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"My kids were NOT being properly cared for, educated or tutored."

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> (Tilman Hausherr) wrote:
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> >(Warrior) wrote:
> >> He ended up failing the first grade because he had not learned
> >>anything during the previous year at the "Apollo Training Academy".
> >>As a result, first grade was too difficult for him.
> >You are not required to have learned anything before first grade.
> This message triggered my bullshit meter too.

Mike: I had been in the Sea Org for 6 years at the time my son
started first grade. Conditions were terrible at the Cadet Org. My son
had grown up in $cientology since he had been only 10 months old when I
joined the Sea Org. $cientology (through the Cadet Org and the Apollo
Training Academy) was *supposed* to be teaching the kids something in
preparation for public schools.

In reality what was occurring was that the Cadet Org was staffed by
the cast-off (unqualified) staff that the other orgs in PAC did not
accept due to the fact that they were not qualified. While my son was
*supposed* to be in the day care facility on Fountain Avenue, he was not
being adequately supervised.

One time he just walked out of the front gate by himself and wandered
around Hollywood for several hours before his nanny JoAnne Byrd even
realized he was gone.

Another time I received a call from the Hollywood Police Department
telling me to come and pick up my kid at the police station. He had been
with a group of kids at the Hollywood parade when he got lost in the
crowd because his Nanny failed to keep her eye on him.

I am telling you that these were not isolated examples! The kids in
the Cadet Org were *NOT* properly cared for. The building was not even
legal to have a day care/pre-school to begin with. The Cadet Org was
*grossly* understaffed and in violation of codes concerning the legal
ratio of workers to children. And the staff that were at the Cadet Org
were mostly unqualified anyway.

> Why do you think people need to resort to distorions or lies when
> there is enough accurate danming information in Scientology?

I don't need to resort to distortions or lies. And there is plenty
of damning evidence that what I am saying is true. With regards to the
Cadet Org, I ask you to go to Lars Baehren's page and read Aides Order
203-71 of 28 August 1981. It states in the issue itself, at the top of
page 3 "There are no Cadets per the FO definition of a Cadet and the LRH
VFP [valuable final product] of the Cadet Org: competent and well
trained non-existent." It also states "Due to the recent
filthy conditions of the CEO [Cadet Estates Org] and the criminal
behaviour of the children the area has become a PR [public relations]
and Legal threat to the Church." Page 5, paragraph 3 states "it was
found that the CEO [Cadet Estates Org] also had a large number of DBs
[degraded beings], criminals and perverts posted in it." Page 2, the
next to the last paragraph states "Quite a number of children are behind
their grade level on studies in the public school system (which is
absurd since we have study tech and wogs don't)."

My son was one of the kids who was behind grade level. The point I
have been making, and have made in other posts, is that $cientology
betrayed me and my kids. $cientology let us down. My kids were NOT being
properly cared for, educated or tutored. Yet I was working about 100
hours per week. I was keeping my end of the bargain, but $cientology
betrayed me by not keeping its promise.

> Is it because they were taght to think in a distorted manner when they
> were in Scientology?

While this may be argued with success, it does not apply to the above
situation I have been posting about. All I have tried to point out is
that my kid should have been being prepared for first grade. He wasn't.
He failed first grade. It should not have been allowed to happen. Had he
been tutored like he was *supposed* to have been, there is no way he
would have failed. $cientology let me and my kids down.

For a detailed look at the Cadet Org/Cadet Estates Org situation that
existed in the mid 70s to early 80s, go to Lars' page and read AO
203-71. This issue is an internal $cientology document that shows
everything I am talking about and more. You may see this issue at:

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