Re: Arsclycans and Arsclycus
[09 Jun 1997]

Hubbard said, "So long as one does not attack Scientology, one is safe".

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: Arsclycans and Arsclycus
Date: 9 Jun 1997 19:14:56 -0700
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In article <5nhrnn$>, says...
>There's so much sci-fi from which to choose! Tell us more about the
>Markabs, the gates of Heaven, Incident 1 & 2, the Helatrobus Implants.
>Those are the ones I've heard of - are there any more?

Oh there is lots of weird science fiction stuff from Hubbard's
voluminous rantings. Have you ever heard the tape where Hubbard talks
about the different races of 'thetans'? I don't have the tape, but I do
seem to recall that Hubbard said one was the 'cat people'.

Maybe Jana or Dennis could give us some more info. I was mainly an
'admin' slave, not a 'tech' person in Scientology.

>BTW, hi Warrior, I like your posts.
>Perry Scott
>Co$ Escapee

Greetings to you, Perry, and to all ars readers,

I try to post about things I can back up with facts. As I have a pretty
good memory, and I have lots of files about my Scientology experiences,
I try to give 'time, place, event and form' so that it is then impossible
for Scientology to refute what I post.

I am a relative newcomer to ars. Back when I was just a lurker, I kept
on reading things on ars and would start to reply. Every time, I would
let my fears get the better of me. Finally I decided that if I get
attacked or sued for what I post to ars, then I will have to stand up
for my freedom of speech. After all, I am not posting, and have not posted
anything of an infringing nature upon Scientology's purported copyrights.

It is not necessary, in my opinion, to violate any laws in the course
of exposing the lies of Scientology. Fair use laws permit anyone to
discuss Scientology (or any other subject) without violating any law.

Now I am not in any way implying that anyone has broken any laws.
Furthermore, I do believe that civil disobedience has its' time and place
to be exercised. I admire the courage of all those who are engaged in
litigation with the cult of Scientology over alleged copyright violations
and/or 'trade secrets'.

I am definitely a critic of Scientology. I am not a freezoner. And I am
not part of the 'independent field'. I am simply an ex-Sea Org member who
was severly betrayed by Hubbard and his organization, Scientology. In my
posts I am sure you have seen my use of Scientology terminology when I am
writing about Scientology. I am mentioning this here because I want
everyone to understand to the best of my ability, the mindset of Scientology
and Scientologists.

Also, in many of my posts I am using Scientology's own language, their
'tech' and their 'reasoning' to show Scientologists how absurd or insane or
dangerous or hypocritical or disgusting their founder's philosophy and
practices are.

One spokesperson for Scientology (Leisa Goodman?) said that Scientology
supports freedom of speech. I doubt this statement very much. What I have
seen to be true is that Scientology supports freedom of speech so long as
what is being said or written is not critical of, or an attack upon
Scientology, and in fact Hubbard did say something like "So long as one
does not attack Scientology, one is safe". A good case in point (there are
many) is Jon Atack's story. I owe a debt of gratitude to Jon, as well as to
Bent Corydon, Arnie Lerma, Dennis Erlich, Tom Klemesrud, Karin Spaink, Gerry
Armstrong, Paulette Cooper, Nibs Hubbard, Bob Penny, Larry Wollersheim,
Grady Ward, Keith Henson, Gabe Cazares, Joseph Yanny, Margery Wakefield,
Steve Fishman, Andre Tabayoyon, Vaughn Young and Lisa McPherson, just
to name a few. Had they all not had the courage to come forward and tell
their story, I very likely would not be here on ars today.

More than anything it is due to my reading Jon Atack's excellent book
A Piece of Blue Sky, and the publicity caused by the raids on Arnie
Lerma (which I first heard about late one night on CNN Headline News),
and the raid on Dennis Erlich that I have decided to 'come out'. Had
Scientology not done their actions on these individuals, I most likely
would be spending my time on something else.

At any rate, I will be on ars for as long as it takes to tell my story,
to say everything I want to say and to answer any questions that come my way.

One of my primary purposes for being here on ars is to let others know
my experience in the hopes that they may avoid having to learn the hard way
(as I did) what Scientology really is all about without the PR, lies,
half-truths and 'acceptable truths' that Scientology pushes upon the
world through the various media.

I will do my best to not say anything that I might regret later on.

Best to you,
Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
-- an 'SP' is as valuable as he can help others...