$cientology membership numbers - was Re: I need a TLA for my PC to fix my NMI, stat.
[09 Jun 1997]

Data collection and the Central Files.

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Subject: $cientology membership numbers - was Re: I need a TLA for my PC to fix my NMI, stat.
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In article <339B8D1B.DA9@worldnet.att.net>, Joe Harrington wrote:
>"CF" = Central Files. By policy, the names of ANY Scientologists at ANY
>org who has ever received a MAJOR service at an organization, below
>Flag, MUST be forwarded to Flag, where the names become the CF for
>Flag. A MAJOR service is considered paying for an completing a level or
>training, technical or administrative, or a auditing intensive.
>To sign up for a major service, a member must either have a 6 months
>free IAS membership in existence, or be current on their yearly paid

The policy is the same at the Saint Hills and Advanced Organizations
regarding who is supposed to be in their Central Files. By mid-1983, ASHO
had been sending out 2 or 3 "outer org" tours every week for about a year.
One of the main targets for the tours personnel to accomplish was to get
every org and mission mailing list in their hand before going back to
ASHO. The names obtained from the outer orgs (at that time called Class
IV Orgs) and missions were turned over to the Address Officer ASHO Day
for imput into its computer which was located in the AOLA building on the
3rd floor in the northwest corner of the building.

At the end of 1983 the project was essentially complete, with all orgs'
mailing lists having been computerized on the AOLA computer, which was a
DEC 1134. Only a couple of smaller missions had not complied with the Sea
Org's order to send their mailing lists to ASHO. (*note - ASHO and AOLA
shared the DEC 1134 computer system, including the address files on the
system. Since it was located in the AOLA building, it was commonly referred
to as the AOLA computer.)

Anyway, by the end of 1983 there were 45,000 'T&P' ('trained and
processed') names on the computer. These names comprised every known
Scientologist in the Western Hemisphere who had ever done a major service
in Scientology. The reason these people were in the computer system was
so that the orgs could promote to them, since they were considered to be
eligible for AOLA or ASHO services ('higher org training and/or processing').

If Flag only had 40,000 names of 'T&P' persons in 1990, then it seems
to me that Scientology's membership DECREASED by about 10% during the
6 - 7 year time period from late 1983 and some time in 1990.

Do you concur with this observation, Joe?

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

P.S. As an executive who sat in on Exec Council/Advisory Council meetings,
I was one of the Sea Org execs who made decisions on which promotional
pieces would be sent out each week. The size of ASHO's 'T&P' mailing
list was a frequent topic since funds would have to be allocated by
the Financial Planning Committee for typesetting, printing, mailing house
services and postage.

That's how I know Scientology's claim of 8 million members is a LIE.