Stats, etc. was Re: Good news for Scienos
[19 Jun 1997]

A look at the number of 'Clears'.

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Subject: Stats, etc. was Re: Good news for Scienos
Date: 19 Jun 1997 12:41:18 -0700
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I am re-posting this to ask for information regarding the number of
'Clears' at various points in time. Anyone having copies of the Auditor
Magazine (or other Scientology periodicals, like 'Cause Magazine') are
requested to email me with data as to how many had attested to Clear as
of certain dates.

In article <>, says...

Warrior asked me to post this. [Some comments in square brackets.]

Thank you Cornelius. The reason I had asked you to post is that I don't
know how to get something from within my email to ARS.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

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Hello Cornelius,

Permission to post this is granted. In fact I am asking you to post this
for me please!

I only have 2 issues of the Auditor Mag. I have filled in the data
from them. Inside of each issue there is a date, so ask your source of
information for the date of Auditor Mags 187, 249 and 264.

[I can't ask them. The dates for Mags 187 and 249 can be found in
two of Hartwig's books. The Clear Number from Auditor 264 is also
from one of Hartwig's books. -- CK]

There will be a date somewhere on the inside, usually page 2 or the
next to last page.

[> by me; > > by Paper Tiger; numbers rounded to next 100 -- CK]

> 1 Feb 66 (John McMaster)
> > 4000 Jul 74
> > 8300 Oct 78
> 11100 Jan 79
  11700 Mar 79 (Auditor Mag 157)
  15700 Jun 79 (Auditor Mag 160)
> 21300 Oct 79
> > 32300 Sep 83
> ~38000 Dec 84 (Norbert Potthof)
> 42200 1991/1992 (mentioned in Auditor 264, but I have no year
> for this issue. Auditor 249 is 1990, 187 is 1983).
~50000 1996/1997 (according to recent reports I have seen on ARS)

I got curious and did a graph of Clears. It looks like this:

50K                                                                    x



'66 '76 '86 '96

[A beautified version of this - without the 1996 number - can be found at (which is
a work in progress). Anyone who dares to teach me gnuplot? -- CK]

In 1978 Hubbard released New Era Dianetics. As a result many attested to
Clear between 1978 and the early 80s. Clears were determined using different
methods than had been used in the previous 12 years. NOTs was also released
during this time period.

Using Scientology data analysis with regard to "reading statistics" and
policies on how to correctly graph stats and determine the "trend", I
can see that between 1966 and 1977 the trend was "normal". From 1978 to
end of 1979 the trend was "power". Between 1980 and beginning of 1985 the
trend was "affluence". And since then the trend has returned to "normal".
By Scientology policies, a long term level trend results in a condition
of "emergency" being assigned.

Under the steps of the "emergency formula", the cult must "promote,
change the operating basis, economize, prepare to deliver and stiffen
ethics". Perhaps this is why the cult is now engaging in another push to
round up all auditors and "re-certify" them. Most likely there are lots
of sec-checks occurring. Undoubtably "ethics" is strict and tough since
if the cult does not come out of "emergency", then discipline gets very
harsh. If an "emergency condition" continues for too long, "danger" is
assigned. *Then* "Ethics Investigations", "Comm-Evs" and "O/W write-ups"
are required.

Perhaps the cult is in a "condition of danger" already. From what I
see, there are plenty of "indicators" that this is the case.

In the late 70s to early 80s, massive witch hunts were conducted
inside the cult. The "tech" was redefined. And staff and public left
Scientology in droves. It is my belief that LRH ED 284 series (the
price increase issues) were released to offset the decline in rate
of enrollment of new members. Ever since Hubbard died (Jan 86), the
number of new Clears has remained level-trending.

Another "indicator" that all is not well in $cienoland is that they
are very seriously behind schedule on their Auditor magazines. Per
policy, the Auditor Mag is issued *every* month. Since issue # 160
of the Auditor Mag was published in June 1979, for ASHO to be on
schedule, they would have to be up to issue #376 by now (June 1997)
since 216 mos (18 yrs X 12 mos = 216 mos) have passed since issue #160
was put out in June of 1979. By 1990 the cult had issued Auditor Mag
#249. They should have been up to issue #287 by January 1990.

From my "data evaluation" I can see that $cientology is in trouble
financially. This would also explain why the cult is seeking to expand
into Japan, China, Russia and Central America. They are not expanding
in other areas of the world.

It looks to me like the "SPs" are being very effective! It's time to
step up the effort to expose $cientology's lies, abuses, crimes, etc.
Keep up the "entheta" !!

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects