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[07 Jun 1997]

How many Scientologists are there? (definitely not 8 million)

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: only 45,000 clams
Date: 7 Jun 1997 15:28:59 -0700
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Hello ARS readers,

As a former member of the cult of Scientology I would like to say
for the record that the survey below is VERY accurate in terms of
the number of practicing (active) Scientologists in the United States.

While in the Sea Organization I knew several fellow staff members
who were working in the position of Address Officer at various times
between 1975 and 1989. The Address Officer is the person in a Scientology
Organization who is in charge of the mailing list.

Some of these Address Officers I knew included:

Don Saito
Brian Madden
Phil Inzel
Len Gannon
Bob Shaffner (now deceased, having died after completion of OT III)
Dave Cintron

I personally knew all of the above Sea Org staff in PAC (LA area) and
have spoken with all of the above named individuals numerous times. The
subject of these conversations was the mailing list of Scientology. With
regards to the mailing list of Scientology, information I have discussed
included, but was not limited to:

1) the total number of names on the mailing list
2) the breakdown, by category and numbers, of the names on the mailing list
3) the codes used to 'tab' each of the names on the mailing list
4) the purpose of the 'tabbing' within each individual name file on the
mailing list
5) the number of active members on the mailing list (tabbed 'T&P')
6) the number of names of book buyers on the mailing list (tabbed 'BB')
7) the number of 'addunks', or 'address unknowns' on the mailing list
(tabbed 'UNK')
8) the number of 'askoffs', or those who have asked to be removed
from the mailing list (tabbed 'ASK')
9) the number of individuals categorized as 'dead-filed' (tabbed 'DF')
10) the number of individuals on the mailing list who have 'dropped their
bod', or died (tabbed 'X')
11) the number of individuals on the mailing list who are declared
suppressive persons (tabbed 'SP')
12) the number of individuals who are marked as 'legal threats' (tabbed 'L')
13) the total number of individuals labelled 'PTS' (tabbed 'PTS')
14) the total number of individuals who have only completed a basic,
or introductory course (tabbed 'BAS')
15) other uses of the mailing list besides for promotional mailings
(such as for investigations into known or suspected individuals 'SPs'
who are spreading 'entheta' about, or 'attacking' Scientology)

The information given to me by the various Address Officers is that
there are a total of 250,000 names on the mailing list of Scientologists
in the Western Hemisphere, with the vast majority of members residing in
the United States, followed by Canada, then Mexico, then Central and South
America, in descending order as to number of identities.

There are approximately 45,000 active Scientologists in the Western
Hemisphere. The vast majority of names on the mailing list includes
individuals who have simply read a book (usually Dianetics) or who
have expressed an interest in, and have asked for more information on
Scientology or Dianetics.

Scientology's claim that there are 8 million members/adherents is FALSE.
Scientology's claim of 8 million adherents actually refers to the total
number of individuals who supposedly have bought a book.

Sworn by me this 7th day of June, 1997.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

In article <>, says...
>Churchgoing Boomers Prove Reports of God's Death are Greatly Exaggerated
>New Surveys Show That Baby Boomers Practice Religion a La Carte
>The Boomer Report
>Copyright 1991 FIND/SVP, Inc.
>July 15, 1991

[big snip]

> Self-Described Religious Adherence of U.S. Adult
> Population 1990
> (Weighted Estimates)
> Total U.S. Population 18+ = 175,440,000
>Religious Denomination
>Christians Number Percent
>(no denomination supplied) 8,073,000 4.6
>Roman Catholic 46,004,000 26.2
>(no denomination supplied) 17,214,000 9.8
>Baptist 33,964,000 19.4
>Methodist 14,116,000 8.0
>Lutheran 9,110,000 5.2
>Presbyterian 4,985,000 2.8
>Pentecostal 3,116,000 1.8
>Episcopalian/Angelican 3,042,000 1.7
>Mormon/LDS 2,487,000 1.4
>Church of Christ 1,769,000 1.0
>Jehovah Witness 1,381,000 0.8
>Seventh Day Adventist 668,000
>Assembly of God 660,000
>Holiness/Holy 610,000
>Nazarene 549,000
>Unitarian 463,000
>Evangelical/Born Again 446,000
>Church of God 442,000
>Congregational 438,000
>Greek Orthodox 384,000
>Quaker/Mennonite 302,000
>Christian Science 214,000
>Brethren 206,000
>Disciples of Christ 144,000
>New Apostolic 117,000
>Worldwide Church of God 116,000
>Russian Orthodox 85,000
>Charismatic 75,000
>Wesleyan 58,000
>Christian Reform 40,000
>Eastern Orthodox 33,000
>Church of God in Christ 32,000
>Fundamentalist 27,000
>Independent Church 25,000
>Four Square Gospel 24,000
>Dutch Reform 19,000
>Covenant 16,000
>Church of America 11,000
>Four Square 4,000
>Open Bible 4,000
>Non-Denominational 195,000
>Total Christian 151,668,000 86.5
>Religious Denomination
>Non-Christians Number Percent
>Jewish 3,137,000 1.8
>Muslim/Islamic * 527,000 * 0.3(0.5)
>Buddhist * 401,000 * (0.4)
>Hindu * 227,000 * (0.2)
>Bahai 28,000
>Taoist 23,000
>Rastafarian 14,000
>Wiccan 8,000
>Diety 6,000
>Agnostic 1,186,000 0.7
>Scientology 45,000
>Humanist 29,000
>New Age 20,000
>Eckankar 18,000
>Other Unclassified 889,000
>No Religion 13,116,000 7.5
>Refused 4,031,000 2.3
>U.S. Total 175,440,000 100.0
> * Adjustments for undercounts due to language problems Missing percentages
>are too small to be statistically significant.
> Source: National Survey of Religious Identification, 1989-1990; City
>University of New York