Re: Interiorization Rundown
[01 Jun 1997]

What is the "Interiorization Rundown?"

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: Interiorization Rundown
Date: 1 Jun 1997 14:42:12 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>In article <5mq5e0$>, Warrior <> wrote:
>> That was when I was put onto the
>> "Interiorization Rundown" and "audited" by a Class VIII, Cathy Alessandrini.
>> After this, or as a "result" of this, I was allowed to attest to "Natural Clear".
>Hi! You mentioned "Interiorization Rundown". Could you explain a little
>about what it involved? Thanks! -Mike

Sure. I'll tell a little about what it involves.

As I explained earlier in a post entitled "Scientology lied to me over and
over for years", I had been audited on the Dianetic Drug Rundown. During that
time I began to experience severe migraine headaches. Since I would no longer
allow myself to be audited on Dianetics, my "pc" folder was studied by the
C/S to determine what my next auditing "action" should be.

I was C/Sed for the Interiorization Rundown (also known as the Interior-
ization-Exteriorization Rundown (ref: HCOB 24 Sept 1971). According to L. Ron
Hubbard "Headaches are a symptom (not every headache is) of a needed or an
incorrect Int[eriorization] R[un]D[own]."

The Int RD takes "a look at the subject of going into things..."

As you may know, L. Ron Hubbard said that people can "exteriorize" (leave
their body with their "Thetan", or spirit). So the Int RD deals with times
a "preclear" or "pc" has had difficulties going exterior. It also deals with
times a "pc" got "stuck in", "kicked out of spaces", etc.

An Int RD is also given when a "pc" has been "overrun" (audited too much).

The funny part of all this is that I had been being audited on Dianetics
and had been experiencing severe migraines. One night, during this time, a
few of the ASHO Day Sea Org staff and I got drunk. I remember being with Jackie
Mercer Harvey (the Staff Section Officer, or SSO) and Jeffrey Avrin (the
Director of FSMs). Jackie got so smashed that Jeff and I had to carry her to
her dorm and put her in her bed as she was passed out from too much whiskey!

The day after this, Jeff wrote up a report to the ASHO Day C/S about
things I had said. Basically I had said that I felt I was "Clear" for a long
time and that I couldn't stand being audited on Dianetics any longer since I
felt like I was going to go out of my mind if it was continued. I also voiced
the "Clear cognition" that night while intoxicated. Jeff wrote up what I had
said. Shortly after that night I was taken into session and asked about what
I had said, etc. (to verify it all I suppose).

After this I was allowed to attest to "Natural Clear", as I always been
"Clear" (had never been anything but "Clear").

The "tech" is a bunch of garbage if you want my opinion...

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