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Memories of Captain Bill Robertson

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Subject: Re: Captain Bill Debrief (was Re: Super Scio - Reply About Confidentiality)
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>Capt Bill said:
>> At that time, also that year, we did the Pubs Mission. I did
>>that one myself to Pubs in Edinburgh, and we found there that
>>"plants" were put in by the World Federation of Mental Health and
>>that they were in the Shipping Department, which were
>>mis-addressing all the books being sent out and causing their
>>stats to go down. I traced the guys back to the pharmacy-shop,
>>where they were getting drugs, and the owner, who was in phone
>>communication to a guy named Dr. Carstairs, who worked in the
>>Medical School of Edinburgh and was the President of the World
>>Federation of Mental Health.

Yeah. I first met Captain Bill (and his wife Joan) when they
arrived at ASHO on mission from Flag in 1976. The really funny
thing to me (at that time) was that Flag sent the "Deputy
Commodore" to ASHO to handle the "down stats". The Commanding
Officer at ASHO at that time was Lt. Commander Irene (Dunleavy)
Howey. Irene too was an old timer, having trained under Hubbard
personally. She did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course in
England under Hubbard, and she was Class VIIII trained under Ron on
the ship (not sure which one) and she was an "OT 7". Irene also
had done the OEC, FEBC and Data Series Evaluator's Course. Irene
was definitely one of the most devoted Hubbard "loyal officers"

Another funny aside here is that I remember thinking how weird it
was to be ordered to "get my Flag Order 87 in" (this means to
address officers with respect, saying "Yes, Sir" or "Aye Aye, Sir".)
It struck me as very odd to address a woman as "Sir". When I was still
a newbie in the Sea Org, I hadn't been aware of this Flag Order at the
time (1975), so I had violated it by not addressing her "properly".
She called me in her office, reamed me out, screamed a few "f words",
slammed her fist on her desk, and commanded that I *would* get my
"manners in" and address her in the future with respect. Sea Org
execs LOVE to slam things around in anger. I have seen it from just
about every CO I ever knew. Some (like Midshipman Alan Prager, when he
was CO) would scream so loudly using obscenities he would shake and turn
red. A few times he even slammed objects down, smashing them to pieces as
a dramatic attempt to "impinge" on the "crew" (SO staff). I thought
it was quite psychotic behavior personally and prayed for a new CO.

Irene refused to let Captain Bill take over as Temporary CO
because she would not let him "bypass" her. I recall quite vividly
how Irene stood up to him. She also "fired off" a telex to Flag
in protest of (someone's) orders to "bypass" her and thus put her
in a "condition of danger". She would have none of Captain Bill's
attempt to "bypass her", saying "This is MY fucking org, and I'm NOT
in danger!". Bill backed down. Irene wouldn't even let yield her desk
to him. So his "Garrison Mission" to handle ASHO's stats didn't last
very long. It has been a long time since I read Captain Bill's story,
so I don't remember if he mentions his "mission" to ASHO. If it is not
mentioned, (and I don't think it is) it is probably because he wasn't
there very long.

It would be cool to locate Midshipman Billy Strasser since he is
now a declared SP too. He trained under Hubbard and was "Class VII, OT 7".
Billy was the Chief Officer. He could shed a lot more insight onto
Captain Bill's personality, having worked much more closely with Robertson.

Another old timer is Ron Pook. Ron goes way back to the Royal
Scotman, Enchanter, Excalibur days too. Maybe Zane knew him. Otto Roos
is another old timer that Hubbard could depend upon. Did you meet any
of these guys, Zane?

Shortly after this whole "Garrison Mission" Captain Bill had
attempted at ASHO, Hubbard released his LRH ED 284 - the price
increase issue - called "The Solution to Inflation". GI soared.
Buy now was the hard sell tech used. Buy now - save money. Buy a
training package - save even more money. ASHO was selling LOTS of
"Briefing Course packages" (as they were called). Lots of "Power
Processing/Power Plus Processing" too. In fact a "package deal"
where someone bought the "SHSBC AND Power/Power Plus" was $1250 as
I recall - something like that.

Oh well, I'm rambling. SOOOOOO many memories.

>In short, Capt. Bill's version of events is a load of crap ---
>paranoid rants from a deluded scienobot.

William B. Robertson was, to his dying day, a VERY devoted "loyal
officer" to Hubbard. He idolized and supported Hubbard from what I
saw. Robertson believed 100% in Hubbard's paranoiac view of the
world. Robertson fully believed in the whole myth of Hubbard's
madness. Captain Bill WAS Ron's right hand man (in an extreme sense).

Whenever someone tried to "hit" Capt Bill with "ethics", he knew
he could count on Ron Hubbard to protect him. Hubbard backed him up
100% too. There was a mutual "flow" of "powere to power" between Hubbard
and Robertson.

Capt Bill remained intensely loyal to Hubbard's dream. It wasn't until
Miscavige took over the cult that Capt Bill fell from favor. I believe
that this only occurred because Captain Bill "comm lines" to Hubbard
were cut. I sincerely believe this, based upon what I saw from afar from
my position in the Sea Org. I don't think Hubbard would have ever allowed
Captain Bill to be declared "SP". He was always too much of a "Power

By 1976, I had been involved with Scientology for a little over 3
years and had been in the Sea Org for a year. Captain Bill was basically
"in Hubbard's valence", as they say. He was a strong figure, very big
in his "presence", commanded compliance and got it. It was almost as if
Hubbard was giving the orders personally when Captain Bill spoke.

Captain Bill is a very good example of the kind of delusion that
results from following Hubbard's madness for so long. Sad.

That's the way I see it.