Austin Org - was Re: San Antonio, TX mission dead!
[14 Aug 1997]

About the Austin Scientology Organization

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Subject: Austin Org - was Re: San Antonio, TX mission dead!
Date: 14 Aug 1997 10:54:02 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>Deana Holmes wrote:
>|> In any case, I was under the impression that the corner of 22nd St. and
>|> Guadalupe (northwest side) is a major hangout for the local Goth
>|> community. Since that happens to be the corner that the Austin org sits
>|> on, I wonder how Scn manages to do body routing of raw meat when there's
>|> a bunch of kids dressed in black sitting around.
>These two locations are about a block apart -- on the corner you mention
>is a small record store

Nope. See below.

>(one of the best in town for alternative music)

See below.

>and close by there is a small (old, romantic in a certain way -- I can
>imagine its attractiveness to goths) church, in front of which people
>often hang out. The Scientology building is the next major one to the
>North, but in between is a restaurant complex (or it is the same
>building but S is in or enters from the northern half).

No. There is no northern entrance to the building. The main entrance
is on the east side of the building (facing Guadalupe St.).

> On the street
>the separation is pretty clear. I have never seen (mid 80s and early
>90s) "body routing" anywhere except immediately in front of
>Scientology's entrance to that building. It is (or was) not noticeable
>to one standing on the 22nd street corner.

Huh? Usually when I drive by there, there is a person with a book
display who is also offering the E-Meter pinch test, OCA test. free
"personality" test, etc. He stands right outside the org, on the sidewalk.

>Bruce Scott

Bruce - Your information is practically all wrong!

Sorry. Deana is right. The Austin Org is located at 2200 Guadalupe St. The
building is on the northwest corner of 22nd St. and Guadalupe. The building
has three floors (including the basement). Scientology occupies 66% of the
building, according to the information available from the Travis Co. (TX)
Tax Appraisal District. The deed for the building was filed on Oct.10, 1979
(Volume 6759-2023). The "Church" of Scientology of Texas (in Austin) was
granted its 501(c)(3) status on June 27, 1967, according to information on
file with the State of Texas Comptroller's Office (1-800-252-1386). The
file with the State Comptroller's Office lists Catherine A. Norman as the
registered agent. I believe she is the local DSA. Interestingly, since
the Austin Org is registered as a tax-exempt organization, it is not
required to provide names of directors and/or officers of the corporation.

Prior to moving into the 2200 Guadalupe St. location, the Austin Org
was located at 2804 Rio Grande St., which is about 6 blocks north and
3 blocks west of the current location. This old area consists primarily
of fraternity and sorority houses. In fact, the old Austin org building
was at one time housing for college students.

At the southwest corner of 22nd St. and Guadalupe is the University Baptist
Church. Its address is 2130 Guadalupe. This is the old "Goth" sort of
building being referred to above. There are usually kids hanging out in
front of this building. The Baptist Church's office phone number is
(512) 478-8559. The so-called "Goth" people dressed in black are also
referred to by most locals as "punks" and/or "street people". The street
bordering on the west side of Univ. of Texas main campus is full of shops
and businesses. The main street through this part of town is Guadalupe St.,
also referred to as "the Drag".

The small music store that you mention, Bruce, is at the northwest corner of
21st St. and Guadalupe (exactly one block south of Scientology). It is called
the Sound Exchange. They sell CDs, tapes and vinyl. Their phone number is
(512) 476-2274.

There is a fairly large business in between Scientology and the Sound
Exchange. It is an expresso bar and dessert company. This business also
sells miscellaneous "cool" stuff like jewelry, postcards, posters, games,
etc. There is also a reading room where lots of (mostly) University-age
people hang out, drink coffee, get wired, engage in conversation, gawk
at the pretty women and handsome men walking by, etc. It is a "place to
be and be seen" for many regulars. The name of this business??

***Captain Quackenbush's Intergalactic Expresso & Dessert Company***


Their address is 2120 Guadalupe St. Phone (512) 472-4477. It is listed
in information as simply Quackenbush's.

Now maybe someone should let the Scienos know the Marcabians, Psychlos,
the Fifth Invader Force Renegades and Xenu's Loyal Brigade hang out there,
plotting Xenu's revenge!

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects