Re: Sea Org Children again
[15 Apr 1997]

In my Sea Org days, such heavy demand (and often threat) was made for staff
to get their stats up that many staff did not go on their "family time" and
visit their children.

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Subject: Re: Sea Org Children again
Date: 15 Apr 1997 12:01:02 -0400
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> > On Wed, 09 Apr 1997 12:53:19 -0700
> > Roland <> wrote:
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> > Would it not be the case that the Sea Org forces parents to be
> > neglectful of their children? That being the case cannot the state bring
> > against them a charge of neglect and take the children into care? Once
> > the children had been taken into care then could not the courts demand
> > the parents spend time with their children?

In my Sea Org days, such heavy demand (and often threat) was made for staff
to get their stats up that many staff did not go on their "family time" and
visit their children.

The problem is that Sea Org members are indoctrinated that it is a "senior
purpose" to get their stats up, or put another way, "the greatest good for
the greatest number of dynamics" to "operate on the 3rd dynamic" since it
is of greater importance than the "2D" (family).

One very real problem exists in the Sea Org with regards to children. Lots
of parents I knew were busy trying to get their stats up so they would be
eligible for "libs". You see, in the SO, one doesn't get *ANY* time off on
Saturday unless their "stats" are up. And that, coupled with ElRon's FOs
that "Cadets" or the "little shavers" (as he called them) should not get
libs unless their stats were up as well!

> > I think something should be done about this. All those children kept in
> > apalling unhealthy conditions with poor food, no love from their parents
> > and no toys. Just think of the millions the Church of Scientology has
> > stashed away in vaults and they will not let those children have any
> > toys. What a disgusting organisation they are. How cruel and mean. I
> > don't know how people can even tollerate their presence.

As I said in an earlier post, conditions for children in the SO largely
contributed to my decision to leave. $cn management was too busy spending
money on ships, new buildings, legal fees, reserves and paying royalties
to the Flounder, that there wasn't anything left over for upgrading
conditions for staff and children. It just wasn't one of management's
priorities to properly care for their children.

I quite agree that something should be done. In reality, SO members tolerate
all kinds of abuse because criticism against the group is "natter" (negative
chatter). Sea Org members will try to handle the situation within their
system, using their own "ethics and justice lines". To go outside of the
group to report abuses, crimes, cover-ups, etc. gets one declared SP very
rapidly, and often the person would be ordered to the RPF or expelled from

Once out of $cn, most former SO members are just wanting to put the whole
nightmare behind them and put distance between themselves and $cn. These
former SO members know all too well that they had better be quiet about
any criticisms they may harbour inside. Hell, lots of Sea Org members who
blow *still believe* that they are possibly SP or RSers (same thing) for
feeling critical of $cn or for leaving.

> > Is there not some way toys can be got to these children? Perhaps ars
> > could organise something to help them - a toy drop perhaps. What a
> > disgusting cruel and evil cult they are. Why does the state tolerate
> > them? How can they let young childrens lives be ruined by scientology?

In the US, and particularly in California, the Sea Org has gotten very
adept at concealing criminality that occurs inside the Cadet Org. Various
agencies have attempted to do their jobs with regards to children. In
the past, $cn has had an operative (which is referred to as an "FSM" or
"ally") who has tipped off $cn management that a visit to the Cadet
Org by county officials was about to occur.

> > Also what medical care can the children get. They must get very ill in
> > their camps with the lack of hygeine and poor food. When they are ill or
> > in pain are they just told to put their ethics in? Perhaps they are just
> > left to worsen and die.
> >
> > Couldn't someone who lives near one of their terrible camps go round and
> > talk to them. Take them out and buy them icecreams, give the toys or
> > such like? Perhaps ars could collect money for it and help arrange it.

Don't hold your breath expecting the $cienos to accept help from any arsers.
Hell, that would be accepting help from someone they consider to be an
enemy. But it *IS* a valid and very worthwhile endeavour you are suggesting
here. I like the idea, Roland.

> > It disgusts me when I think about it and makes me feel so sad.

I am just trying to make up for the time I didn't spend with my children.
I always went on "family time", and I busted my butt to get my stats up
so I could have libs. That's the only way (besides leaving) that I could
spend *some* time with my kids. But it was not enough time. I should have
been there more for them...

<starting to cry now>

Even now, after more than a decade since leaving the Sea Org I still get
very upset recalling the whole ordeal. The toll it took on my family was
enormous. I feel so angry at myself for having allowed myself to tolerate
everything for so long.

When I got out of the SO, a tremendous burden was lifted off my shoulders.
No longer did I have to deal with the internal conflict of feeling guilty
for wanting to spend time with my children. I didn't have the stress of
having to get my "stats up" AND spend time with my children.

We are all doing much better now.

Love, Miss X