Re: what about the SCN creed?
[09 Jun 1997]

Comments on the Creed of the "Church" of Scientology.

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Subject: Re: what about the SCN creed?
Date: 9 Jun 1997 22:29:51 -0700
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In article <>, "Val, says...
>The creed of the church of Scientology
> WE (they) of the church believe:
> That all men of whatever race,color or creed were created with equal
> rights.

But Hubbard did write in Science of Survival:

"While all men are created with equal rights under the law, an
examination of the individuals in the society rapidly demonstrates
that all men are not created with equal potential value to their


"In any event, any person from 2.0 down on the tone scale should
not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind,
because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and
strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such

And believe me, Scientologists believe that they need no restraints,
but do believe that they should decide what is legal.

> That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices
> and their performance.

Just do not attempt to practice your religion and Scientology at
the same time. If you do, we will declare you 'PTS Type H' ('open-
minded') and we will bar you from any future Scientology 'services'
until you 'handle' your 'low-toned, open-minded, wog condition'.

> That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

Unless you are critical ( a vocal opponent) of Scientology, in
which case we will probably attempt to frame you for a crime you
did not commit, just as we did to Paulette Cooper for writing her
book, and as we attempted to frame the former Mayor of Clearwater
Florida, Gabriel Cazares, for being a vocal opponent to our
presence in Clearwater in 1975 when we covertly moved into
Clearwater under the name of 'the United Churches'.

> That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity.

And if you go 'PTS Type III' (psychotic) while in Scientology,
we will lock you up in isolation, as we did to Lisa McPherson,
who died 17 days later while in our 'church' under our 'care'.

> That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

Just realize that we have way more money than you do, and we
will most likely keep bringing legal actions against you in
an attempt, as our founder Hubbard dictated: "...if possible
of course, RUIN him utterly."

> That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist and
> support their own organizations,churches and governments.

Unless your organization is an 'enemy' of Scientology, in which case
we will infiltrate it in order to sabotage it, or sue it for the
purpose of ruining it financially, thus causing its collapse and

> That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely
> their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of
> others.

Unless you are a 'SUPPRESSIVE PERSON' who is exposing the actual
abuses, lies, half-truths, dangerous practices, deception, fraud
or any other evil of Scientology. In the event that you try to
exercise your freedom of speech, and attack Scientology in the
process, we will treat you as 'FAIR GAME'. After we are done
dealing with you, you will be lucky if you have any peace of mind
or sanity left. You certainly will not have any money left, because
you will have spent it all on legal bills. And don't forget you
reputation. We will have ruined that too! Our founder L. Ron
Hubbard dictates that we MUST ruin you utterly! In this regard
we will create 'Dead Agent' [DA] packs of material, and we will smear
your name through a 'BLACK PROPAGANDA' campaign. Your neighbors,
friends, co-workers, boss, and relatives will think you are a
sex criminal or a psycho after they are through reading the
'information' we distribute far and wide on you!

> That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind.

But be forewarned that as a Sea Org member you may not have a child.
If you do, we will have to hold a 'Fitness Board' as per LRH Comm
Network International Executive Directive NW 26 PAC of 29 June 1979
entitled 'Pregnancies and Babies in PAC' to determine your worth
as a staff member. We most likely will determine that you are not
'upstat' enough to warrant the expense and burden of providing child
care facilities for you child.

> That the souls of men have the rights of men.

All the millions of souls (what we call 'Body Thetans') that
infest you have a right to be commanded to find somewhere else
to go to. If you have difficulty getting them to leave your body,
we of course will charge you exhorbitant fees, subject you to
endless 'review handling' and do all we can to convince you that
you are wrong to have believed your body possessed only one soul.
If you run out of money during the attempt to handle your 'BTs',
you may be left to experience a psychotic break, in which case
we will lock you up in isolation until you promise to calm down.
After all, YOU are responsible for your OWN condition!

> That the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills
> should not be alienated from the religion or condoned in nonreligious
> fields.

We want religion to have a monopoly of the healing of mentally
caused ills. Actually, our founder Hubbard forbids us from helping
the institutionally insane, persons with psychiatric histories and
even those with connections to 'psychs'. We just want the 'psychs'
and mental health professionals and institutions eliminated so that
they are no longer a threat to our financial well-being, since we
have no intention of helping the mentally ill anyway. In fact, in
many cases we have actually made people insane through our practices.

> And that no agency less than GOD has the power to suspend or set aside
> these rights,overtly or covertly.

We just through this in for good measure to dupe you into believing
that we are a bona fide religion. We want the general public to
believe that we allow persons of all faiths to practice Scientology.
In actual fact, our true goal is to convert you into a robot who
will give us all your time, money and energy. Our organization will
set your head straight. You will learn from L RON HUBBARD - *SOURCE* -
The man on the cross, Jesus Christ, was JUST AN IMPLANT!!!

We will have you clapping and giving three cheers to HUBBARD in no
time at all. And if you DO NOT or if you exhibit 'BIs', we will
OVERTS. We will give you a SECURITY CHECK with a LIE DETECTOR to
ENSURE you tell us ALL the crimes and sins and transgressions and
impure thoughts you have ever had. And if this doesn't handle you
we will order you onto an AMENDS PROJECT until you cave in completely.

Now, we want you to donate to the International Association of
Scientologists. Will that be cash, check or credit card??

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
-- an 'SP' is as valuable as he can help others...

>REF: What is Scientology/ the creed of the church of scientology (first
>printing 1978)
> Well, What if the church followed their own creed? It seems if
>they "got the tech in" their would be NO attackes on people who excerise
>their rights?!?
>What up wit dat???
>EXcmo lurkdog.