Re: Lisa McPherson's FSM
[11 Apr 1997 ]

Since Sea Org members have *NO SOCIAL SECURITY* (FICA) withheld from their pay, there are
*NO SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS* that they are eligible for should they leave the Sea Org in
their old age, or should they become disabled.

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> asked:

>I have a question regarding scienfictiontology's use of FSM's. In the year
>prior to her murder Lisa McPherson spent over 50K on scienfictionology
>related courses, etc. Now , did her FSM take 15 percent of that (a whooping
>$7500)? Was that $7500 tax deductible on Lisa's end? Does the FSM declare his
>commission as salary for tax purposes, SSN, Medicare?
> UnderWog

The FSM (field staff member) would get a 10% commission on all auditing
and 15% commission on all training that Lisa paid for at the time Lisa
started her first auditing or training service. The FSM commission (FSMC)
would NOT have been tax deductible by Lisa. According to Federal income tax
regulations in the US, all commissions paid by the cult to FSMs are reported
on a 1099 NEC (non employee compensation) form, if the commissions received
total in excess of $600.

Let's not forget that when a person completes a course or auditing
service in $cn that a SCA (service completion award, or rebate) of 8%
is paid to the person completing the service. Usually the person is heavily
pressured to endorse the SCA check and hand it over to the cult for yet
another service! This is one of the ways that the cult uses their CONTROL
on the person. The person completing the course - called a course comp -
usually has to come back to see the registrar in order to collect the SCA
check. At this point the reg[istrar] will "hard sell" the person as per
Les Dane's book Big League Sales. This book was made REQUIRED "hatting
(reading, drilling, clay demo'ing, etc.) by ElRon. If the person doesn't
re-sign (sign up for) and start his/her next service, then $cn considers that
the person MUST NOT be "VGIs" (happy) with the service just completed. In
this case the cult will attempt to "handle" whatever disagreements/upsets/
PTPs (present time problems)/MUs (misunderstood words)/objection, etc the
person has. In other words, once you get on the treadmill to TOTAL FIXATION
and CONTROL, $cientology REALLY doesn't like to let you off.

(Note to $cienoshits: If you try to argue what I have stated, be prepared
for me to start posting crap from Big League Sales Registration Series
and other "sales tech" issued or approved ElRon. I have an OEC Volume 3 as
well as a Sea Org Finance Specialist Course pack! And I have an OEC Volume 2.)

For those of you who were never in $igh'ntology, OEC Volume 3 covers
financial policy of the Treasury Division (div 3) of the cult.
OEC Volume 2 covers all policy for the Dissemination Division (div 2). The
Sea Org Finance Specialist Specialist is required of ALL Sea Org finance
persons as per the ElRon policy in Volume 3 entitled HCO PL 16 October 1969
"Finance Course Vital Action".

With regards to your question about social security it works like this:
As a "self-employed" person he/she is responsible for declaring their
income (including commissions) on his/her tax return. FSMs are field
staff, but by the IRS regulations they are considered to be self-employed.
As such, all commissions earned are reported on a Schedule C and the Social
Security tax (FICA) is computed and paid. This is done with a Schedule SE.

Of course Medicare benefits are based in part upon "contributions" to
Social Security, as are retirement and survivors benefits.

Since Sea Org members have NO SOCIAL SECURITY (FICA) withheld from
their pay, there are NO SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS that they are eligible
for should they leave the Sea Org in their old age, or should they become

Now I know this is much more than you asked, but since it is related
and needs to be known, and since I have first-hand knowledge in such
matters I thought it best to be told.

> ======

"You could probably make an auditor twice over while making a Finance
personnel who CAN confront."
from a tape by ElRon to Finance Course trainees

"Do not invite credit. We are a financial institution not a bank. The
Registrar should be provided with a bad risk list by Accounts.
Badly overdue accounts must now be sued." -- L. Ron Hubbard
from HCO PL 4 June 59 "Invoicing and Collection of Money"


Love, Miss X - Another Old Timer (ex-Sea Org) and "OT" ;-)