DM & The Int'l Watchdog Committee ($cientology is EVIL) - was Re: Faking Hubbard's signature
[29 Jul 1997]

One of the big lies perpetuated by Scientology was that "all mail addressed
to Ron was received and answered by Ron".

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Subject: DM & The Int'l Watchdog Committee ($cientology is EVIL) - was Re: Faking Hubbard's signature
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In a follow-up post entitled Re: Faking Hubbard's signature,
Oracle <> wrote:

> Roland wrote:
> > The RPF operates on "two watches." While one watch is on
> > study, the other watch is on work. When I was first sent to the
> > RPF, the Clearwater Bank building (Scientology owned) had just
> > burned down, and my section was assigned to "salvage the SO-1 files"
> > (SO-1 files are all the letters people write to LRH). [SO-1 stood
> > for Standing Order #1 wherein Hubbard ordered all letters addressed
> > to him would be answered by him. They were not, in reality. They
> > were answered by the SO-1 Unit who were all given training in
> > duplicating Hubbard's signature exactly.]

This is true. I knew a fellow Sea Org member named Ray Peck who
was sent to the SO#1 Unit from ASHO Foundation. LRH definitely did
NOT read and sign all his mail. One of the big lies perpetuated by
Scientology was that "all mail addressed to Ron was received and
answered by Ron".

I knew this to be a lie as early as 1977. During that year, Wayne
Marple (the Apollo Star trumpet player and now a declared SP per Flag
ED 2830RB) was in PAC on a "Commodore's Mission" as the Mission I/C.
His Mission Second was Jack Dirmann, previously the HCO Area Secretary
ASHO Day, the husband of Irene (Dunleavy/Howey) Dirmann, who was CO
ASHO Day up until the time she was ordered to Flag and posted into the
Office of Evaluation and Execution Flag Bureaux around late 1977.

These two assholes - Wayne and Jack - called a MANDATORY "briefing"
for ALL Sea Org crew of ASHO Day and Foundation which was held in the
Saint Hill Special Briefing Course courseroom. The purpose of the
briefing was to inform all Sea Org staff, and particularly parents,
that they had "orders from Ron to find a Cadet Ranch" and that they
had found a suitable location and building. This "order from Ron",
according to them, was part of their Mission Orders which also included
getting the PAC area orgs moved into the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital
Complex, which had recently been purchased for a reported $3.5 million
dollars in cash.

When Wayne Marple and Jack Dirmann announced that they had found a
"great new" location for the Cadet Org to move to, in compliance with
"Hubbard's order" on the subject, the staff were told that this new
location was "perfect", had lots of outdoor space, was in a very
"Theta" location, etc. The staff were very happy to hear this, and
the announcement brought "VGIs" from everyone, since the location
which had housed the Cadet Org up until that time was a run-down,
filthy building situated in the west end of Hollywood in a very busy
location traffic-wise.

Then, the Missionnaires on this "Commodore's Mission" announced that
the new location was "so far away that Sea Org parents will only be
able to see their children *ONCE* per week on Saturdays, since travel
to and from the new Cadet Ranch would be too time-consuming and would
cut into *PRODUCTION*"!!! It was explained that the new location was
about 45-60 minutes to get there by car from the Org, so daily visits
with their children were *IMPOSSIBLE*. We were then ASSURED that this
was "known and approved by the Commodore" and in fact that he was very
excited about the new location for the Cadet Ranch.

I tell you that the *minute* parents were told that they could only
visit their children once a week, it was so silent one could have heard
a strand of hair hit the floor! And I never saw such "BIs" (bad indi-
cators = upset) on the faces of so many people at the same time!! All
the parents were looking around the room to see the expressions on the
faces of other SO parents. I personally will never forget the look of
TOTAL disbelief on the face of Patricia Garrett, a friend of mine and
also a parent. Her previously excited expression turned to one of a
TOTAL "ARC BREAK". I looked around the room, quickly noting the
"indicators" (expression) on the faces of as many Sea Org parents as I
could. All of the parents I saw were in a state of total shock.

I tell you that the room was *TOTALLY "SOLID"*!!! "BIs" everywhere.
Outrage, disbelief, shock and betrayal best describe the feelings of
the parents present at that point in time.

I personally decided that this order could not have been written
or approved by Ron. After all, "Source issues" long had stated that
parents were to be allowed "to spend at least an hour per day" with
their children. LRH said "Call it Johnny's time, and do whatever the
child wants, within reason..." The reference is found in LRH's book
Child Dianetics, if anyone cares to look it up. I couldn't believe
that when I had been recruited into the Sea Org two years earlier I
had been promised I would always be able to spend time with my child
every day. Thus, I viewed this "approval" for the new location of the
Cadet Ranch to effectively CANCEL or invalidate LRH's intention with
regards to parents spending time with their children! I had a VERY
BIG problem accepting it all, as did most, if not all other parents.

I decided I wasn't going to tolerate that CRAP, since it was
obviously "SQUIRREL" -- *TOTALLY INSANE* and "Off Source"! I decided
that if this move to a new location came to pass, and if I could not
see my child EVERY day, then I would LEAVE the Sea Org. I mean, to
me it was bad enough that we only got an hour per day to see our kids
(including travel time which took about 20 minutes round-trip), but
I justified this by telling myself that I was part of the Sea Org,
which was the most "ethical" and "on-purpose" group on the planet --
that I was contributing to a very vital task of "Clearing" the planet,
and that this was the "greatest good for the greatest number of
dynamics", because we were "getting Ethics in on the planet and in this
Sector of the Universe", etc.

