"A very mechanical rattletrap sort of switchboard"
[06 Apr 1997]

ElRon's definitions of "brain" and "mind"...

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Subject: "A very mechanical rattletrap sort of switchboard"
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 17:34:08 -0700
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Heeeee!! This gave me a good laugh today. And to think I actually
used to work for the lunatic ElRon...

Lately I have been reflecting upon my early years in $cientology. Today
I was thinking about my earliest experiences which had to do with my
introduction to $cientology through a friend who suggested I should do
the Comm Course, aka the Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist Course. My friend
had recently gotten into $cientology and it seemed to have helped her. So
I had been persuaded to check it out.

While on the Comm Course I had a BIG problem with ElRon's
definitions of "brain" and "mind", which to me meant essentially the same
thing. About the second night on course I had to tell the course
supervisor (a woman named Jane) that ElRon was contradicting himself in
a certain passage in Dyin'etics. I had to get my "MU" cleared. Looking
back upon this I now see that this had been the first step on the road
(detour from truth) to accepting all that was to come later in my
indoctrination into Hub's twisted ideas.

Here's the part that made me laugh:

ElRon defines BRAIN as:

"1. another part of the nervous system which receives and sends impulses
to the body parts." ref: The Basic Scientology Picture Book

"2. a neuro-shock absorber. It has very little to do with thinking."
ref: Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape 75, 6608C16 Releases and Clears

"3. a very mechanical rattletrap sort of switchboard that's been thrown
together by you in order to translate thought into action and to coordinate
energy." ref: Hubbard College [sic] Lecture 2 5203CM03B Introduction of
Scientology - Outline of Therapy


"Do not invite credit. We are a financial institution not a bank. The
Registrar should be provided with a bad risk list by Accounts.
Badly overdue accounts must now be sued." -- L. Ron Hubbard
from HCO PL 4 June 59 "Invoicing and Collection of Money"


Love, Miss X - Another Old Timer (ex-Sea Org) and "OT" ;-)