Re: A snide remark
[16 Aug 1997]

A $cientology FSM made an unannounced visit with the intention of getting me
back into the cult shortly after I had moved to my new home and obtained an
unlisted phone number.

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: A snide remark
Date: 16 Aug 1997 19:41:58 -0700
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In article <>, Roland says...
>This is what really sticks in my throat about Diane. I have posted a
>prime example of her dishonesty, but not her maliciousness. I will now
>make good that lack.
>>> On 9 Aug 1997 23:10:48 -0700, Warrior <> wrote:
>>> > Care to fill me in on it, Diane? What have you experienced that is
>>> >worse than the RPF's RPF, being put in ISO, or fair gamed (all of which
>>> >the cult has to offer), Diane?
>>> No, Warrior, I'm not about to reveal details of my personal life to
>>> someone who doesn't even have the courage to post under his own name
>>> on Usenet. Nice try, Warrior, but you flunk.
>"doesn't even have the courage to post under his own name"
>This guy Warrior has been through hell with the cult. He may go through
>hell again just because he posts here. He has a grandchild still in the
>cult. Judging by the way the Co$ treat their ex-members and how
>vindictive they are, to posts here at all is truly couragous. Warrior is
>IMO the most impressive and useful poster on this newsgroup and does so
>at risk to his health and happiness. Posting under an alias gives him
>the chance to help more people before he gets closed down by the Co$
>through threats and intimidation.

I am not hiding from the cult of Scientology. I am not afraid of them
either. I have very little left to lose. The cult knows who I am, my
address and phone number.

When I moved into my present home, I had not even lived here for a month
when a Scientologist named Rick paid me a visit. I will mention here that
when I moved, I asked the telephone company to give me an unlisted phone
number. At that time (which was a little over 7 years ago) I did wish to
try to put any contact with Scientology behind me. I wanted to receive no
communication with cult. I wanted NOTHING to do with them at all. I was
simply trying to get on with my life and recover from my many years of
association with the cult.

This fellow, Rick, is an FSM. I had known him (at that time - 1990)
for 17 years (since 1973). Since I had moved and had an unlisted
phone number, I was very surprised to see him pull up outside my house.
His visit was unannounced. By that I mean that he had not called first to
ask for an appointment. I asked him, "How did you find me?" His reply
was something like, "I have a friend who is a realtor, and he saw your
name on a list of recent home buyers."

I had just come into a modest settlement from an insurance company
over the wrongful death of my wife at the hands of an incompetent
anesthesiologist. In fact, I had received my settlement right around
Christmas 1989. In April 1990, this FSM (Field Staff Member) came
by my house to try to "handle me", as detailed in the FSM Drill by Hubbard.
The closing date on my home loan was March 31st 1990. Rick fifured that
since I had just purchased a house that I had some money. In fact I did!

For about two hours, Rick tried every technique under the Scieno sun
to try to get me back on "the Bridge". He tried indicating to me that
I was "off-purpose". He tried "making me right" by telling me "injustices
had been done" to me. He tried telling me I should get my "ruds flown",
get a "grief assist" (for my wife's death). He tried to "hit me at half
a tone higher" for the purpose of manipulating my emotions. He tried to
get me to agree that the "Key to Life Course" was something I just "had
to do". Blah. Blah. Blah. There's more "tech" he tried to use on me,
but I just don't feel like explaining it all.

I kept telling Rick that I wasn't interested in Scientology any longer.
But he didn't want to give up. I remember thinking that for a long-time
Scientologist, he *really* needed to get his "TRs" in. Especially the
ones dealing with "duplicating" ("TR-3") and "acknowledging" ("TR-2"). He
really must have felt a "failed purpose" because I just intentionally
stayed at the "Tone band" of "boredom" to "disinterest" (2.5 - 2.6).
Eventually he gave up and went away after I assured him about 50 times
that I was quite happy with my life, and that I had no desire to get back
into Scientology. (I'm very good at repeating myself quite calmly).

Anyway, about a week later, the phone calls from Flag began. First
I was called by a Flag FSM named Chuck. Then a woman caller. Then
other callers too. These calls persisted for a long time. Eventually
they stopped after several months to a year.

Anyway, believe me, Scientology knows who I am and where I am living.
I am not "hiding" from them. I post under "Warrior" for other reasons
than cowardice or fear of Scientology or Scientologists.

(rest of Roland's post snipped)

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