Re: Flag Personnel in 1975
[02 Jul 1997]

About Paulette Ausley, slave labor, List One R/Ses and the RPF.

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Subject: Re: Flag Personnel in 1975
Date: 2 Jul 1997 16:17:57 -0700
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Message-ID: <> (Rev. Dennis Erlich) wrote:
> (Warrior) wrote:
> > I think it was Dennis who posed the question about Paulette being
> >busted during the List One Era.
> I know there was some sort of story about Paulette beyond the L1
> R/S thing. What was her post, again? Hadn't she just messed up some
> LRH mission?

I don't know what her post was on the Mission into PAC. FMO 1674 had
been fired into PAC around mid-1977. The FMO 1674 I/C (Mission 1st) was
Wayne Marple. The FMO 1674 2nd was Jack Dirmann; Jack had previously
held the post of HCO Area Secretary ASHO Day. His wife, Irene Dirmann
(formerly Irene Dunleavy and then Irene Howey) was Commanding Officer

The FMO 1674 Mission Orders included finding a suitable place to
locate _all_ the PAC orgs, to get the move *done*, to get a new location for
the Cadet Org. Once the primary target of finding new quarters for the PAC
orgs was accomplished (which was accomplished when the old vacant Cedars of
Lebanon Hospital complex was purchased for something like $3.5 million
in *cash*), the Complex needed to be renovated. A cheap labor force was

Paulette was part of the Mission under Wayne Marple. She had orders
to check _all_ staff in PAC for R/Ses. During this time Irene Dirmann was
transferred to the Office of Evaluation & Execution at Flag. ASHO Day
went through *3* Commanding Officers in about a 10-day period. First Irene,
then Paul Koval (who had been BC Supervisor and D/CO), then Dawn Granger
Prager (who had been the Div 6, or Distribution Division Secretary). Paul and
Dawn were two of the first (from ASHO D) to be assigned to the RPF as "list
one R/Sers".

This FMO 1674 Mission was billed as "The Commodore's Mission" since
they were acting on direct orders from Hubbard himself. Paulette Ausley was
the Technical I/C (in charge) of the others doing the metered checks for
R/Ses on staff. Odds were about 4 in 5 were being labelled as R/sers. At the
time the Mission had worked it's way down the Org Board to check me, I was a
Div head. I must not have had even a dirty needle because I was not one of
the ones sent to the RPF.

Paulette was the "head on a pike" (took the fall) for the "high
crime" of "out-tech" with regards to incorrectly interpreting the E_Meter
reads, which were "dirty needles", as "R/Ses". She was busted by LRH, had all
certs and awards cancelled, and was forbidden to ever hold a tech post
again, and all that crap. You know the patter, Dennis!

> >In PAC in 1978 or thereabouts, 77% of all ASHO
> >Day Sea Org staff who were meter checked were RPFed as List One R/Sers
> >(SPs)!!!
> I had to check the auditor's meter, leads, etc., any time they
> called an R/S. I rejected about half of the R/Ses as fake, but still
> the flood was so great as to fill up the RPF from a dozen to 200 in
> about 3 months.
> Hell, Gerry. You should talk about those days. (he was the RPF
> Bosun) Explain precisely what a "Karmi Run" is? Define
> "chicken-pickin".
> >I was an "admin" person at that time with virtually NO "tech training".
> >I realized that a great injustice was occurring over so many SO members
> >being RPFed as "List One R/Sers".
> It was hard not to notice such a high percentage of competent staff
> being busted to slave labor.
> >I wrote it up on the SO#1 Line (a letter line "to LRH").
> >It was *WEEKS* before anything was done about this obvious injustice.
> Sorry to bust your bubble, War. The injustices didn't stop; hell
> they didn't even slow down. And your letter was answered and signed
> by the SO-1 Unit at Flag, not Elrong hisself. Cheryl Chopping
> probably signed it.

You didn't burst my bubble, Dennis! I just meant that it was weeks
before any action was taken with regards to the RPF assignments. I doubt
my letter even made it to the SO#1 Unit at Flag because I had written to
"Ron" that something was obviously wrong that *SO MANY* staff were being
found to be "R/Sers". It was obvious to me that something was _rotten_
in PAC. Indeed the injustices became more vicious after this time
But I will talk about that another time.

I remember very well the morning I received a reply back from "Ron".
I can tell you verbatim what the reply was because I saved _all_ my
letters from "Ron". The reply was:

"Thank you very much for bringing this situation to my attention.
You will very shortly see a change. Love, Ron"

The "change" that occurred was that within *one* hour from the time I
received the reply and read it, another Mission arrived in PAC to set up
a "Board of Review" to verify the "R/Ses". I remember thinking at that
time that there is no way Hubbard could have signed the letter I had
just read! At any rate, the RPFers started *streaming* off the RPF and back
to the orgs they had come from. I always felt that my letter from "Ron"
had been written and signed by the LRH Comm (Kathy Drayton) or the LRH
Comm Sec'y (John LaVoie).

As another aside, Kathy Drayton was from Las Vegas. She had been a
blackjack dealer at one time. Do you know her, Ted? And John LaVoie
was from the Portland, Oregon area -- McMinnville, or something like

> (BTW, Murray Chopping is another Class 12 I
> forgot to mention that blew Flag when the poodle took control)
> > Some know that the RPF assignments of the SO members who were
> >labelled "R/Sers" were done because $cientology needed a cheap, full-time
> >labor force. During this time (actually called the "List One Era" in an
> >internal $cientology telex I have), the RPF was the *LARGEST* org in PAC --
> >larger than AOLA, ASHO D, ASHO F or Bridge Publications!!!
> > The "why" ? --
> > $cientology had bought the Cedars Complex and needed it renovated!!!!
> >The RPF provided the labor force...
> This is precisely what happened at Flag during the same era.
> That's why I assert that the scienokult runs on ~slave~ labor. I dint
> just make that up.

I *KNOW* you didn't make it up, Dennis. And FWIW I agree with you.

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