Re: # 9 Lies of Scientology
[31 May 1997]

Scientology's "services" are not what they are touted to be.

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Subject: Re: # 9 Lies of Scientology
Date: 31 May 1997 14:32:48 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>On 30 May 1997 14:53:31 GMT, (Exile49) wrote:
>> #9 Lies of Scientology
>> The Church of Scientology says that it's courses are "Affordable."
>Good Post!
>In the admin training that I did in East Grinstead and LA I remember a
>fair number of references where LRH said he wanted the scn technology
>to be available to the everyday working man.... I know very few
>people that could afford any of the levels on the bridge.

In a way this is a good thing, otherwise more people would have been
snared into Scientology.

>I did do an awful lot of training on the admin side, in my opinion the
>training of people on staff is used as yet another control mechanism.
>You know, just to make sure that you would never have time to go out
>into the real world.

I couldn't agree more. Most of my "services received" were nothing more
than "admin training" that was required by the positions I held. It is
called "hatting" (job training), and when I left the Sea Org I was billed
for it and declared a "freeloader" and put into a "condition of DOUBT".

>I once received some auditing at Saint Hill and I obviously said
>something that freaked my auditor out because after that I was told
>that I could only be audited by a Class VI auditor..... The result?
>The next time I was in Saint Hill I was told by the CO that I had to
>have a confessional. Because of the highly trained auditor needed to
>deal with my case. The org in Edinburgh had to pay Saint Hill for my
>auditing. I also remember having a problem with that as it was not
>like I was actually receiving any service. .... I was ultimately
>having to pay for sitting in a chair with cans in my hands and be
>accused of a lot of bogus wrong doings and wrong thoughts.
>On coming out of the church I did get more auditing from a 'splinter
>group', I think I have mentioned this before, I did OT1-7 and the Ls.
>(Wasn't I lucky!!) But I found out that I was a 'natural clear' so I
>probably had come out with the 'clear cog' in the incident mentioned

Most of my "auditing" consisted of SECURITY CHECKS AND CONFESSIONALS.
I was audited on other actions, like "Life Repair", the "Interiorization
Rundown", "PTS Rundown", etc. On the "Dianetic Drug Rundown" I began to
suffer from migraine headaches. I recall vividly telling my "auditors"
that I could look at an "incident" (memory) FOREVER AND EVER and that
it did not "erase" or "get more solid". I told my auditors that everything
was just memories and that I could look at them all as often as I liked.

After this my "auditing" on the Dianetic Drug Rundown was stopped because
I would no longer be "audited" on it. That was when I was put onto the
"Interiorization Rundown" and "audited" by a Class VIII, Cathy Alessandrini.

After this, or as a "result" of this, I was allowed to attest to "Natural

NOW this whole thing strikes me as odd, because prior to attesting to
"Clear", I had been told I was psychotic, SP, PTS, etc. because I had wanted
to leave the Sea Org due to a "2D" situation mentioned in an earlire post (my
wife was not in the SO and I was).

So now I guess Scientology probably views me as a "Natural Clear SP". <grin>

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

>Moira Hutchison