Re: CofS worldwide income crashed in Aug 95
[21 Jul 1997]

Never before has there been so much bad press about Scientology.

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: CofS worldwide income crashed in Aug 95
Date: 21 Jul 1997 17:33:45 -0700
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Joe Harrington <> wrote:
> The Internet inspired a lot of private people to participate in pickets,
> and it is my hope that the presence of pickets and objective documentary
> evidence about the subjects the rank-and-file members will NEVER hear
> from their leadership can be made more available to them. Unless
> Scientology stops it abuses and reforms, it will perish.

Thank God for the internet! I *LOVE* it!

And thanks to ALL of you who take the time to picket Scientology,
to tell your personal stories, to educate the press, to write
books, to fight in the courts, and any other way not mentioned.
We are winning! We are going UP while Scientology is going DOWN!!
Scientology IS shrinking like the wicked witch in the Wizard of
Oz, only it is sunshine, not water, that is doing Scientology in.
(Plus, they are their own worst enemy too!

Never before has there been SO MUCH bad press (truth!) about
Scientology. I've seen the old GO, and now OSA, run around
and try to "put out fires" for the 28 years I've been aware of
Scientology, and at no time in the past has the cult experienced
such dismal failure. And thankfully the abuses of the cult of
Scientology are only destined to become more widely known.

Just as the crimes of Mary Sue Hubbard, Dick Weigand, Mo Budlong,
Henning Heldt, et al were exposed, so too shall the likes of
David Miscavige, Heber Jentzsch, Mike Rinder, Warren McShane,
Lyman Spurlock, Wendell Reynolds, et al, be exposed for what they
truly are -- (fill in any number of appropriate descriptions).

To me, they are all a bunch of evil men. They are the true SPs
on the planet. As far as I am concerned, their fate in HELL is
sealed unless they come to their senses soon. And I don't see
this happening. They are too blinded by their lies, too far
gone, too indoctrinated into Hubbard's suppressive madness, and
too driven by GREED.

In fact, I think the leaders are SICK BEINGS -- VERY SICK BEINGS!!

The only thing I perceive the leaders of Scientology want is
"UPSTATS" (expansion) and MORE MONEY!!! These are their true
goals and primary purposes. The part about a "Cleared planet"
is a bunch of PR talk and not their actual goal anyway.

Should Scientology stop it's abuses and reform, it would no
longer be Scientology. It would be SQUIRREL. It would join
the Free Zone Association or become something similar because
no Scientologist can cancel Hubbard's policies without
being or becoming a squirrel.

And that would be A-OK with me. But Scientology will NEVER DO
THIS on its own determinism! The only way Scientology will reform
and stop the abuses will be when the COURTS put Scientology's
ethics in for them!

And that's why every voice on ars, every media story exposing
Scientology's actual practices, abuses and crimes is SO IMPORTANT!
If we, who know what Scientology is actually all about, don't
speak out about it, who will?

Scientology's leaders and their lawyers (same thing?) are running
scared. Don't for a minute believe their lie that the Internet is
of no concern or unimportant. That is what Scientology WANTS you
to believe. The other stuff like "ARS = YAWN" is also just another
ploy to make critics feel unimportant - to try to give us a "failed

I spend time almost every day -- in fact, I make a point of this --
educating others about the true nature of Scientology. I go out of
my way to work the abuses of Scientology into my conversations.

It may take the form of mentioning the McPherson story on page 77
in the July 21st issue of Newsweek Magazine to the checkout clerk
at my grocery store. Or I will talk about it to my bank teller. I
ask my neighbor "Have you heard about...?" I have asked various
members of the clergy their opinion of Scientology (and I've never
had a favorable response yet, by the way). I've asked school teachers
whether they have heard about what the CULT of Scientology did to
Lisa. I have talked to policemen I know. The list goes on...

The point is that I NEVER FAIL to take or make the opportunity of
mentioning some heavy duty entheta (truth) about Scientology,
whether I bring it up in casual conversation, or just simply find
a way to work it in on some related angle to what an existing
conversation is about.

It is always helpful to mention court cases, being sure to give
specific names, dates, court district, the judge's name, etc.
Factual information, not generality, is best, although any
entheta is better than no entheta!! ;-)

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects