Re: #2, Lies of Scientology
[22 May 1997]

The primary concern of Scientology is to make money.

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Subject: Re: #2, Lies of Scientology
Date: 22 May 1997 17:54:25 -0700
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[in reference to lies of Scientology]
> Scientology is a "Religion" for tax purposes. The motivation for this
>is obvious. But there is another reason also. By being a religion they
>escape the product liability laws that they would have to contend with if
>they were a legitimate business. Then too they would be liable for
>malpractice like doctors or dentists.
> Scientology is many things but it is not a religion.

I was in the Sea Org for 8 years. During all that time I never saw the "Org"
I was in hold a service for staff. The so-called "Sunday Services" were
essentially a tool to get "public people already in Scientology to sign up for
further "services".
The hundreds of staff I knew were constantly fixated upon getting their stats
up -- particularly the "GI" (gross income), "BTS" (bodies in the shop), "WDAH"
(well done auditing hours), "S Pts" (student points), "CC" (course completions,
or course comps), "C/Bs" (cash on hand v. bills owing), "PDC" (paid comps), etc.
The attention was mainly on money - the making of it...
There definitely was not concern about doing anything good for society in
general. The primary concern was to make money. The "Org" I was in (ASHO) even
had a cowbell at one time. Every time a person paid money to the org, the
cowbell was *rattled* to signify that a person had been successfully "regged"
(signed up and paid for a course).
Funny, but even though I was in the Sea Org for all that time (as well as
having been on staff at a Class IV Org prior to that), the staff I knew
always talked in terms of those used in business. Everyone had stats. We all
had "hats" (jobs). Our job was to "get ethics in on the planet and the Universe",
not to help the homeless family whose house had recently burned down; or the
grieving family who had lost one of its children to a tragic automobile
accident; or a person who had recently become unemployed.
The use of the word God was all but non-existent.
The actions that I associate with a real church are genuinely charitable --
not money motivated.

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