Since I was told that it was "Command (Ron's) Intention", the fact
that I was upset about it showed that I had "CI" (counter intention),
and I was told by the LRH Communicator, Kathy Drayton, to "Word Clear
the PAC Base Order 18 series". This series of issues detailed the
orders and intention for the new Cadet Ranch in PAC as supposedly
given by Ron.

I did "Word Clear" the Pac Base Orders, and I still had a BIG
problem that Ron said parents were to be able to spend at least an
hour per day with their children, yet "Ron's Intention" *now* was
that we could only spend one day per week seeing our children. It
didn't make sense! And Child Dianetics was "Source" since it was
by Hubbard, and the Pac Base Orders were authored by others! And
long-standing policy by Ron was that when two issues conflict, the
"Source" issue superceded the issue written by another, since Ron's
stuff was SENIOR to all others.

So, (and here's how I came to realize Hubbard wasn't answering his
mail) I wrote a letter to "Ron" on the SO#1 line, quering him about
a specific thing. I asked him very specifically whether the PAC Base
Orders with regards to "family time" were "Command Intention". I
explained the contradiction and how Wayne Marple and Jack Dirmann
seemed like a couple of SQUIRRELS and SPs to me!!

"Ron's" reply to my letter was "I suggest you report to Qual
and word clear the PAC Base Order 18 series". I have this letter
to this day.

I wrote "Ron" back and told him that I had *already* done THAT and
then I "TR-3'd" (repeated) the question to Ron!! I mean to tell you
I was practically shaking in my shoes as I wrote "Ron" asking him
again. I mean, it seemed kind of *disrespectful* to question him

I received a reply again telling me to "report to Qual and word
clear the PAC Base Order 18 series"!! At that point I figured Ron
was either a TOTAL FUCKING EVIL INSANE MADMAN (true) *or* Ron was
not actually answering his mail (also true). In this second letter
(which I also kept) "Ron" said that he too had "experienced some
difficulties over the years in raising" his children, but that
"everything has turned out fine". I felt otherwise.

So I decided to leave the Sea Org. For two years I hadn't been
able to spend much time with my wife anyway, since she wasn't
"qualified" for Sea Org staff, and therefore we were not allowed to
live together!! This was because the Sea Org policy forbids non-SO
staff from living in SO berthing quarters. And with pay being $10
per week (per Flag Order 3075), it was impossible for me as a Sea Org
member to pay rent to live "off base". (See also my post entitled
"Scientology lied to me over and over for years"). I moonlighted for
several months to try to make the best of the scene, but it was
wearing me down because of working from 8AM until 11PM every day,
6 days a week minimum, between two jobs.

So when I announced to the staff Ethics Officer I wanted to leave
the SO, I was put in a condition of "DOUBT" and not paid any pay
for several weeks. And I was ordered to a *CONFESSIONAL*. I was
Sec Checked for 2 - 2 1/2 hours per day, almost every day, for about
3 or 4 weeks! And I still wanted to leave the SO! To my recollection
I received NO pay for 17 weeks!

I just wanted to be able to see my son every day for at least one

As I said above, I don't think Ron was writing the letters to me,
much less signing them. And if he was, then he is INSANE anyway!!

I recall an SP Declare on Laurel Watson Sullivan who was LRH Pers
PRO. The issue said that it had been found out that Laurel had
tried to "save" Hubbard from overwork by "sabotaging" or "cutting"
LRH's "comm" on the SO#1 line. I never believed this personally. My
perception was that Laurel was made a scapegoat for Miscavige's
crimes. I believe DM pronounced Laurel guilty for his own crimes.

The REAL "BAD HAT", the BIG SP is David Miscavige! The reference on
this is HCO PL 23 December 1981 _International Watchdog Committee_
which states "The International Watchdog Committee is the most senior
body for management in the Church [sic] of Scientology International."

The HCO PL also states at the beginning of the 3rd paragraph:

"The International Watchdog Committee is specifically senior in
authority to the Controller [Mary Sue Hubbard] and Controller's
Committee [in the Guardian Office WW] and to the Executive Director
International and any Executive Committee he may have."

By the issuance of this "HCO PL", David Miscavige revealed his TRUE
SUPPRESSIVE self. He placed his "WDC" above the Controller, Mary Sue
Hubbard, who had been appointed for LIFE by Hubbard. SHE was the #1
Executive in Scientology after ElRon himself. This "HCO PL" is actually
COMMITTEE', yet it is green ink on white paper! This "color flash" was
*always* reserved for *LRH ONLY* issues, per HCO PL "Issues, Types Of".
The fact that there is even an issue released by someone else on white
paper with green ink shows that it is "OFF SOURCE" or "SQUIRREL". It is
an illegal issue in $cienoland.

And that's why I long ago decided Davey Miscavige was (and is) a

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

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> When Hubbards death was announced, the Los Angeles Times Newspaper ran
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> prior to the CoS announcement and that his body may have been kept
> inside a CoS building all that time:
> A. Is any of this true? and,
> B. If any of it is true, what documents, orders, etc. did Hubbard
> sign AFTER he died? When did the transfer of assets to (*) take
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