Re: scientology school attempt
[30 Jul 1997]

A key way for Scientology to make further inroads into society
is through the broad acceptance of "study tech".

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Subject: Re: scientology school attempt
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I agree with everything Joe says here. Anyone doubting should
read more writings by Hubbard. It will then become clear exactly
what Scientology's agenda is. A key way for this cult to make
further inroads into society is through the broad acceptance of
"study tech". If this cancer is allowed to spread, the next thing
you know, Scientology will be trying to gain acceptance of its
"ethics tech", "communication tech", "TRs", "tone scale", "sec
checks", "isolation practices", etc.

I guarantee you Scientology is not going to stop pushing the
insane methods of its founder. Acceptance of the "study tech" is but
another step in a series of long-range goals, accomplished through
Scientology's "public dissemination" policies and "strategic planning".

If you doubt that what I am saying is true, please make yourself
knowledgeable about the aims and goals of Scientology. If you doubt
that Scientology intends to accomplish BROAD PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE AND USE
of Hubbard's "technologies", then it simply shows that you have NOT
studied Scientology enough to have a REAL understanding of the cult
and its founder, Hubbard.

One frightening aspect to Scientology's programs designed and
intended to get Hubbard's "tech" in use by society is that the effort
is a covert and deceptive one. I encourage everyone to read or re-read
"Brain-washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics",
written by Hubbard and published by Scientology's American Saint Hill
Organization. Hubbard falsely claimed it to be an address by Beria to
American students in Russian psychopolitics at Lenin University.
Hubbard, in this manual, defined psychopolitics as: "the art and science
of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties
of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the
conquest of enemy nations through 'mental healing'"!

For illuminating insight into Hubbard's anti-"psych" propagandizing
methods, I encourage the reader to obtain a copy of _The Leipzig
Connection, A Report on the Origin and Growth of Educational Psychology_,
published by The Delphian Press (another Scientology controlled entity)
based in Sheridan, Oregon.

Applied Scholastics' Bill Goens, speaker at Scientology's International
Conference held at the Anaheim Convention Center in the summer of 1976,
said: "Our aim is to give our children the hope of the future through the
technology of study, learning and education evolved by L. Ron Hubbard."

At this same conference, Jane Kember, Scientology's Guardian World Wide
gave the opening address. On the subject of "study technology" she said:
"I believe that the correct direction to go is to make the technology
available throughout society.

Scientology's Applied Scholastics purpose is to introduce Hubbard's
methods into the public education systems of the world. This is but a
small step towards eventual public acceptance of ALL of Hubbard's "tech".

