Ninth Dynamic - was Re: RVY message to Mike Rinder
[13 Aug 1997]

One has to pay MONEY to the cult to continue to be accepted by them.
If one is NOT paying MONEY, then one cannot take services at the
$cientology "church".

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Subject: Ninth Dynamic - was Re: RVY message to Mike Rinder
Date: 13 Aug 1997 09:02:55 -0700
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>Re: RVY message to Mike Rinder
>Vaughn- you might want to take a shuttle to present time. Your
>friendship dues are about a decade in arrears.

Hey Mikey,

Thanks for posting that! Only a $cientologist would link friendship to
MONEY. Is this in keeping with ElRon's definition of the Ninth Dynamic
as "the buck"? (reference is the "Hubbard College [sic] Lecture" tape,
catalogue number 5203CM05A, entitled "Thought and Preclears")

Only an evil, sick or greedy man (Hubbard was all three) would place
MONEY higher than God. Since Hubbard defined the Eighth Dynamic as "the
God Dynamic", it is clear that MONEY is of greater importance to Hubbard
than God. In fact, Hubbard wrote MUCH more on the subject of MONEY
than he did on God. And my observation is that Hubbard considered
himself to be "Source".

There is definitely a LOT of truth there, because when I ceased being
active in $cientology, all my $cientologist "friends" who were still "on
the Bridge" no longer wanted to have anything to do with me. One has to
pay MONEY to the cult to continue to be accepted by them. If one is NOT
paying MONEY, then one cannot take services at the $cientology "church".
Not only that is true, but I was even labelled a "freeloader" and told
that *I* owed thousands of dollars to the cult.

In fact, I petitioned the higher-ups in $cientology, asking that my
back pay be credited towards my so-called "freeloader debt". I attached
copies of my stat graphs, clearly showing that I had been in a condition
of "affluence" for years. I pointed out that I was owed MORE in back pay
than the amount of my "freeloader debt".

Of course my petition was DENIED. The reason I was given was that I
was a "downstat". (My graphs showed otherwise.)

I had also previously taken an "amnesty" and my "Ethics file" was
supposed to have been clean! (I doubt this occurred also.)

I attached a copy of Flag Order 732 where Hubbard said "A Sea Org
member is supposed to get his allowance."

I also attached a copy of Flag Orders 3075, 3075RA, 3075RB and 3075RC, showing
the extant pay scales for SO members at various times over the
years that I had been staff (1975-1983).

And I attached an itemization of my pay cuts, broken down by week,
with yearly totals as to the amounts of pay owed.

Since the amount the org owed to me was more than the amount of my
"freelaoder debt" (which I even acknowledged), I requested to just
call it even! I specifically requested NO actual money be paid to me.
I simply requested that a bookkeeping entry be done, crediting enough
of my back pay (not all of it) to cover my "freelaoder debt". The
rest of what I was owed I said could be forgiven and forgotten.

Of course, $cientology's execs (the CO and FBO of my org, the Int
Justice Chief and the ED International) never did approve my petition.

The real problem was even admitted to me by the CO. She said that
if I was given my back pay, then the org would have to pay *everyone*
their back pay! And they "couldn't afford" to do this, and the org was
not going to "reward a downstat" (me), by paying me and NOT paying all
the other staff. I was also told that this would not "be fair" to all
the "ethical, 'on-purpose' staff who still were in the SO" tp pay me,
and NOT to pay them as well.

Of course I know this is a lie. I had been in Finance for over 6
years. During that time, MILLIONS and MILLIONS were sent to Flag
Reserves, FBO Reserves, GOWW Trustee Account, Local Org Reserves, Safe
Environment Fund, Local GO Defense Account, Local GO Main Account
and the Reserve Account #2 in Luxembourg. In fact I personally wrote
checks for up to $240,000 at a time, transferring money into that
overseas account.

So I *really* do know that $cientology had money. Even the local
Reserve Account had over a million dollars in it. And that was just
for the org I was at! During one two year period, I personally
deposited over $2,300,000 into my Org's Reserve Account. So I know
that the money was there to pay all staff their back pay. The truth
is that Hubbard's policy forbids the spending of Org Reserves. Hubbard
wrote that "not even one cent" may be spent from Org Reserves without
the approval of the "International Board" of $cientology.

To me, this whole thing shows the true nature of $cientology:

To wit, greedy and dishonest.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects