Re: Ron: the increase will be 10% per month
[15 Jun 1997]

Scientology's rapidly rising prices.

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Subject: Re: Ron: the increase will be 10% per month
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>In article <>, (Huge
>Cajones Remailer) writes:
>[LRH ED 284 (Hubbard's "SOLUTION TO INFLATION") snipped]
> I remember the 16 September '76 ED, %10 per month price increases
> to continue indefinitely.
> I was appalled. I don't recall the price of a 12-1/2 hour intensive
> in September '76,

It was $500 US in LA. In 24 months the same 12 1/2 hr "intensive
of auditing" was going for $4924.85. The stated reasons for the price
increase were of course so that the quarters could improve in appearance,
so that staff could get paid better and so the orgs could deliver better
service to the public. In reality the orgs planetwide continued to deliver
less in exchange for the MONEY pouring in. This resulted in a "backlog"
of delivered "services". This resulted in a huge accumulation of unused
"credits on account" in the orgs. Unused credits in Scientology are called
"PPRs" (pre-payments received). Treasury divisions actually keep this as
a stat and report it to upper level management.

At any rate, Scientology went *seriously* "out-exchange".

Operation Snow White was in its' prime during this time. The Op on
Paulette Cooper was going on. Scientology had just bought the Ft. Harrison
Hotel in Clearwater. And they were soon to buy the Cedars of Lebanon
Hospital complex at the time LRH ED 284 INT was released. In fact, Wayne
Marple was fired on a "mission into PAC" to find suitable headquarters
and to get the orgs moved into a central organization.

> but I do recall being shocked that people actually
> paid the high price before the rate increase. And then to raise the
> rate, well, some people did actually buy it. I do remember feeling that
> they were real chumps.

The increase in prices was to offset the lack of public coming into
the orgs. Initially in 1976 there were some "highest evers" in orgs' "GI".
Then an "out-exchange situation" occurred. Scientology was taking in
HUGE amounts of MONEY but was delivering very little in return. One
could even argue that what was being delivered was an "overt product".
Lots of people got declared "SP" or had their "certificates" cancelled --
Gary Epstein at AOLA got declared "SP" for "feeding cognitions" to public
"pcs" so they would "attest" to their "OT level" sooner. Rocky Stump got
declared SP too. He had been trained at Flag and had been heavily promoted
in the "Auditor Mag" as an "HSST auditor and case supervisor", a "case-
cracker", a "top-notch auditor", "POWER C/S", etc. Paulettee Cohen got
declared for "suppressive acts". She was "found" to be "a who" with regards
to scores of Sea Org staff being assigned to the "RPF" as supposed "RSers",
when in fact the "RSes" had been "dirty needles". It was said that Paulette
had "MUs" on reading "dirty needles" as "RSes".

Some said that the reason for the PAC RPF being the largest organization
in PAC was due to the need for a cheap labor force to rennovate the complex.
I agree with this statement. I do not think it was an accident of one "SP"
that over a hundred staff were on the RPF in PAC at one time. Flag
management KNEW what was going on in PAC and condoned it for a long time.
I know this because I wrote "Knowledge reports" to Flag and letters to
"Ron". And at that time I was an "admin" person. I knew from reading
LRH "policy and bulletins" that 77% of my org's staff were NOT "SPs"!!!

I mean, how convenient!! In one week, 77% of my org's execs went to the
RPF!!! Later, management said "there has been an injustice" and a "mission
is being fired into PAC to establish a Board of Review to verify all the
"RSes". I mean come on, ASHO's "best Sea Org, Flag-trained, Class IX C/S"
Barbara Rubio was ordered to the RPF as an "RSer", and she refused to
report! She knew she wasn't an "SP".

> We had no trained auditors, they'd blown. And we were having
> trouble training any, the course sup had blown too. The flag rep
> at the time (Nancy Helgeson) had traded our word clearer to some
> LA-based org for her husband (Steve Helgeson).

You probably knew Steve Strode at LA Org then, Steve.

> Steve promptly started
> dicking the female auditors in his ivory tower during late night
> cram sessions. Our flag trained ethics officers had blown immediately
> after returning from flag, too. My senior exec was known to have had
> shock treatment AND sex with animals. And our fearless leader,
> Doreen Casey, OT-7, completely nuts, she looked exactly like the
> typical storybook wicked witch, busy busy busy. She was stealing
> money from the org's accounts, or so her comm ev goldenrod did state.
> Doreen had two-inch fingernails, skinny, with small breasts, missing
> a few teeth, long black hair, and she would scream "Bring me my tea!".
> (Oat tea?) Heh, she had us all terrified. I do think she looked a little
> sexy, always dressed in black, always appearing wild eyed and hungry.
> But John Mattoon, GO/OSA big boy was getting all of Doreen, too
> bad for old Peter Gilliam.
> Where is old John Mattoon these days. I'd guess he's about unproductive
> enough for an offload pretty soon. Old, must be about 60. Not likely
> to be in good health, due to the scieno lifestyle, bad diet, no
> medical care, smoke smoke smoke.
> Yes, yes, yes. Some picketers remarked on how the average age of
> the scienos is now . . . well, just plain old. And the young
> ones are at a tremendous disadvantage educationally, hubbard
> study tech, great anti scientology instrument.
> I left staff in the spring of '77. I do not know what became of the
> %10 per month increases. One likely possibility is that the public
> were conned and controlled by scaring them into buying sooner rather
> than later, "before the next price increase". Then they were probably
> conned again by offers of one-time-only price roll backs.

"BUY NOW" was *VERY* HEAVILY pushed ! There was a fantastic push by
management to bring pressure on people to sell their houses or get a
second mortgage, or obtain several credit cards for the purpose of
giving all they could to Scientology. "Secure *this* months' prices"
became the motto used by the "regges" as well. Lots of individual
Scientologists declared bankruptcy after "MAXING-OUT" their credit
and finding themselves with a cash flow problem.

> None of it worked to help anyone spiritually, and we could not even
> deliver our tremendously flawed product.

True as ever!! Scientology couldn't deliver an "OVERT PRODUCT". They
had and still have trouble keeping "auditors" and C/Ses" on staff. And
the orgs were accumulating an even HUGER backlog of unused "APs" (advance
payments) due to lack of "service", "overts" on their "money flows" and
a "failure to deliver what was promised"!!!

Criminal, even by Scientology's "standards"...

> scientology, flush it.


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