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Scientology is not compatible with Christian beliefs.

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In article <>, says...
> The Co$ claims that some of it's members are Catholics, in other places
>i have seen that Baptists are supposedly members. How can they justify
>this with reincarnation? The doctrine of reincarnation (scattered all
>through Scientology writings) is at complete variance with the teachings
>of Christianity, I wonder what the Pope would say? Either these claims are
>lies or else some members of Scientology do not know the basic teachings
>of their religion!

The claim is a lie AND some 'members' (newbies) do not know the
'advanced' teachings of the cult.

Recently a post was done to ARS regarding Scientology's answer to the
IRS regarding the practice of Scientology AND being a member in another
faith. The official answer by Scientology is that a person cannot practice
Scientology and something else at the same time, and that while active in
Scientology, the enrollee must devote himself/herself exclusively to the
study of Scientology.

In fact, by actual policy of Scientology, one practicing Scientology
AND another practice at the same time is labelled 'PTS Type H'. Such a
person, once detected/discovered to be 'open-minded' ('PTS Type H') is
then declared ineligible for further 'services' in Scientology until the
'PTS condition' is 'handled'.

The vast majority of students of Scientology have no idea what is in
store for them on the so-called 'upper levels'. This is how members of
other faiths are deceived into thinking that Scientology is not incompatible
with their faith.

The 'Bridge' was cleverly and deceptively designed to trick individuals
into believing that there is no conflict between Scientology's teachings
and beliefs, and those of other (genuine) religious practices. Since
information about Scientology's beliefs and practices is slowly revealed
one step at a time, in successively controlled steps up the so-called
'Bridge', many individuals spend years and thousands of dollars before
learning that Hubbard (and therefore Scientology) teaches that Jesus Christ
was an 'implant'.

As a Christian who spent a total of 15 years actively studying Scientology
(almost 8 of which I spent in the Sea Org), I must tell you I felt severely
betrayed to finally learn the real and whole truth about Scientology's

The horrible truth about Scientology is that the organization hopes to
convert you over to their practices and beliefs through an ingeniously devised
system of covert indoctrination.

This is my opinion based upon years of experience. You will find that I am
not the only former member who has had this experience.

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