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Scientology's attitude to the mentally ill and those who help them.

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Date: 9 Jun 1997 13:40:19 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>Phillip Zadarnowski ( wrote:
>: Nah, Helena's just another fucking lawyer. She doesn't realize that
>: her meal-ticket will vapourize when she gets com-ev'd for fucking
>: up repeatedly. Then she really will end up on 30 bucks an hour
>: representing drunks and parking ticket disputes in some hick town.
>Helena is both a lawyer and seriously screwed up in the head by scn.
>Get her started sometime on how all the mental health professionals
>should be dragged out and shot. Keith Henson

A person (Scientologist) who has an attitude that all mental health
professionals are 'SPs' has a very bad attitude! Scientology doesn't
help the mentally ill. Scientology not only fails to help, but in
many, many cases has made people insane.

The attitude or opinion of 'psychs' as 'SPs' dictates Scientologists'
behaviour towards the mental health profession.

It seems to me that Scientology and Scientologists are the ones who
have 'overts' towards 'psychs'. Certainly L. Ron Hubbard did more than
his share of condemning, attacking, bad-mouthing, and generally trying
to destroy the mental health professions of the world, especially in the
US and England.

As L. Ron Hubbard wrote that 'RSers' ('Rock Slammers', or 'SPs') have
'innumerable committed overts' in a particular area, is this itself not
a statement of Hubbard's own guilt with regards to the mental health
profession? After all, Hubbard not only stated that an 'SP' feels that
he must drag others down to his level, but that 'SPs' are in a hidden fear
of others -- fear of being discovered for what they (the 'SP') actually are:


It is also an 'overt' of considerable magnitude to fail to help a
person who needs help. In regards to the mentally ill, L. Ron Hubbard
has stated that the mentally ill will be the last ones to get help.
Hubbard said that his organization doesn't owe its' help to anyone.
Hubbard said that Scientology was "for helping the able become more

It is sad that Scientology and Scientologists do not apply the 'tech'
to themselves. I believe Hubbard to be the 'SP' and Scientologists to be
'PTS' to Hubbard and the cult of Scientology and its' current leaders.

Maybe Helena will come to her senses. It is sad that Scientologists
only seem to criticize and attack those that are actually trying to do
something about the mentally ill.

It is time for you Scienos to take a good look in the mirror and to
see what you have become...

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects