Re: Censorship in $cientology (follow-up as promised)
[25 Jul 1997]

$cientology is simply controlling thought and ideas by regulating what Sea Org
members are exposed to.

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Subject: Re: Censorship in $cientology (follow-up as promised)
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Here's the follow-up I promised in my post below.

One of the issues which banned TV sets in the Sea Org is entitled
"CREW & TV - Why is Television no longer on the Base?". It is a
CMO PAC ED dated 12 September 1982. The distribution (in the upper
left-hand corner) is to "ALL PAC CREW", and the issue is written by
the A/PGMS OPS CMO PAC (Acting Programs Operations Chief for the
Commodore's Messenger Organization for the Pacific Area Command)
<whew!> - now you know (again) why there are so many abbreviations
used by $cientology!. The issue is approved by the OPS CHF CMO PAC
(Operations Chief CMO PAC) and the CO CMO PAC (Commanding Officer CMO

The issue begins: "This is to answer the questions and give the
source [Hubbard] data in writing regarding television and the reason
for its discontinued [sic - should state 'BANNED'] use."

The issue then quotes some excerpts from Hubbard's ravings, e.g.
"An unproven why of crew disinterest in their posts is that what we've
got is TV ZOMBIES who are not interested in life." (Now there's a
good one for somebody's .sig file!)

As if it's not humorous enough to hear ElRon call Sea Org staff
'TV ZOMBIES', here's another line: "these guys are sitting around a
table watching TV (or going to their rooms during meal times to watch
TV)." Eeekk!!! HORRORS!!! Call the Ethics Officer!!! Crew watching
TV!!! Holy Bujeezus!!! Can't have that now *CAN* we?!? Take them

Then ElRon is quoted as saying: "The result is TV ZOMBIES involved
in Soap Operas and uninterested in their own lives, their friends and
their work."

Whutta pile of CRAP!! I used to watch the NEWS!!! Do you suppose
that the evil 'entheta' (TRUTH!) about Scientology in the form of the
Armstrong and Wollersheim cases could have had anything to do with WHY
$cieno management didn't want us watching TV?!? Duh!!!

You know, funny thing is that there used to be a staff lonnge on
the top floor of Lebanon Hall (a Sea Org staff berthing building at
the Cedars Complex building in Hollywood). Right when this CMO PAC ED
came out, my friend's TV set that I had been borrowing was STOLEN from
my room! STOLEN! Then the TV set in the staff lounge was removed too.

Next thing you know, the Sea Org crew were told that *now* we were
getting a weekend movie for staff, to be shown in the Main Building
Auditorium! wow... Gee, how come if TV pictures are *SO* bad, movie
pictures are "OK"?!?

Do you suppose $cientology management was trying to control our
information we were exposed to?!? Naaahhh...

Here's another choice tidbit of "Source data" from the CMO PAC ED:

"Research [sic - don't you just *love* it?] began in '62 on TV and
showed that cathode-ray tube emanation itself, while putting out a
minimum of radio active gamma rays, restimulates past radiation and
brings about physical disintegration and accounts for the high
instances of crew sickness in CW [Clearwater] and S [Service Unit?]
which is unusual in any such organization. By leaving TV severely
alone, it gives a key-out and when coupled with exercise and other
interests [like one's post and work, work, work - making MONEY, MONEY
MONEY], brings about a health [should be WEALTH!] and outlook
resurgence and additionally case gain can be more rapid [one can
more quickly and successfully be indoctrinated into Hubbard's MADNESS]
when one is audited and the results are more lasting." [A person can
be totally brainwashed successfully, thereby giving his/her whole
*LIFETIME* to $cientology through the Sea Org.]

Next, ElRon is quoted from Professional Auditor's Bulletin #125
"The Parts of Man", dated 1 December 1957 which says in part:

"...the TV is only a pattern of lights and shadows which is a
restimulative mechanism to shuffle your bank around, and give you
again some segment of that which you have already experienced."

Again, I say that $cientology is simply controlling thought and
ideas by regulating what Sea Org members are exposed to - especially
with regards to TV and newspapers. That's all. Anything else is a lie.

I also promised to get the issue which cancelled the sale of
non-LRH books. I found that too. The issue is WDC ED 133 of 21
February 1983 (seven months before I said "FUCK YOU, $CIENTOLOGY!!"
and resigned). It is entitled "WITHDRAWAL OF NON LRH BOOKS BEING

This issue states: "The following list of non LRH books have been
found on display and for sale in Orgs and Missions. They do not have
issue authority for distribution on Church [sic] or Mission lines
and are NOT authorized for sale in any Org or Mission of Church [sic]
of Scientology. Orgs have already had these books removed from their
bookstores. Missions may sell any remaining stocks they now have
only." (Now *that's* downright GENEROUS of them, ain't it?!?)

At this point I'd like to give a WARM *HOWDY* and a wave of my hand
to Mr. Mike Smith!! Mikey -- remember this issue?!?! One of the books
Remember that, Mikey?!?!? How'd you feel when the WDC decided to BAN
your book from sale in Orgs and Missions? Pretty "enturbulated" I'd
bet! Oh well, I guess you "got over it"!! Did you??

Several Ruth Minshull books were banned including:
All The Happiness
How to Cure the Selfish, Destructive Child
What Is Scientology (the cult has Ron's book by this title instead)
How to Choose Your People
What Every PreClear Should Know
When In Doubt, Communicate
Ups & Downs

Interestingly, three titles by Omar Garrison were BANNED:
Hidden Story of Scientology
Playing Dirty
Secret World of Interpol

Peter Gillham also fell victim to the WDC's ban, i.e:
Tell It Like It Is
Fundamentals of Success

Several other authors' books were BANNED including:
Drugs and Drug Rehabilitation - K.J. Pitt
Handbook For Parents - Faust
How Natural Childbirth Can Protect You and Your Baby - Phelps
How To Flourish, Prosper and Survive the 80's Despite Everything - Dennis Winfrey
Take the Lid Off Your Income and Get Up the Bridge Despite Everything - Dennis Winfrey
How to Have Money - Wooderson
Look It Up - Mazzarella
The Money Game, - Who Wins... Who Loses - Shapiro
Pregnancy and Natural Childbirth Picture Book - Martin
The Truth About Drugs - Chill and Duff
The Truth About Scientology - Meldal Johnson
The Basics of Creativity and The Arts - Morgan
Creative Public Speaking - Morgan
Who Are You? - Hedges
The Learning Book - Delphian School
Spirit In a Bottle - Ruedi and Saverteig
Introduction to Scientology Ethics - Chronis (non LRH version)
Scientology, Twentieth Century Religion - [no author listed]
Sanity For The Layman - Raymond Kemp
Scientometric Testing Booklet - Kemp and Morgan
This Is Life - Reg Sharpe
Summary of Scientology - J.F. Horner
Scientology: Its Contribution to Knowledge - Gerry
Children's Study Course - the Guardian Office
Grammar With Alice - Peter Paul

Many German titles were BANNED, including:
Wie Man Mit Geld Umgent - Wooderson
Auf Und Ab - Ruth Minshull
Was Ist Scientology - Ruth Minshull
Im Zweitel - Kommunikation - Ruth Minshull
Emotienen - Ruth Minshull
Wenn Kinder (Zer-) Storen - Ruth Minshull
Salmer and Sange - Salmer and Sange (!? - that's what the issue says)
Wer Bist Du? - Hedges
Geist In Der Flasiche - Rue di & Sauerteig (I know German readers
are thinking that this is the same as Spirit In a Bottle and
that the authors are the same, yet I have typed their names dif-
ferently. All I can say is I type it the way it is written in the
ED. I don't know which name is correct -- sorry!

Fourteen books written in French are BANNED too:
L' Enfant Egoiste Et Destructeur Le Remede - Ruth Minshull
Emotiorren - Ruth Minshull
Les Hauts - Les Bas - Ruth Minshull
Die-Moi Qui Tu Es - Ruth Minshull
Dans Le Dut, Communiquez - Ruth Minshull
Efficacite - Ruth Minshull
Ce Que Tout PreClair Devriat Savoir - Ruth Minshull
Les Fundaments De La Reussite - Peter Gillham
Dite-Le Sans Detour - Peter Gillham
Tout Le Bonheur - Lefson
Vingt Huit Promenades A Deux A Travers La Philosophie - Atlan
Decouvrir Qu'Apprendre Est Amusant - the Guardian Office
Gestion Du Temps - Smith and Acheson
Comment Avoir De L'Argent - Wooderson

"Only LRH books and materials and those with per policy issue
authority may be displayed and sold. There is only one technology
that will take us all to TOTAL FREEDOM when applied standardly."
-- the WATCHDOG COMMITTEE (Sic'em Davey boy!! Git dem squirrels!!)

For those of you who may not have read my earlier posting on
CENSORSHIP IN $CIENTOLOGY, here it is again. Watch Wgert make a
fool of himself! Did you get your foot out of your mouth yet, Wgert?!?

Cheers!! And go to hell, $cientology! And *FUCK YOU* and your
thought police.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
******* (Warrior) wrote:
> > (wgert) wrote:
> >
> > >I don't agree with Jim Beebe's idea to trample on the free speech
> > >of Scientology. It is hypocritical. Might as well ask people to start
> > >burning books again. People have a right to make up their own minds
> > >about Scientology, not have the information denied them because Jim
> > >Beebe doesn't like it.
> >
> (Tilman Hausherr replied:
> >
> > First Jim he was only against the deceptive display, he was not for
> > "banning". Second, it is of course OK for you to ban Jon Atack's,
> > Paulette Cooper's and Russell Miller's book or TIME magazine. You simply
> > accuse on what you have been doing. Hubbard was right, when he spoke
> > about the scientologists weird logic.
> Wgert is spreading a shopworn $cienoLIE. Beebe isn't for banning
> books, and I won't sit by and see a lie advanced by wgert saying so.
> The truth is that $cientology BANS books. I can post excerpts from an
> issue written by $cientology management and released shortly after David
> Miscavige took over control of the cult. The issue *EXPRESSLY FORBIDS*
> certain books from being displayed or sold in $cientology bookstores.
> For years, certain books like Miracles for Breakfast and Ups and
> Downs, both by Ruth Minshull (a $cientologist), had been sold in
> $cientology orgs' and missions' bookstores. Another book sold by the
> Orgs and Missions was written by Peter Gillham (the vitamin guy who
> once had a $cientology franchise in Phoenix).
> All books *NOT* written by "Hubbard" were *NOT* to be displayed,
> stocked, sold or traded since they were not "SOURCE". I will dig up
> the issue forbidding the sale of "non-LRH" books, and I will follow up
> this post more information.
> I would also like to add that not only does $cientology ban books,
> but the right to own a *television set* is taken away by $cientology.
> I have an issue on *THAT* too! And I will dig it up and post the
> reference. In fact I had a TV set in 1982 in my berthing room in the
> Main building of the Cedars Complex where Sea Org members berth. One
> afternoon I went to my berthing after lunch to discover that the TV
> set was gone.
> I was really pissed that someone had stolen it! I was especially
> upset because the TV set belonged to a friend of mine named Claudia,
> and I had borrowed it from her with her permission, while promising
> to return it in a few days. So, upon discovering the TV set missing,
> I immediately reported it to the MAA (Master at Arms) of CESO (Cedars
> Estates Service Org). I was informed by him that "It wasn't stolen...
> The CMO [Commodore's Messenger Org] *confiscated* it!" because we were
> now FORBIDDEN to have TV sets! I said "SHIT! The damn thing wasn't even
> mine! I borrowed it from a friend, and I REALLY need to get it back!!"
> He (Steve Boykin^) told me that they had placed all the confiscated TV
> sets in the basement of Cedars and locked them up in a big caged-in
> area.
> So off I went trying to find the TV set. I never was able to find
> it, and everyone I asked "didn't know anything" about it. And I just
> got referred all over the place. No one took any responsibility for
> the theft! And I was left owning my friend Claudia a color TV set,
> which I could ill afford on a Sea Org member's allowance of $24 a week.
> In the Sea Org we were also not allowed to read newspapers either,
> lest we be exposed to "entheta" (truth) about $cientology and/or
> the organization's dictatorial founder, L Ron Hubbard.
> Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
> ^ Steve Boykin is most likely the father of Rita Boykin, one of the Sea
> Org staff members at Flag who "cared" for Lisa McPherson while she was
> in ISOLATION at Flag where she died of severe dehydration.