded to be protected in that document.

Yes. It definitely was authored by L. Ron Hubbard. The "Early
Warning System" was a Guardian Office program that had as its main
purpose to alert Hubbard about any proposed danger to himself in
terms of lawsuits, investigations, etc. from government agencies.

>This program should *not* be confused with Snow White. This document
>doesn't have a date, but the reason it was written was the fact that
>Hubbard had settled in the United States. Probably '75. By '76,
>Meisner had become a problem and that should have given Heldt and
>Wiegand pause as to how easy it was to infiltrate government offices.

Correct. Hubbard had settled into the US. His coming ashore from
the Flagship was majorly to establish the Land Base in Clearwater,
under the guise of the United Churches. Security around Hubbard was
very high as usual. GPgmO (Guardian Program Order) 152 probably was
written in 1975. Other issues I have seen are numbered close to 152
and they were written in 1975.

Of course, Guardian Order 261175 LRH "Power" was written 26 November
1975. That's what '261175' means. And yes, it was an LRH order. The fact
that it had LRH in the numbering indicated that it was from Ron, just
as his telexes had an 'R' at the end of the number to indicate that
they were from Ron.

Around this time I had just come off of a mission under Yvonne
Jentzsch, the CO (Commanding Officer) CCLA (Celebrity Center Los
Angeles). This mission had as one of its targets to relocate CCLA
from 1809 W. 8th Street to 1551 N. La Brea Ave. without interrupting
"production". We moved the *whole org* overnight.

After this mission was done, I was slammed on a finance post.
Shortly thereafter I was writing checks to United Churches. At the
beginning, most Sea Org staff in PAC didn't know about the covert
move of Flag into Clearwater under the name of United Churches.

>Obviously, the success of Meisner's infiltration into government
>offices had emboldened DG US and DG I US and they now had planned on
>incorporating those techniques in the task of protecting Hubbard. No
>wonder Henning had such a worried look back in those days, this doc
>shows he was a desparate man.

I'd say Henning Heldt was pretty stressed out. There were so many
programs being run, it's no wonder. And there were soon to be more ops,
like the one against Gabe Cazares, the Mayor of Clearwater, and the
ops to infiltrate the Clearwater Sun, etc.

>>14. Get Intell coming from Paulette Cooper, Robert Kaufman, Bernie Green,
>>and John Seffern to obtain intelligence data on any intended attack.

>This shows the GO had agents near each one of these individuals.

>>15. Get intell coming from Allard (currently near San Diegos California)

>Gene Allard, a former FBO who absconded with some Flag cash and was
>now cooperating with Federal Authorities. They apparently had an
>agent near him also.
>-Neal H.

The GO had lots of covert agents in the field. I am surprised that
the government didn't prosecute more of them. I knew lots of GO staff
in PAC. And since I was on finance lines and wrote checks for the local
GO, I had a rare insight into their activities. I always knew that for
every one document seized by the FBI raids, there are probably 50 that
they didn't get!

The ones we have been seeing recently are available under the
Freedom of Information Act. Many documents have been "vetted" long
ago; that's why many of them are incomplete.