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

In article <>, Joe says...
>Anima wrote:
>> Joe Harrington <> writes:
>> Joe, can you go through this again? It sounds like a nightmare of
>> hyperbole based on a thorough distortion of $cno auditing, sec-checks and
>> the like, and not the Actual classroom procedures. Me, I suspect it is NOT
>> a distortion at all, but I find this image so far from my reality that I
>> have to ask for more detail here. Are e-meters really a part of Hubbard
>> school classroom equipment? Does the teacher really make the student
>> swallow the text material wholesale?
>What I described was the scenario for a classroom where Hubbard's FULL
>study tech is in force. What the Church of Scientology is attempting to
>do, at this point, with their Applied Scholastic front group (The RTC
>owns the Applied Scholastics trademark and logo) is to get their foot in
>the door with what appears to be the harmless, non-religious, tenets of
>Hubbard. This is the FIRST step.
>The encroachment is gradual until full implementation of the educational
>indoctrination ideology takes effect. At this point the e-meter would be
>introduced, along with the ethics and Knowledge report system. Anything
>short of FULL "study tech" with not fulfills Scientology's mandate to
>save the world with Scientology. One has to realize the fanatics at the
>helm of the Scientology empire.
>> Of course, any student should look up a new word that they are unfamiliar
>> with and which is not evident in context. Not long ago William Buckley
>> used the word "saprophyte" in one of his columns and I was delighted to
>> discover, when I looked it up, that the midget (*) had his picture in the
>> dictionary as an illustration. (Similarly, the picture also appears under
>> the word "coprophage" but-- isn't it interesting-- it was El Wrong whose
>> mug is attached to "coprolith" for some reason. Go figure, huh?)
>> But doesn't Hubbard's Study Tech really impose a fetishistic attachment to
>> the dictionary so that bored/rebellious students will be forcibly educated
>> (i.e.-- punished) by having to look up "the" and "meaning" and "of" as
>> well as "knowledge"? Seems like in that case-- and I asked whether that IS
>> the case, NOT a rhetorical question-- the simple solution is to surrender
>> oneself utterly and completely at once like an RPF victim trying to avoid
>> being sold further down the river into madness and terror. I mean, doesn't
>> thinking and asking and everything other than zombie-style submission
>> result in punishment? Doesn't an insane practice such as you describe
>> inevitably result in submissive, hollow-eyed vacuity or in madness?
>Hubbard's intention for the study tech was not education. It was
>intended for indoctrination in his ideology. Its intended to instill
>orthodoxy (right thought), also known as "Standard Tech". Scientologists
>operate as a group mind because they all been conditioned with Hubbard's
>study tech and his programming.
>Under Hubbard's study tech mindset, there is only ONE viewpoint
>available, the viewpoint of the author of the materials one is studying.
>Hubbard stated that any disagreements about or failure to understand the
>materials come ONLY from misunderstood words in the materials, NOT
>errors of fact in the materials studied.
>The scenario I described is a very realistic consequence of
>Scientology's encroachment into the public sector, if they are not
>reined in NOW.
>> Those also are not rhetorical questions, since I may well have
>> misunderstood (ahem) how Study Tech is supposed to operate. But I do have
>> to wonder why, if it is so cotton-picking effective, Hubbard's child
>> victims aren't setting the intellecutal world on fire.
>> And I also wonder this:
>> In the articles on how the California School Board is adopting some
>> Hubbard texts for supplemental use in classrooms (What?!! They can't find
>> real textbooks that work? They've don't have money to BUY textbooks for
>> each student, but they have money to supply this worthless mindwash?), one
>> of the things that is touted is that these books make things interesting
>> for students by "applying the lessons to the real world." Just what does
>> that mean?
>My understanding, from the numerous LATime articles, is that this
>proposed Chartered "school" will have about 100 students, and that most
>of them would be from affluent families, and I suspect many of the
>parents would be closet Scientologists. So in affect, the taxpayers
>would be paying for the Scientological indoctrination of their children,
>using the guise of "education". I have no objection to parents raising
>their children as they see fit, but I would object to the spending of
>ONE thin dime of tax money for this Trojan Horse that the Church of
>Scientology is trying to sneak thru the front door.
>> Does it mean they are reading The Road to Happiness and discussing it?
>> Just how does a $cientology text apply to "the real world" anyway? I think
>> that is an important detail, this Appliation process, that needs a lot
>> more attention.
>This booklet is a product of the Church of Scientology. On their IRS
>application for tax-exemption that affirmed that they were organized for
>exclusively religious purposes. Distributing this booklet is part of
>their religious practice of covert proselytizing, and the booklet, by
>their own words, is a religious textbook and part of their "Sacred
>Scriptures", which is part of a course that is called the Personal
>Integrity Course.
>> Otoh, I confess to being pretty amused that the man who wanted women to be
>> subservient in the home (waiting upon their Alpha Male), and whose racism
>> is legendary, has had his books newly illustrated with a nice racial mix,
>> independent women (one driving a tractor) and even people in wheelchairs
>> (what is Hubbard's attitudes toward the handicapped? I mean OTHER than the
>> apparently complete lack of wheelchair access to $cno sites, of course.)
>Hubbard considered handicapped people, and especially mentally
>handicapped people to be degraded beings, suffering from their
>transgressions in earlier lifetimes. His attitude about blacks is well
>> Anyway, I'd appreciate answers to any of these questions.
>I think it should also be noted that Applied Scholastics is NOT
>"independent" and that all of these various front organizations operate
>under the auspices of the Social Coordination Bureau of the Office of
>Special Affairs (OSA) of the Church of Scientology International, Los
>Angeles, CA. ALL decision making rests in the Church of Scientology
>International. This project is the pilot project for the rest of the
>Scientology network.
>Applied Scholastics is in the same division that houses the CCHR
>(Citizen's Commission on Human Rights). Hubbard established The CCHR
>network about 30 years ago and its primary purpose is the vilification
>of the mental health profession, and the collection of derogatory
>information on members of the profession.. This includes medical
>doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, school guidance counselors with
>degrees in Psychology, psychiatric nurses, aides, and technicians.
>The leadership of the Church of Scientology has publically announced it
>goals to eradicate the mental health profession by the year 2000, and to
>replace them with people trained and certified by the Church of
>Given Scientology's antipathy toward the field of mental health a school
>using Applied Scholastic's "tech" would exclude ANY type of intervention
>or counseling or referral to professionals in that field. To do so would
>violate the Code of a Scientologist, which forbids ANY relationship with
>mental health professionals. Without a doubt, Hubbard's disparagement of
>the medical profession would enter into the picture.
>So a very real possibility is that a student experiencing suicidal or
>psychotic episodes could end up being subjected to a Student's
>Introspection Rundown, with another dead body on their hands, such as
>occured with Lisa McPherson.
>The Los Angeles School Board should determine Scientology's hidden
>agenda with Applied Scholastics.
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>> When making public policy decisions about new technologies
>> for the Government, I think one should ask oneself which technologies would
>> best strengthen the hand of a police state. Then, do not allow the Government
>> to deploy those technologies. --Philip Zimmermann