Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years
[25 May 1997]

How I found, upon reporting to the Sea Org after an arduous journey, that
I had been lied to about the Sea Org's facilities for child care.

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Subject: Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years
Date: 25 May 1997 16:45:10 -0700
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In article <>, Lars says...
>Warrior wrote:
>> 1) He lied about the facilities for child care (at that time
>> referred to as the Cadet Org). I was told that there was a day care
>> facility to look after my child, and that upon my arrival in ASHO, my
>> child would be placed in this day care center while I worked. Upon my
>> arrival to the Sea Org in LA, I discovered that the Cadet Org (on
>> Melrose Avenue at that time) was absolutely filthy. It was
>> understaffed. Many babies (infants and toddlers) wandered around in
>> the lobby, apparently under the care of the *receptionist*!!
>> I was disgusted. This "day care" facility was obviously in
>:>violation of health codes. What I saw was utter neglect, filth and stench.
>>Several babies were crawling on the tiled floor. They were filthy and in
>>need of having their diapers changed. And at the time that I walked into
>> the building and into the lobby, there was *no one* even there to keep
>>their eyes on the children.
>Reminds me of the Clearwater story from the the ARD documentation. How
>did you react to this? What about the other parent - did they really
>care that little about their children?
>Sorry, but such are messages horrifying.
>> More later...
>> Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
>A very interesting post. Corious about continuation.
>Lars B"ahren

Let me give a little background. I had just driven over 1400 miles to report
to the Sea Org in LA. The first day I had driven 600+ miles, and the second day
I had driven 800+ miles. Upon arriving in LA, I stopped at a service station
on Vermont Avenue and called the HCO Area Sec. (HAS) of the American
Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), Jack Dirmann. I was dead tired from the trip. I
could barely keep my eyes open. My expectation had been to have a room to check
in to and get some sleep, since I had telephoned earlier that day and explained
that I would need some sleep. A few days earlier, the ASHO Day Recruiter, Steve
Grant had promised me that a room would be ready and waiting for me and my family
upon arrival in LA. So this phone call was to get directions from where I was on
Vermont Avenue to ASHO, which was at 2723 West Temple Street at that time.
I was told to turn around on Vermont Avenue and then head east on Temple
Street which I did, Arriving at ASHO with my wife and 11 month old son, we were
led over to the Cadet Org building which was on Melrose Avenue. Supposedly there
was a room there for me to crash out in.
My first contact with the Cadet Org was on this day. I had been promised a
room of my own. Instead what I got was a wild goose chase. First I had been
told to go to ASHO, then the Cadet Org, and then the Hollywood Inn at 6724
Hollywood Blvd.
But I'm getting ahead of the story...
Upon my arrival at the Cadet Org and seeing the degraded conditions there, I
complained that I would not have my kid there. I was so disgusted that I had a
mind to turn around and drive back to where I had come from. The problem was
that I didn't have enough money to get very far, or I most likely would have
left right then and there. I made it very clear to the people at the Cadet Org
that I had enjoyed a very comfortable life where I had come from and that what
I was seeing was *not* at all what I had been told it was like. I felt *very*
*VERY* upset that I had left a good scene for a degraded one.
As it turns out, our son was not allowed to be in the Cadet Org because the
execs at ASHO said that my wife had a "psych history" and thus she was not
allowed to "activate" her Sea Org contract! (that had already been signed and
witnessed) Since my wife was not in the Sea Org, then our child was not allowed
to "route in" either. We had to make our own arrangements for child care.
Perhaps as a result of our complaining of the conditions at the Cadet Org,
the Sea Org execs may have decided we were trouble...Maybe they didn't want us
to see more of what was going on at the Cadet Org. Who knows?
What I *do* know is that my wife and I were lied to extensively about almost
every aspect of Sea Org living conditions for adults and the children.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects