Re: $cientology "school"
[07 Jul 1997]

Sea Org members had no time -- or money -- to look after their children.

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Lars Baehren <> wrote:
> Warrior wrote:
> > (Tilman Hausherr) wrote:
> > >
> > > What I wonder is why scientology schools don't publish their own
> > > SAT statistics, and why in 40 years of scientology no
> > > scientologist has acomplished a breakthrough in science. I wonder
> > > if Amigo can enlighten us on that topic.
> >
> > My oldest child went to a $cientology "school". He was started
> > in the "academy" for pre-schoolers (for kindergarden-aged kids).
> > When he turned 6 I enrolled him in the first grade at a public
> > school.
> > He ended up failing the first grade because he had not learned
> > anything during the previous year at the "Apollo Training Academy".
> > As a result, first grade was too difficult for him.
> Remember Aides Order 203-71:
> "Quite a number of children are behind their grade level of study in
> the public school system (which is absurd since we have study tech
> and wogs don't."
> Did things like this have any effect on the tutoring after school?
> Lars B"ahren

I remember this quote from the Aides Order very well. I was
the PLC Rep (Parents Liaison Committee Representative) from my org.
All PAC orgs had a representative whose job it was to make things
better for the kids by ensuring Hubbard's orders and policies were
"gotten in" (complied to, or implemented).

Tutoring was a joke. By that I mean it was non-existent at the
Cadet Org and the Apollo Training Academy where my oldest child was
kept while I was on post. Any help he got in his studies came from me.
I would like to have spent more time with him had I been _allowed_. We
were only given one hour per day *at most* to spend with our children.
For quite a while my son was at the Cadet Org on Bronson Avenue. From
the Cedars building ("Complex") it would take about 10 minutes each
way (going and coming back). So in reality we only had about 40 minutes
of time to spend with our children. That's *all* the time I ever got to
see him during Sundays through Friday. *If* my stats were up, *AND* if
his stats were up too, we could spend every other Saturday together
on "libs". I always did. But it never was enough.

My son wanted the things most kids want, like a new toy truck or
airplane, a kite, a baseball glove, bat and ball, a game or whatever.
But try to buy these kinds of things when your "pay" is only $10 per
week (as it was in 1975 when I joined the SO) or $24.00 per week (when
I left the SO in 1983). Forget about going to the movies, buying a
hotdog, soft drink, candy or popcorn. Forget about going to Disneyland,
Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm, or any of the other attractions in
the LA area.

Per FO 732 by Hubbard, "a Sea Org member is supposed to get an
allowance...". In reality, the last two years I was in the Sea Org,
most weeks we got *NO* pay at all. I will say this again. There were
more weeks we got *NO* pay than there were weeks we got *some* pay.
Usually we got 1/2 pay or 1/4 pay, which in the early 80s was $6.00
or $12.00. Try to buy laundry soap, deodorant, bath soap, razor blades,
and cigarettes on even $24.00 (which we almost never got).

Yet I was working at least 96 hours every week, week after week for
years. Most of the time my stats were up. But I was so "caved in"
(upset) by the fact that I was chronically broke, that I felt like a
"DB" (degraded being), especially around Christmas time when my son
asked me for new toys that he saw on TV. Forget it. There was no way
except by leaving staff, which is what I did! After 8 years of degraded
existence I decided that I would leave the SO. I said to myself, "If
these other suckers want to continue playing this 'game' (of being in
the Sea Org), then FINE. But *I* for one am tired of being treated like
a 'DB' or 'downstat' because the 'GI was down'". Especially since I saw
*MILLIONS* of dollars during this time going to Flag Reserves, GO
Reserves, Local Org Reserves, etc. I got fed up with it all. I wish I
had left *years* before I did, but I was scared to leave. When I finally
did decide to leave the Sea Org, my wife told me that she wanted a
divorce since I wasn't 'one of them'.

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