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[20 Jun 1997]

Scientology has a course for everything.

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Subject: Re: Stats, etc. was Re: Good news for Scienos
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In article <>, Paper Tiger says...
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>Warrior <> wrote:
>> Using Scientology data analysis with regard to "reading statistics" and
>>policies on how to correctly graph stats and determine the "trend", I
>>can see that between 1966 and 1977 the trend was "normal". From 1978 to
>>end of 1979 the trend was "power". Between 1980 and beginning of 1985 the
>>trend was "affluence". And since then the trend has returned to "normal".
>>By Scientology policies, a long term level trend results in a condition
>>of "emergency" being assigned.
> I don't want to derail the Clear-stats discussion, but could you (or
> someone else here) tell us a little about this "Scientology data
> analysis"? It looks like the L. Ron "management tech" that WISE is
> always pushing, but what exactly does it consist of?
> ** Paper Tiger (SP3, KBM, LFDoX)

Sure. Scientology has various 'courses' that teach how to collect, organize,
evaluate and act on data for the purpose of managing by statistics. WISE, and
various other front groups are engaged in the activity of getting ElRon's
tek used by the world at large. There are all kinds of 'courses' offered by
Scientology, from 'introductory' to 'professional' ones. The attitude held by
Scientology is that any increase in the use of its' tek by society is better
than none.

You probably have noticed that Scientology has a 'course' for *everything*.
If your marriage is in trouble, a Scieno would recommend the '2D Alignment
Course' and probably tell you to follow it up with a '2D Confessional' and a
'course' on 'Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics'.

If your business is not doing well, Scientology will try to sell you their
tek on organizational basics like 'ethics', 'staff member reports', use of
'stats' in managing a business, how to 'spot and handle SPs', the 'Tone scale',

If you are having trouble with a business partner, neighbor, relative or
friend, Scientology would probably try to sell you a 'course' on 'ethics'.

Of course the intention is *always* to exact the MAXIMUM amount of money
from the 'prospect' (mark). And there is certain to be an intensive and
unrelenting effort to make you CONTINUE on 'up the Bridge' (take MORE and MORE
courses until you have done them ALL, or as many as you can afford, and most
likely some that you can NOT afford).

What I was referring to in my previous post about 'reading statistics',
'data analysis', determining 'stat trends' etc. is taught by Scientology in
various 'courses'. I was specifically thinking of the 'Data Series Evaluator's
Course' (DSEC) when I made my comment. To be sure, there are *lots* of other
courses, like the 'Flag Executive Briefing Course' (FEBC), the 'Organization
Executive Course' (OEC), etc. These latter two 'courses' are taught for the
purpose of making a person able (in theory) to run an org. Scientology has
some courses that are taught in different versions, depending upon whether
you are Sea Org staff, Class V org staff, a 'public' member, or 'raw meat'
(newbie, or 'wog').

In data evaluation, use of reports from various levels of Scientology are
utilized. There are certain required reports from all levels of Scn management
whether it be continental, org level, divisional, departmental, sectional,
or unit. Besides weekly stat reports, there are a number of other required
reports in Scientology including (but by no means limited to) telexes, MO
reports (should exist in the McPherson case, by the way), finance reports,
surveys, personnel records (again would be useful in McPherson case), obs
(or observation) reports, stat graphs, HCO weekly reports, staff lists,
ethics orders, Dissemination weekly reports, battle plan reports, mission
observation reports, product officer reports, Advisory Council reports,
Executive Council reports, Flag Representative reports, internal affairs
reports -- well you get the idea!

The DSEC teaches a person how to take all the information in the files
(called 'Data files) and file it, summarize it, organize it, condense it,
evaluate it, and issue recommendations on areas needing handling ('down-
stat areas) or to reinforce areas or actions that are 'upstat'.

I would like to add that Scientology has so much data on itself and
its enemies that it takes several warehouses to store it all (in
various places around the world - it is not all in one place). As has
been said on ARS before, Scientology is a 'FILES type of organization'.

I am sure that volumes of information exist on Lisa McPherson and her
tragic death at Flag. And I am certain that the world will never see the
complete picture, but I do hope that enough will be seen to enable justice
to occur.

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