An answer for Jeff Jacobsen (was: Freedom mag. and biased reporters)
[03 Jun 1997]

Can "Freedom Magazine" reporters be objective?

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Subject: An answer for Jeff Jacobsen (was: Freedom mag. and biased reporters)
Date: 3 Jun 1997 00:33:41 -0700
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In article <5n0770$>, says...
>For some reason something has been bothering me lately. When we
>had a press conference in Clearwater Florida after our first picket
>there in March of '96, Sylvia Stanard came in as a reporter for
>scientology's Freedom Magazine. The press conference was for the
>press and picketers only, and Sylvia had credentials as a reporter for
>After a few people gave talks about Scientology, we opened the
>floor for questions. There weren't really too many questions except
>from Sylvia. After a bit she said she was there at the press
>conference to defend her faith. I was quite surprised by this and
>asked her whether she came in as a reporter. She said, yes, she was
>here as both a reporter and a defender of her faith.
>I took an introductory course in journalism. From that and general
>experience it's my opinion that reporters while on the job are
>supposed to be objective observers, not active participants in what
>they are covering. Am I wrong?
>When a Freedom Magazine reporter calls you, understand that they
>are not only reporters, they are also defending Scientology at the
>same time.

I for one do not think you are wrong.

The problem is that Scientologists are NOT objective as reporters. Anyone
demonstrating against Scientology is guilty of a "Suppressive Act" according to
L. Ron Hubbard's "Ethics and Justice Codes". Also, Scientologists have a duty
to write up "knowledge reports" regarding such incidents of "Suppression".

Let me make myself clear on this. I am in NO way defending the practices of
Scientology and Scientologists. I am simply explaining the absurdity and bias in
regards to "handling" supposed "SPs".

The fact is that Scientologists have their own "Ethics and Justice" policies
(written by Hubbard, of course), AND Scientologists consider their "Ethics and
Justice" system to be senior to the law of the land. In support of my
allegation, I note that Hubbard makes it a "Suppressive Act" to bring a civil
suit against another Scientologist without first bringing the matter to the
attention of Scientology management. In the "old days", the policy stated that
one must bring the matter to the attention of the Chairman World Wide and
receive a reply before any action could be taken in a "wog" court of law.

In regards to journalists and reporters who are Scientologists, a similar
principle applies to members of the cult. EVERYTHING they do is modified
or influenced by the fact that they are Scientologists, and as such, they
MUST not fail to defend their group and fellow members. For reporters such
as Freedom Magazine's Sylvia Stanard, who undoubtably is a Sea Org member,
she is GOVERNED (bound) by Flag Order 3281, "The Code of a Sea Org Member"
which states in part (and which Sea Org Members must swear to):

"1. I promise to uphold, forward and carry out Command [L. Ron
Hubbard's] Intention."

"3. I promise to help get Ethics in on this planet and the Universe."

"5. I promise to uphold the fact that duty is the Sea Org Member's
true motivation, which is the highest motivation there is."

"16. I promise to come to the defense of the Sea Org and fellow Sea
Org Members whenever needed."

"17. I promise through my actions to increase the power of the Sea Org
and decrease the power of any enemy."

"18. I promise to make things go right and to persist until they do."

In the unlikely event that Sylvia Stanard is not a Sea Org member, she
would still be bound by "The Code of Honour" [of a Scientologist] which
states in part,

"1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble"

"2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted."

"3, Never desert a group to which you owe your support."

"9. Your self-determinism and your honour are more important than your
immediate life."

"10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body."

"12. Never fear to hurt another in a just cause."

As if that isn't enough, there is also "The Code of a Scientologist"
which says:

"As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the
good of all:"

"1. To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclears
concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or
those whose names are closely connected to this science."

"4. To punish to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading
Scientology to harmful ends."

"6. To discourage the abuse of Scientology in the press."

*NOTE: The above quotes are attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, copyright 1954
and 1957, except for excerpts from Flag Order 3281, which has no copyright
notice, but which is dated 7 January 1973 and states "Approved by Capt. Mary
Sue Hubbard D/Commodore for L. Ron Hubbard Commodore."

When one realizes that a Scientologist considers their organization to
be the best, most ethical and vital group on the planet, LOTS of things
are possible. Let's don't forget that Hubbard wrote "Do not tell harmful lies."
in The Way To Happiness booklet.

Clearly, the above quotes show the mindset of a Scientologist and a Sea Org
member. It is a scary one given that members of the cult (particularly staff,
and particularly Sea Org, and ESPECIALLY OSA staff) consider that they have
the best "technology" and that their "purpose" is "senior to" any other. It
then becomes quite easy for a Scientologist to become blind to the law of the
land, since the world has so many "SPs".

Hubbard also wrote that "purpose is senior to policy".

I know well the mindset of a member of the cult. I was a member of the
so-called "Elite" group -- the Sea Org. I understand full well how all
manner of deeds and mis-deeds are justified in the name of "religion",
"purpose", "Keeping Scientology Working", "duty", "honour", etc.

One cannot expect a Scientologist reporter or journalist to be unbiased.
That would be a totally unreal expectation. It would be an "overt of
omission" for a Scientologist to fail to "handle an SP" (demonstrator or
picketer). For those of you who may not understand the term "overt", just
substitute the word "sin", or "crime" or "transgression".

While I have your attention I feel compelled to ask you, the reader, to
consider the above quotes and examine or evaluate each with respect to events
involving Scientology and Scientologists. Consider Lisa McPherson's death.
Consider Operation Snow White, Operation Tricycle, Operation Bulldozer, Op
Freakout, ad nauseum.

You will understand why Scientology and Scientologists operate the way they
do. They are bound by codes to "handle SPs". These "SPs" include anyone
publicly critical of or attacking Scientology and/or Scientologists.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects